Video: Brandon Semenuk – Inertia

There’s not much to say when Brandon Semenuk puts out a new cut with his partner-in-crime, Rupert Walker. So here’s what we’ll say: from the riding to the editing, you’re seeing Semenuk as the master architect of his own aura. Just as he pilots his bike, he coordinates all aspects of his projects ensuring everything comes correct off the factory floor. That’s why you already know the product is worthy of a replay before you even hit play for the first time.

If you’re like us, Semenuk’s riding usually opens the door for some questions — questions like “What…how?” There aren’t usually accessible answers to those questions, but then, of course, there are some simpler questions that do have accessible answers. We’ll pass the mic to Semenuk to answer those.

When did you find time in your hectic schedule to film Inertia?

This was shot in the few weeks leading up to Red Bull Rampage. I wanted to ride some big features leading up to the event, so I guess this location doubled as my practice.

What was the impetus for this project?

The impetus behind creating this video was a few simple reasons: I wanted a high-action DH edit to round off my year, I wanted some creative relief between contests and Rupert and I wanted to take advantage of the fall colours.

And lastly, were there any unique highs and lows that came along with putting Inertia together?

Each shoot contains its own pace/feeling. We just try to accentuate those moments to create a dynamic piece front to back.

Words by Travis Persaud / Red Bull

Featured image by Anthony Smith

Sound of Speed: Luca Shaw

Then along came Aaron Gwin to drag his nation proudly back to the top of the time sheets of World Cup downhill races.

To think that US downhill is a one man bandwagon would be a mistake however. Luca Shaw hails from San Francisco, California and has just signed with one of the sport’s most highly regarded race teams: Santa Cruz Syndicate.

The 20-year-old recorded some impressive results in 2016, including a fifth place at the legendary Mont-Sainte-Anne UCI World Cup. Blessed with an extremely level headed approach to racing, will 2017 be the big breakthrough year Shaw seems to be building towards?

We don’t have a crystal ball so we don’t know yet, all we asked him to do was to go as fast as possible for our latest Sound of Speed episode. Enjoy.

Video: Join Rob and Claudio’s World Cup Bootcamp

Rob Warner and Claudio Caluori are a match made in commentating heaven. One is a multiple Swiss champion and current factory team owner/manager and the other is… Rob Warner.

But just as it’s been a busy off-season for the racers of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, so too has it been for the boys behind the mics. In a bid to make the live coverage of the 2016 race season the best it has ever been, the duo met up in Austria to push themselves mentally and physically to the very limit. And, in Rob’s case, to get a haircut.

Tune in to Red Bull Bike again tomorrow, April 5, for part two of Rob and Claudio’s World Cup bootcamp.

Don’t forget that you can watch all the live action from the UCI World Cup in Lourdes right here on April 10.

Red Bull RAW 100: Finn Illes

Brakes? Don’t need ’em. Finn Illes is 16 years of pure speed.

The Red Bull RAW 100 series of videos has really captured us. Each episode sees a different Red Bull athlete paired up with a videographer, with a very simple brief: 100 seconds long, no music, no slow motion.

It’s an awesome recipe for drawing out all the talents of the film makers and showcasing the riders’ talents too – you feel yourself being more and more focused as you watch the vids, infinitely more engaged with what the rider must be feeling.

In the latest release, 16 year old Finn Illes shows us some crazy commitment with an amazing BC wilderness back drop, shot by TOPO Films.

Tribute to the 80s classic BMX Bandits in ‘Bicycle Motocross’.

 Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark and BMX racer Leanna Curtis team up for the ultimate tribute to 1984’s BMX Bandits,Bicycle Motocross.

The brainchild of Corey Bohan, Bicycle Motocross comes after a lifetime of religious viewing of the original film which saw Nicole Kidman grace the silver screen for the first time, two years of planning and a hectic two weeks of filming across Sydney to create something that truly paid tribute to the original, with Corey’s unique twist.

Mike Clark, Cory Bohan and Leanna Curtis

Watch the ‘making of Bicycle Motocross’ here.

To get your hands on a copy of the original BMX Bandits film, click here.

With special thanks to Oliver J Nilsen (Australia) Limited.

Cape to Cape MTB – Sundown Shootout: Flipping Crazy

Unless you’re driving a taxi or going out dancing, we wouldn’t advise you to have anything to do with Redbull late in the arvo ordinarily. But we can make an exception for the Redbull Sundown Shootout, a cool event-within-an-event that has become a real highlight of Cape to Cape MTB.

Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-2Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-8Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-4

The Shootout takes the fastest riders at Cape to Cape and throws them round a punchy two-minute course (including one massive huck thrown in for good measure), with big time bonuses up for grabs. It’s serious on one level because the time bonuses can have a real effect on the overall standings, but one the other hand it’s a chance for riders to have a razz and put on a show for the huge crowds that come out to the pines to spectate.

