15 Sep 2013

“I’ve been riding mountain bikes since November,” said 16-year-old Keegan as he proceeded to give a riding lesson to two blokes who’ve been riding for as long as he’s been alive. It simply made no sense to us at all; how could a bike with someone on it travel across a jump or through a muddy corner so fast?

Style for miles, and miles, and miles.....and miles. Keegan showed us how it's done.
Style for miles, and miles, and miles…..and miles. Keegan showed us how it’s done.



Yep, that’s how you do it, Mick. Sorta….

For Day 5 of the Ride Rotorua Top 10, Keegan picked two jump tracks in the forest to show Mick and Chris around for the cameras today. It’s no wonder why, with a healthy BMX racing background and obvious natural talent, his speed and effortless style blew us away. He found rhythm and flow where we were blowing our feet out of the pedals and hanging for dear life. Mick did his best to emulate Keegan’s scrubs, but it didn’t quite work out….

Rotorua Top 10 Day 5

Huckleberry Hound and Little Riding Huck were the tracks on the cards for the day, and with Keegan flying so fast even the fancy pants camera (shooting super slow-mo at 200 frames per second) struggled to keep up – his riding at slow-mo was our normal speed.

It proved to a be another magic day in the Redwoods, with the raining whizzing away to reveal blue bird skies. To cap the afternoon off, we headed back up the hill for a social ride with Gaz Sullivan from Nzo once again; it was a great way to cap things off – a day of riding with groms and god-fathers.