30 Aug 2017

Slopestyle star Szymon Godziek is well known for his wild stunts, particularly the extension of his backflip superman variations such as his backflip tsunami. Now he's revealed another world-first trick, a backflip superman while holding only the seat, with one hand, and landing it! He calls it 'extension man'.

Godziek also showcased a spectacular backflip over the Tour de Pologne peloton on a road bike earlier in August.

“There were so many takes of my backflip tsunami at Red Bull District Ride, I thought it was worth developing further, and that’s how the project idea was born.”

“In the video I managed to score a personal best, meaning that all my supermans were more extended than ever before. As usual, I was inspired by freestyle motocross and took my performance to the next level.”

“It’s a very important project for me, because it shows all the effort I put into building the track and intense training.”