Beer: Post Ride Partner Of The Week: Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale

Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, KB (29 September 1758 – 21 October 1805) was a British flag officer famous for his service in the Royal Navy, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars.


As he stood at the bridge of HMS Seahorse at the end of the in the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Lord Nelson dreamed of one day retiring from his sea battles to a more peaceful life of trail adventures and the simplicity of riding a mountain bike.

He also wanted to enjoy his post ride relaxation and thus created the Three Sheets Pale Ale in honour of the three things he loved the most: Mountain biking, trails, and beer. Created in the stern manner in which he commanded the Royal fleet this delicious ale delightfully balances malted scents with soft overtones of herbaceous hop characters, citrus flora’s and aromas.

In the dying moments of his life, Lord Nelson had just these few simple words, “Drink, drink. Ride, ride. Fun, fun.”. His historic words alone tell you the truth about a beer that is a prefect post ride partner.

Always drink the Three Sheets as Lord Nelson would, with your left arm.


Post Ride Partner Of The Week: Vale – Indian Pale Ale

With roots in the deep Himalayan mountains of the Indian/Kashmir region an India Pale Ale (IPA) is an acquired taste with mystical spiritual origins that is best paired with a ride that’s a little more special than the normal.


Like most modern IPA’s the Vale is a little removed from true IPA roots and leans towards an American style IPA, this time with an Australian twist. It’s like an Australian trying to put on an American accent, who in turn is putting on an Indian accent.

The Vale IPA isn’t cheap, let’s not beat around the bush. It’s worth it though. As you stand there exhausted and still dripping with the sweat of adrenaline the smooth rich taste of the Vale sends feel good vibes down your spine as you swill away in the glorious red sunset. Even if it’s not a sunset, it will feel like one.

In some senses of the word the Vale IPA is a reward. A reward for all your hard work and not in VB way. It’s a reward that makes a statement, ‘I am a mountain biker, I deserve this, and much, much more.’

If you’re the type that likes a drop before you ride then the Vale IPA contains 41 IBU’s, or International Bicycle (Energy) Units, so there’s plenty of energy for your journey.

We highly recommend the Vale IPA as your next post (or pre) ride partner.

The Vale IPA is also SPD compatible.
The Vale IPA is also SPD compatible.


Post Ride Partner of The Week: Coopers Celebration Ale

A post ride beer is sometimes more of a celebration than a reward and the Coopers Celebration Ale is the perfect drop to rejoice with.

Continuing Coopers’ tradition of bottle conditioning, the Celebration Ale lingers with the cloudy sediment of a fruity, yet smooth taste, and we found it the perfect accompaniment to those longer, tougher rides. It’s not an instant reward of cool refreshment that you might get from a lighter beer, but rather that more filling fulfilment. As with most good ales it’s also best served at a milder temperature, not from the freezing depths of an ice bucket.

It however isn’t to be taken lightly as the strong taste and over 5% alc. content can leave you a little light headed as you’re grasping for post ride refreshment. The Coopers Celebration Ale comes highly recommended, and tested


**Always remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive – that’s why you have a bike.

Bike and Beers – A Retail Idea

Flywheel Bicycle Solutions in southwestern Oregon’s Rogue Valley will soon become the area’s first bike shop to serve beer and wine. Owner Ian Bagshaw plans to put in six beer taps and pour mostly local brews during regular business hours.

Bagshaw decided to diversify and offer something to set his shop apart, something he feels is key to a brick-and-mortar retailer’s success.

“The retail environment has changed a lot over the past eight years I’ve been in business,” he said. “Since the beginning, I’ve always known that just being a place to buy stuff wasn’t going to work.”

While Flywheel does stock some product and has a few bikes on the sales floor, the store’s focus has primarily been on service. Adding beer to the menu was an easy choice since the building Bagshaw moved into almost two years ago formerly housed a restaurant.

“We ended up with a concrete countertop bar that immediately became a social hangout,” said Bagshaw. “Customers come in and watch us work on bikes and watch bike races on the flat screen behind the bar.”

Many of those customers jokingly asked for a beer when they sat down, prompting Bagshaw to seriously consider putting in a few taps. He also thought that selling avid cyclist, customer and local winemaker Gus Janeway’s wines in the shop would go over well.

“Our wines have always been popular among cyclists,” said Janeway, owner of Velocity Cellars. “It will be great to be a featured wine in a local bike shop.”

Flywheel will serve Velocity’s bike-themed “Velo” vintage, and eventually all wines will be available on tap.

Bagshaw expects to have permits in place and the beer flowing by Oct. 1.

Must-Ride: The Bike and Brews Tour Part 2

[SV_VIMEO id=”55996637″]


It’s Thirsty Work, but someone’s got to do it!


For issue #2 of Flow Mountain Bike, the Flow team of Mick, Chris, Kath, Greg, Damian and Reiner got on the road once again, heading to the Victorian high country. On the program was a three bonanza of bikes and brews, taking in Beechworth, Mt Beauty and Bright.

Our host, Shannon Rademaker of All Terrain Cycles, looked after us in royal style and you can read all about it in issue #2 of Flow Mountain Bike, on sale now.

Filmed and edited by Rainman Productions.




Must-Ride: Bikes and Brews Tour, Part 1

You know those perfect moments on the trail, when the light is amazing, the riding is mellow and you’re just in 100% cruise mode?

[SV_VIMEO id=”55498432″]

Just a few weeks ago, Flow headed to Beechworth, Mt Beauty and Bright in north-east Victoria. We were there for the Bikes and Brews tour; three days of amazing riding, delicious breweries and good times.

Along the way, we shot some video to capture what the region is all about. Here’s a little taster from a particularly golden afternoon in Beechworth.

We’ll have the full video up soon and you can read all about the Bikes and Brews tour in issue #2 of Flow, out 9 January 2013.