20 Dec 2013

We like Australian brands, especially when they’re proud of their heritage. Cell Bikes mightn’t be the first brand you think of when it comes to Australian mountain bikes, but they design and test all their bikes locally. Their new entry-level hardtail is named after a place that still rates as one of our favourite destinations; Stromlo.


Cell’s new designer, Dave Musgrove, comes to the party with some serious riding and product development credentials and here he puts his latest creation to work on the singletrack of its namesake, shredding around Mt Stromlo on the $749 Stromlo 2.0.Stromlo_0226cropped_LR_RGB

We’re looking forward to seeing more from Cell, with Dave Musgrove at the wheel we know they’re serious about repositioning themselves with some real offerings for the mountain bike market. Keep an eye out for some high-end hardtails, and cross country and all-mountain duallies in early 2014. www.cellbikes.com.au/Bikes/Mountain-Bikes