14 Jul 2017

If you're anything like us, you see countless MTB videos daily. Today, every budding videographer and his dog have a drone and even the craziest riding footage can sometimes scroll by, barely making an impact. Jasper da Seymour's latest edit really grabbed our attention. The riding isn't insane; it's shredding trails we'd also love to ride. However, Jasper's creativity and quirkiness have us hanging for more.

“It’s not very often I get new things, but when I do it motivates to push myself even further, as it signifies a new chapter.”
“Now I know I’m no shredder but I do know how much I love riding bikes.”
“I wanted to, in essence, create a light-hearted approach to encapsulate how MTB has affected my life since my good mate finally gave me the bug.┬áThe way it haunts your every thought, how sometimes you wake up and don’t know if you were dreaming or if it really happened.”
“Obviously, I’ve a landed myself a new rig and safe to say I’m frothing buckets at the prospect of getting back to the trails.”
How are you affected?