15 Aug 2014

Marcelo Gutierrez has just won the the longest MTB downhill event IN THE WORLD, the Crankworx Garbanzo DH in Whistler, Canada. Rough as [email protected]$k, gnarly, and extremely exhausting – this is twelve minutes of absolute, full-on insanity. Marcelo had this to say about the Crankworx 2014 track: “Longest DH in the world… most physical, I would say is the roughest time I’ve seen it, Garbanzo DH is just insane. Tons of lines, millions of roots, bone dry, rocky, faaaaaast sections, sweet berms, pedaling sections, technical, tight corners, wide open corners, it has everything!!! I love it… Probably when racing it is actually really painful but nothing’s better after 12:24 of pain than crossing the line and getting that victory I was wishing for so bad!” Congratulations Marcelo, you’ve earned it.