26 Nov 2013

The Hutchinson UR team announces their release date for the movie “A Racer’s Dream” on the 18th of December on the internet.

Until then, to mark the count down, we are going to release some extracts of the movie.

Here is the first official extract of the movie. It’s focussed on Tracey Hannah’s broken leg which she suffered at the World Cup in Val d’Isère last year. The 14 months leading up to her bronze medal in Pietermaritzburg were definitely not the easiest for her: 3 operations, 1 broken femur, 3 broken collarbones, bruised ribs and a broken toe were what she had to deal with before she could get back to racing.

Here is an insight of what Tracey had to overcome to be back on the podium.

Stay tuned for more extracts. The whole movie will be available on all MTB websites for the 18th of December!!