13 Mar 2014
hornsby mountain bike trail-16
Things that make you go mmmmm….

For the trail-starved mountain bikers of northern Sydney, the Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail, in Old Mans Valley, is a landmark development. As one of a precious few legal mountain bike trails in Sydney, it attracts hundreds of riders every week – it’s hard to view the development as anything other than a massive success.hornsby mountain bike trail gridAnd now, the second stage of trail development is just about complete. Phase two adds another 2.5km of green, blue and black level trail to the existing network, bringing the total up to around 7km. Tasmanian trail builders Dirt Art have been on the ground for almost a month, and with the crew right on the cusp of completing their work, Simon French (Dirt Art owner) took Flow for a walking tour of the new trails.

hornsby mountain bike trail grid 2
She’s almost ready! The Dirt Art crew have laid some tracks down, all in the name of product testing.

The new developments take riders far deeper in the old quarry than the existing trails, and will definitely help in spreading the traffic out a little, giving welcome respite to the upper trails. The new blue and black descents can be easily tagged onto the end of the existing Turkey Royale trail, adding at least another minute or two to the downhill. There’s also a rolling green loop, plus a new hand built traverse/climb that delivers riders from the blue and black loops back to the pre-existing singletrack climb.

The trails will be ready to roll in as little as a couple of weeks now, so make sure you stay in the loop via the Sydney North Off Road Cyclists site or Facebook page.

hornsby mountain bike trail-12
Part of the hand-built singletrack climb.

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