08 Oct 2012

Dropping the saddle in certain terrain allows the rider more confidence, being able to raise the saddle back quickly means you keep riding without stopping to adjust.

Same great clamps, same tested fasteners. Literally millions of miles have been put on the saddle clamping system of our post. While all drop posts will require service, the Thomson Dropper Post has the longest field life, 2 years guaranteed, and the easiest, least expensive service procedure. Our replaceable internal cartridge system makes service quick and foolproof. Seals sized to fit perfectly, synthetic oil with wide temperature range. Charged with 100% nitrogen. Custom double lip, radial spring outer bushing for both smooth operation and maximum resistance to contamination.

Side mount of actuation mechanism means we can keep all the critical dimensions of the Thomson Elite cradle, bolt and clamp geometry. One piece forged inner stanchion for strength and reliabilty, no joint to loosen and fail. Actuation is by cam so rider gets smooth, variable speed and height without resorting to a complicated, damage prone hydraulic actuator. No bleeding required, ever. 5mm of setback is built in to the seatpost cradle allowing a little more cockpit room.

Designed not to extend when the saddle is used to hang the bike on a lift chair. Custom made Norglide bearing bushing ensures years of service with no saddle left to right “play.”

We are still drooling.