15 Oct 2013

Here are the top three moments of the 2013 Red Bull Rampage (in no particular order).

McGarry’s Canyon Gap Backflip

It’s a big deal to even clear the canyon gap, but apparently not big enough — Kelly had to flip it. New Zealand’s finest freerider delivers a big surprise in his first run of the Red Bull Rampage final, stepping up to trick the massive canyon gap with a floaty backflip.

Kyle Strait’s Sender No-hander

Watch Rampage winner Kyle Strait stretch a suicide no-hander off the Oakley Icon Sender. Strait was the first to ride out of the drop from the top of the Oakley Icon Sender, and he took it up a notch in the final by letting go of the bars.

Cam Zink’s Sender Backflip

Get straight to the 2013 highlights — watch Cam Zink’s massive backflip off the Oakley Icon Sender.
Free up some time in your busy day — if you’re only going to watch one thing from Red Bull Rampage 2013, it’s gotta be this: Third-place finisher Cam Zink’s absolutely mental backflip off the penthouse level of the Oakley Icon Sender.