World Cup DH Final: Highlights & Aussie Results from Val di Sole

Finals Highlights

Women’s Final

Italian Eleonora Farina finished in 5th in Val di Sole
Injury hampered Rachel Atherton’s continued domination this year. 4th in Val di Sole also saw her take 4th in the overall
Myriam Nicole ‘only’ needed a 4th place finish to secure the overall title. Her 2nd at Val di Sole cemented her series win.
Tahnee Seagrave’s win in Val di Sole made her the winningest rider of the series, however, her three wins weren’t enough to beat Myriam’s consistency in the overall.
As the fastest qualifier, Tracey Hannah was the last woman down the hill. She couldn’t match Seagraves splits and finished 3rd, seeing her step back to 3rd in the overall.
Val di Sole Final Women’s podium: Rachel Atherton, Myriam Nicole, Tahnee Seagrave, Tracey Hannah (AUS), Eleonora Farina

Watch Tahnee Seagrave’s winning run

Men’s Final

Qualifying 6th, Amaury Pierron’s 2nd place was a career best finish for the Frenchman
France’s Loris Vergier was the fastest rider on the first half of the track, losing time at the third and fourth splits seeing him finish in 4th at Val di Sole and 5th in the overall
Even Loic Bruni couldn’t beat Pierron’s blinding time. Bruni finished 3rd securing him 4th overall.

Greg Minnaar’s series lead disintegrated with his rear wheel after blowing his tyre off the rim early in his run.
Troy Brosnan’s 4th place in qualifying slimmed his chances of taking the overall. His 5th at the final round appeared to see him finishing 3rd overall until top seeded Minnaar’s mechanical knocked himself back to 3rd, handing Gwin the overall with Brosnan in 2nd.
Aaron Gwin railing the final corner on his way to the win at Val di Sole, and securing the overall World Cup Champion title
Val di Sole men’s podium: Loris Vergier, Amaury Pierron, Aaron Gwin, Loic Bruni and Troy Brosnan (AUS)

Watch Aaron Gwin’s winning run

Val di Sole Results

1. Tahnee Seagrave GBR
2. Myriam Nicole FRA
3. Tracey Hannah AUS
4. Rachel Atherton GBR
5. Eleonora Farina ITA

1. Aaron Gwin USA
2. Amaury Pierron FRA
3. Loic Bruni FRA
4. Loris Vergier FRA
5. Troy Brosnan AUS

10. Jack Moir AUS
53. Dean Lucas AUS
65. Jackson Frew AUS
67. Graeme Mudd AUS

Junior Men
1. Finn Iles CAN
2. Matt Walker GBR
3. Sylvain Cougoureux FRA
4. Moritz Ribarich AUT
5. Antoine Pierron FRA
6. Patrick Butler AUS

11. Baxter Maiwald AUS

2017 World Cup Overall Results

1. Myriam Nicole FRA
2. Tahnee Seagrave GBR
3. Tracey Hannah AUS
4. Rachel Atherton GBR
5. Emilie Siegenthaler SUI

20. Tegan Molloy AUS

Rachel Atherton, Tahnee Seagrave, Myriam Nicole, Tracey Hannah (AUS), Emilie Siegenthaler stand on theUCI DH World Cup overall podium

1. Aaron Gwin USA
2. Troy Brosnan AUS
3. Greg Minnaar RSA
4. Loic Bruni FRA
5. Loris Vergier FRA

7. Jack Moir AUS
16. Dean Lucas AUS
22. Connor Fearon AUS
33. Michael Hannah AUS
59. Graeme Mudd AUS
65. Jackson Frew AUS
72. Joshua Button AUS
73. Jake Newell AUS
92. Jordan Prochyra AUS
97. Samuel Hill AUS
106. Remy Morton AUS
115. Oliver Zwar AUS
138. Brent Smith AUS

Loic Bruni, Troy Brosnan (AUS), Aaron Gwin, Greg Minnaar, Loris Vergier stand on the 2017 overall UCI DH World Cup podium

Junior Men
1. Finn Iles CAN
2. Sylvain Cougoureux FRA
3. Matt Walker GBR
4. Joe Breeden GBR
5. Kade Edwards GBR

9. Patrick Butler AUS
15. Benjamin Zwar AUS
16. Harry Parsons AUS
17. Darcy Coutts AUS
22. Baxter Maiwald AUS

All the best to all the Aussies racing at the World Championships in Cairns. The Australian team list can be found here, and the junior DH team here.

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