12 Aug 2013

On Sunday 4 August, over 60 riders and their families joined councillor Darren Power of Logan City Council to officially open South East Queensland’s newest trail – ‘Ginger Gully’ – located in Cornubia Forest.

The event commenced with Brisbane South MTB Club (BSMC) leading social rides around the forest, with many a tyre touching the dirt there for the first time. After a free BBQ lunch, a train of over 44 riders then took the first official ride down the trail – a trail that was built with over 50 tonnes of rock and fill by 662 hours of volunteer labour over 15 weekends.

Official opening of ‘Ginger Gully’ from SEQ Trails Alliance on Vimeo.

SEQTA also recently compiled a short video entitled ‘Trail Fairies’ – documenting the efforts of the Logan Community Trail Care Alliance (LCTA) in building ‘Ginger Gully’.

Trail Fairies: a short film by SEQ Trails Alliance from SEQ Trails Alliance on Vimeo.

Thanks to the efforts of LCTA and BSMC, Cornubia Forest (located about 25 minutes south of Brisbane) is fast becoming one of SEQ’s not to miss riding destinations. Offering steep climbs and descents, with a good mix of flow and technical riding, it stands in contrast to the highly popular, easier, trails of the nearby Daisy Hill Conservation Park. With the Daisy Hill trails only a 10-minute ride away from Cornubia Forest, a growing portion of the thosands of visitors to Daisy Hill each week are now opting to include a trip over to Cornubia as well to make a full day of varied riding.

The newest trail, ‘Ginger’ Gully, adds to the Cornubia network that now stands at around 8.5 kilometres of singletrack. Last year, volunteers also completed the ‘Wallum Froglet’ trail – the first official new trail for the forest. ‘Wallum Froglet’ added 1.7km of fresh singletrack to the network of existing trails that were recently legalised by council after they acquired the land a number of years ago and made the decision to work pro-actively and in partnership with the mountain bike community. Since this time, rider numbers have spiked and are continuing to grow by the month.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. BSMC was recently award a grant under the Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund to construct another new trail in the forest later this year that will link the ‘Wallum Froglet’ and ‘Ginger Gully’ trails, helping riders to piece together even better loops.