Cam Zink: Reach For The Sky – Official Trailer

Freeride mountain biking is synonymous with danger, reward, adrenaline, and pushing the known boundaries of the sport.

Cam Zink sits atop the Freeride world having won the sport’s most coveted titles, the Red Bull Rampage, Crankworx Slopestyle, and the Freeride World Tour, yet those accolades have not come without a physical price. He has transcended cycling media, and his super-human feats have become broadcast television and Internet sensations.

“Reach For The Sky” features unique behind the scenes looks at Zink’s dramatic 2013 and 2014 Red Bull Rampage campaigns in Virgin, Utah; plus a one-of-a-kind portrayal of his record-breaking 100-foot backflip attempt at Mammoth Mountain—showcasing 100% never-before-seen footage. The movie explores the fascinating life story of one of the sport’s most beloved and diverse athletes, but also delves into the multi-layered psychological elements regarding physical punishment, fame, and self-doubt, to uncover why Zink perseveres through the adversity—even when no one is watching.

Written, Produced, Directed, and Edited by Ryan Cleek

Supported by Oakley, Deity, SRAM

YT Industries present the 2015 range: Bikes for Good Times

In recent years there has been a real increase in quality direct to the consumer brands.

Companies like Polygon and Cell are bringing out well specced, well designed offerings at amazing price points by cutting out the middle men. Now, another player has rolled into town- YT Industries. With a bevy of top gravity athletes using their bikes, such as last years Red Bull Rampage winner Andreu Lacondeguy and freeride legend Cam Zink, these bikes are obviously built to take a beating!

Twenty fifteen marks the first year that YT will be available in Australia, and the Capra All-Mountain bike, available in both carbon and aluminium models, offers brilliant value for money. You can have a look at the range and availability through the Australian website, which is now live!

To see the sort of value for money direct to the consumer brands can provide, have a little read on our thoughts of the Polygon Colossus N9.

The main focus of the 2015 range is the further development of the award winning downhill bike, the TUES, and the construction of an all-new aluminum version of the enduro bike CAPRA. The CAPRA AL will replace the WICKED and delivers the same performance as it’s big brother, the CAPRA CF, at a price that’s affordable for everyone.

CAPRA Aluminum

In 2015 YT launches the first aluminum version of the CAPRA, that will replace the WICKED series. The enduro bike features all the performance and build quality of its carbon brother. The reach and stack, flat bar angle and steep seat angle make for a perfect rider position, while a short chain stay enhances the bike’s handling and makes the rider feel like he is a part of the bike.Like the TUES, the CAPRA is equipped with a V4L suspension system, a major factor in its staggering list of past victories. The V4L system has very distinct advantages: it provides all the suspension needed for hammering down hill, without loosing efficiency on climbs. So while it meets all downhill requirements, the springs also deliver energy from the drivetrain directly to the back wheel when peddling.
Besides that, the V4L system separates the brake torque from the suspension, completely eliminating fork dive when braking.

CAPRA Carbon

The first year of this carbon enduro bike was distinguished by a load of test victories . In 2015, as well as offering a bigger choice of colours, YT Industries also introduce a new model to the CAPRA CF line. While the CAPRA Pro will be given new E13 TRSr wheels and a revised colour way, YT also built a new CAPRA Pro Race model, targeted at enduro racers .And the configuration speaks for itself: it’s equipped with new BOS Deville suspension forks, with 160mm of travel, FCV (Frequency Control Valve) shocks that reach new levels of performance and the new Renthal Fatbar Carbon 780mm handlebars with a Renthal Apex stem. And as the cherry on top the Mavic Crossmax Enduro wheels will make for minimum times in all races.


In 2014 Andreu Lacondeguy won the toughest competition in the sport of mountainbiking on his TUES: the Rampage. Team mate Cam Zink secured runner up at the same event and won Best Trick Award. In 2015 the new wheel size 650B (27,5“) dominated the further development of the TUES by taking full advantage of the potential of this enlarged size and adjusting the downhill bike’s geometry to fit perfectly. Based on the feedback from Cameron Zink and Andreu Lacondeguy the 4th generation of this successful downhill bike comes close to perfection: the hydro-formed main frame is as light and stiff as its predecessor and excels with a low focal point. The 27.5“ wheels also allow for the pedal bearings to be fixed underneath the axles.
Additionally, the geometry has been enhanced with a longer reach, to achieve the more centered position of contemporary DH racing, which makes hitting jumps on gnarly trails more safe.


Your first beer, your first girl, your first time -there are some things you’ll remember all your life. The FIRST LOVE is the ideal dirt bike for ambitious riders getting into street or dirt. It’s tough, durable and extremely easy and forgiving to ride.


From contests to jam sessions the DIRT LOVE delivers a one-of-a-kind ride that’ll take your breath away. Like YT Industries team rider Andreu Lacondeguy, who rips the biggest tricks on his DIRT LOVE, you’ll be surprised how big you’ can go on this bikey ourself.


Beyond the Bike, with Cam Zink

All my learning experiences, I learned the hard way. And that has definitely shaped how I ride….  I don’t love to crash, but I see that crashing is just part of getting what I want

Cam Zink is one of those riders who have spearheaded the progression of mountain biking over the past decade. He’s created some of the most memorable moments in mountain biking; who will ever forget when his 360 off the Oakley Sender at Red Bull Rampage? That move alone pushed mountain biking into a place it’d never been before. In this episode of Beyond the Bike, we get a look at the man and what his life’s like when he’s not 40-foot off the ground, upside down.





Video: Andreau Lacondeguy wins Rampage. Run Replay.

He had loads of momentum coming into Red Bull Rampage 2014, and Andreu Lacondeguy carried it through today’s final to take his first victory at the event.

After three fourth-place finishes in a row at Rampage, Lacondeguy must have been feeling on top of the world when he stood on the podium for the first time today.

Final Results

1. Andreu Lacondeguy 95.25
2. Cam Zink 89.50
3. Brandon Semenuk 89.25
4. Kyle Strait 89.00
5. Brett Rheeder 88.50
6. Kyle Norbraten 82.75
7. Jeff Herbertson 82.50
8. Brendan Fairclough 77.25
9. Paul Basagoitia 76.50
10. Mitch Chubey 76.25
11. Szymon Godziek 76.00
12. Kelly McGarry 73.25
13. Thomas Genon 71.50
14. Louis Reboul 70.75
15. Carson Storch 69.25
16. Pierre Edouard Ferry 67.50
17. Geoff Gulevich 66.00
18. Ramon Hunziker 37.75
19. Tom van Steenbergen 35.00
20. Mike Montgomery 24.00

Best Trick

Cam Zink – 360 drop