George Brannigan: Queenstown Destruction

Queenstown has become a staple pre-season training camp for many World Cup racers.

George Brannigan recently spent some time riding some of the finest trails on offer, both in and out of the bike park. Judging by his speed and insane line choices, he’s definitely one to watch this season!

If you fancy some Queenstown Destruction of your own, have a look at our recent trip across the ditch:

Brett Rheeder’s Groundwaves ft. Ruben Alcantara

It would be a lie to say that we aren’t constantly inspired by all forms of biking, whether it’s BMX, slopestyle, freeride, or even road.

Last year, Brett Rheeder’s first Dream Capture episode, Airs and Alleys, was heavily inspired by a trip produced by BMX legend Ruben Alcantara where he placed portable ramps throughout an urban environment. This year, when we were presented with the opportunity to film with Ruben in his hometown of Malaga, Spain for Rheeder’s second Dream Capture episode, there was no chance we were turning it down.

Riding on Thin Air With Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle

Ever wondered what it would be like to ride a descent so long you have to stop for a shave?

Admittedly we’d never imagined this, but after watching Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle shred over eighteen thousand feet of descent, we’re keen to give it a go!


With the M-Class we took Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle to the highest elevation they’ve ever been to – Khardung La – and let them have the downhill ride of their lives from 18,380 feet in the Himalayas.

Best known for his breath-taking downhill footage escalating in a flip over a 72-foot-long canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage 2013, Kelly McGarry does not shy away from extremes. So we took him and fellow rider Jeremy Lyttle to the highest and most remote place he’s ever been: Khardung La – the supposedly highest vehicle-accessible mountain pass in the world at 18,380 feet (5,602 m) and let them have the downhill ride of their lives.

Industrial Urban Downhill in Talcahuano, Chile

It’s that time of the year again, where dogs running across the racetrack and riding through someone’s lounge room are considered the norm.

In the first Urban Downhill event of twenty fifteen, the Downhill Urbano Talcahuano Industrial, heavyweights Tomas Slavic and Filip Polc took out the top honours.

Prepare for more Urban Downhill mayhem with the City Downhill World Tour kicking off in Santos, Brazil on February 22nd.

Amazing Fontana Downhill Track Preview

Most of the time track previews give you a very limited view.

Shaky GoPro footage taken at sixty kilometres an hour can sometimes turn the sketchiest of features, or the most beautiful of landscapes into an indistinguishable blur.

KHS Factory Racing have realised this, and put together an incredible preview of the Fontana downhill course, using drone and GoPro footage combined to not only show the features of the track, but also the beautiful landscape.

The Ultimate Claudio Caluori Wild Ride

One of the must-see events of any UCI World Cup weekend is the inimitable GoPro Course previews from the Gstaad-Scott manager and veteran downhill speed demon Claudio Caluori.

Anyone who has watched one of Claudio’s course previews over the past three years will understand why the bubbly Swiss national is our go to man for such clips. Claudio is just pure box office when he gets motoring on that downhill bike. You just don’t know what comments or sounds are going to come out of his mouth next as he describes his ride down World Cup courses.

You always tell us you want more Claudio so we’ve put together some of Claudio’s funnier moments from last season’s GoPro runs for your enjoyment. Sit back and be prepared to laugh like you’ve never done before.


Foam Pits to Dirt Jumps and Every Party In-Between

From the wild mind of pro mountain biking’s funniest dude, Tyler McCaul, comes another compilation video of Tyler and his friends having the best time possible as they travel the world riding, partying, and getting up to all sorts of mischief.

Shot throughout the 2014 season, Tyler covers everything from good old backyard fun, to contest hijinks, and even a bit of riding. Stay tuned for a new episode every two months. 

This Ride to Recovery is Not For the Faint-Hearted

WARNING – The above video contains material which some may find disturbing

Martin Söderström is a rider who has always oozed class. From the way he can make the most basic of tricks look so stylish. to a résumé of contest wins from all over the world, there’s no doubting his ability.

But just when a victory on the biggest stage of them all, Crankworx’ Red Bull Joyride, seemed his for the taking, he suffered a brutal leg break that would see him staring retirement and a life away from riding right in the face.

Thankfully, it wasn’t to be, however. Söderström called on the same determination he’d used to reach the top of the sport to climb back on to his bike again. We’ll be chronicling in detail the bone-crushing lows and free-wheeling highs of his return to riding in a two-part feature. This week, we follow Söderström as he takes his first steps to getting back on the bike again following a long period of rehabilitation.

Stay tuned to see more on his road to recovery in part two next week.

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Matt Jones – Turn A Page

Matt Jones is having a great 2013.

The contest season is barely underway and already this young talent is making a name for himself, whether that’s by winning the qualifications round at Vienna Air King (his first FMB contest), then coming 10th in the finals, or busting out double backflips and a whole amount of style in photos and on videos both at home and abroad.