Red Bull Rampage Results & Top-3 Runs

With arguably his best ride in his storied Red Bull Rampage history, Kurt Sorge took home gold at the 12th edition of the most coveted mountain biking event in the world. Rounding out the Red Bull Rampage podium was Cameron Zink, freeride mountain bike icon, coming in a close second, and rookie Ethan Nell, a twenty-year-old Utah local who was competing in the event for the first time, taking home third.

Kurt Sorge – first place

Cam Zink – second place

Ethan Nell – third place

Sorge, Zink and Brandon Semenuk were all battling it out for the first ever Red Bull Rampage hat trick. At the end of the day, with a score of 92.66 in his first run, Sorge came out on top and not only became the 2017 champion but the first athlete to take home three golds – cementing him as the winningest athlete in Red Bull Rampage history.

Sorge’s winning run included a huge step down flip // Paris Gore
2nd placed Cam Zink shared an opening chute with Strait and Ferry // Bartek Wolinski

“I am speechless. I can’t believe it. It was a lot of work out here for a couple of weeks, and to make my diggers, everyone back home and the fans proud, is out of this world,” said Sorge.

“All riders were going huge and doing technical tricks off all of the big features – putting together really technical flowy lines,” said the champion.

Local Ethan Nell stepped up for his first Rampage and launched into 3rd // Garth Milan
Sorge // Bartek Wolinski

Judged on four sets of criteria, including difficulty of line, air amplitude, control and fluidity, tricks and style, all athletes worked to impress the judges as they rode down the other-worldly terrain of Virgin, Utah, just outside of Zion National Park.

Semenuk, the winner from Red Bull Rampage 2016, and Brett Rheeder both fell in their first run and then took on their second redemption run with confidence, putting together solid performances to claim fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Two-time winner Brandon Semenuk oozes style // Garth Milan
Even when (rarely) not pushing the trick envelope, Brett Rheeder brings the style // Bartek Wolinski

Building upon the success of last year’s format changes, the elite group of 18 riders and their two-person build crews created their own manmade lines down the mountain without the use of power tools. As a result, no two riders’ paths down the near-vertical sandstone ridges were the same.

Kyle Strait has ridden a lot of Rampages, and thrown some huge suicide no handers // Bartek Wolinski
T-Mac stomped a flawless second run, but his line choice didn’t deliver the result he wanted. // Garth Milan
Thomas Genon dropping in // Paris Gore
Carson Storch nailed his 360 drop last year // Paris Gore
Ryan ‘R-Dog’ Howard starting his steezey run // Christian Pondella
Andreu Lacondeguy had his flat-spin-Indian-air-seat-grab dialled in practice. He landed it in his first run. Not his second // Garth Milan
Andreu’s hand slipped off his saddle mid spin – yikes! // Christian Pondella
Tyler McCaul’s opening drop was exposure central. Think coming up short would be bad? Either side and it would be all over // Paris Gore
T-Mac stomped a flawless second run, but his line choice didn’t deliver the result he wanted, finishing in 9th. // Garth Milan
Tom Van Steenbergen executed a perfect front flip high on the mountain // Bartek Wolinski
France’s Pierre-Edouard Ferry touching down halfway down the steepest line on the mountain. // Bartek Wolinski
Voted on by the fans, French phenom Antoine Bizet (left) was awarded the coveted People’s Choice Award Presented by Utah Sports Commission. The participating athletes awarded Pierre Edouard Ferry (right) the Kelly McGarry Spirit Award, presented to the rider that most embodied the spirit of the mountain biking legend. // Bartek Wolinski
(L-R) Cam Zink, Kurt Sorge and Ethan Nell // Garth Milan


1. Kurt Sorge (CAN) – 92.66
2. Cameron Zink (USA) – 90.33
3. Ethan Nell (USA) – 90.00
4. Brandon Semenuk (CAN) – 89.66
5. Brett Rheeder (CAN) – 89.33
6. Thomas Genon (BEL) – 89.00
7. Carson Storch (USA) – 87.66
8. Kyle Strait (USA) – 87.33
9. Tyler McCaul (USA) – 87.00
10. Tom Van Steenbergen (CAN) – 84.33
11. Andreu Lacondeguy (SPN) – 83.00
12. Antoine Bizet (FRA) – 81.66
13. Darren Berrecloth (CAN) – 81.00
14. Vincent Tupin (FRA) – 78.00
15. Pierre Edouard Ferry (FRA) – 76.33
16. Logan Binggeli (USA) – 69.66
17. Bas Van Steenbergen (CAN) – 68.66
18. Ryan Howard (USA) – 67.66

We survived! // Garth Milan

Polygon Bikes Reveal The New Square One EX Series

Holy seatstay!
The new Square One EX looks more like NASA research than a bicycle- we’re excited.

Wow. Polygon have come out with something completely new here, a real step away from what everyone else is doing in terms of travel, frame and suspension design.

The Square One's gargantuan seatstay.
The Square One’s gargantuan seatstay.

Everyone loves geometry, so you can check out the Square One’s angles below.

Square One geometry

We definitely weren’t expecting Polygon to come out with a 180mm, 27.5″ bike with this sort of design, but we’re seriously excited to get our hands on one. Whilst the aesthetics won’t float everyone’s boats, its how the bike rides that counts, and from a glance at the spec and geometry it looks like an absolute beast of a bike.

Kurt Sorge aboard the Square One.
Kurt Sorge gets loose on the Square One EX.

Read on to see what Polygon have to say about the Square One EX range.

Polygon Bikes believes that each of our customers want one bike that is easy to be maintained and can be ridden anywhere.

Short chainstays should make the Square One easy to get onto one wheel.
Short chainstays should make the Square One EX easy to get onto one wheel.

The quest to deliver new and special products to our consumers led to the collaboration between Polygon and NAILD. Both brands shared a goal to bring the best riding experiences possible to our customers. Not only did Polygon and NAILD want to create a “one bike” quiver-killer, we wanted to redefine how people classify mountain bikes with a truly capable machine.

Mick Hannah aboard the new Square One.
Mick Hannah aboard the new Square One EX.

The Square One EX Series is a departure from the old way of classifying bikes and creates a new paradigm where travel no longer determines discipline.

“The NAILD suspension design works in conjunction with Polygon’s frame construction to give a ride unlike anything else. We designed the bike to have a short rear end for tackling technical terrain and to provide quick cornering thanks to the elevated chainstay that is unique to the NAILD R3ACT- 2Play Suspension System”, said Zendy Renan, Product Development Manager for Polygon Bikes.

The NAILD R3ACT- 2Play Suspension System is at the heart of the new Square One series.
The NAILD R3ACT- 2Play Suspension System is at the heart of the new Square One EX series.

Square One EX acts as an extension of rider’s movement – body mechanics are one of the critical aspects we focused on during the development process of NAILD’s concept about vertical wheel path and the use of shaft systems.

Polygon Square One images.--5

All Square One EX frames are built around 27.5 wheels and feature a full ACX carbon frame with 180mm suspension travel.

Cous Cous aboard the new Square EX at the Derby EWS.
Cous Cous was spotted aboard the new Square One EX at the Derby EWS.

Two models will be available: the Square One EX8 and our top of the line model, the Square One EX9.

The Square One will be available in two models.
The Square One will be available in two models.

The pre-orders of Square One EX 9 is accepted now and the bikes will be available in June 2017. Check the full infomation about Square One EX at

We're pumped to swing a leg over the new Square One!
We’re pumped to swing a leg over the new Square One sometime soon!