This year the Shootout was bigger than ever, and rowdier too. After Peta Mullens and Paul Van Der Ploeg took out the racing (and a cool $1000 each in the process), the jump was thrown open for a freestyle contest. After a local Dunsborough lad upped the ante with a 360, chants of ‘backflip, backflip’ got freeride legend Ricky Compton sufficienly gee’d up to give a flip a crack, despite the jump being far from ideal. The end result wasn’t pretty, but the dislocated shoulder went back in smoothly and Ricky lived to ride another day.

Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-5Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Shootout-9Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-18Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-19

Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-14

Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-23Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-24 Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-25 Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-31 Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Shootout-3 Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Shootout-7



Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-35Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-37

Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-42

Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-43 Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-45 Cape to Cape 2015 Day 2 Sundown Showdown-47

Return of The Rat: Mont-Saint-Anne DH Race Highlights

Mont-Sainte-Anne provided race fans with a spectacular race.

The brutal Canadian track, paired with the temperamental weather, birthed a slippy and unpredictable beast. Bikes and riders were flying down the course – and not necessarily together.

Relive the best bits in the video, courtesy of the Parkin brothers, who were trackside capturing all the action.

Josh Bryceland - Action Loic Bruni - Action Josh Bryceland - Action

Course Preview of the First XC World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě

Join Specialized Racing’s Jaroslav Kulhavy as he takes us around the Nové Město na Moravě World Cup cross-country course. 

Opening the cross-country World Cup season is the Nové Město na Moravě course. A firm favourite with fans and riders alike, this round is often voted the best XCO event of the World Cup.

The 4.1km course weaves through dense forest – featuring sharp and technical sprints, twisty singletrack, tricky rock sections and a power-draining climb.

Take a look at the track in the video above to find out what makes this course and venue so special for the MTB elite. 

The Cross Country Boys Who Are a Class Apart

Will 2015 see another World Cup duel between perennial favourites Julian Absalon and Nino Schurter?

It was fitting that the two men that have dominated the men’s cross-country circuit in the last decade, France’s Julien Absalon and Switzerland’s Nino Schurter, fought out an epic 2014 edition of the UCI Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Cup.

Absalon and Schurter went into the seventh and round of last season, at Méribel, locked on three race wins each following a World Cup series dominated by the pair. Schurter finished the French race in first but behind him in second was Absalon, and with that finish the Frenchman secured the overall World Cup title for a sixth time.

There is no doubt that these two will continue to be right in front of the competition for the 2015 edition of World Cup. Younger by six years, Nino Schurter remains the hot favourite for the overall but given last season’s form you can’t rule out the 34-year-old Absalon springing more surprises.

Will Kulhavy have a better year than 2014?
Nino missed Cairns World Cup to attend a few road races, we hope we’ll see him all year this time.
Going for his 30th World Cup win, Absalon is dominant.
Dan’s 2014 season wasn’t as standout as 2013 with a win in Germany, but still finished high up in the overall series with a consistent performance.
Man machine, Julien Absalon.

The rest of the field has very much been left in the shadow of these two greats in recent years with no one really emerging as a consistent challenger. Australia’s Daniel McConnell, a winner in Albstadt in 2013 and a man who has finished second and third in the overall in 2013 and 2014 respectively, could be the one to break the Absalon-Schurter hegemony, while other names worth looking out for with an eye to a World Cup win are Germany’s Manuel Fumicand his Cannondale team-mate Marco Fontana.

Check the video above for a quick recap of the 2014 season as a teaser for this year’s World Cup.

Tune in on May 24 to watch live coverage of the women’s XCO race from Nové Město na Moravě. Watch the UCI World Cup LIVE on Red Bull TV – available online and on mobile via Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Laying It on the line in Lourdes – World Cup Race Highlights

Masterclass moments from Aaron Gwin on a race day that took its toll on bodies and bikes.

The downhill elite sure won’t be forgetting the Lourdes World Cup in a hurry. The carnage was there for all to see throughout the weekend and on race day there was no let up. The French hill continued to claim its share of mechanicals, punctures, crashes and face plants, with the dry and dusty track full of holes from the continuous use over the weekend.

Catch the thrills, spills and excitement from Lourdes with our finals highlights in the player below.

There was only one rider whose pace truly mastered the Lourdes track, Aaron Gwin. He produced yet another memorable run, combining sheer speed with some creative lines. The winning margin of just under four seconds from home favourite Loïc Bruni was a testament of how good his ride was on a course that was steep, rough and technical.

In the women’s race, no one quite got to grips with the track. Leading qualifier Tracey Hannah suffered a crash and even the winner, Emmeline Ragot, admitted she made mistakes on her way down to recording the fastest time.

Watch the UCI World Cup on Red Bull TV – available online and on mobile via Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Fast and Furious – Downhill Practice Video From Lourdes

The wait is over, the track is wild and the world’s fastest racers are getting loose. Yesterday’s practice session confirmed what many here in Lourdes had suspected – this track is very, very good.

For all the latest news, videos, and photos of riders wearing ski onesies get over to our UCI World Cup event page.

Watch the UCI World Cup LIVE on Red Bull TV – available online and on mobile via Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Downtime: Neko Mulally

Back in January, Mulally announced he would be parting ways with the Trek World Racing team after five years, heading over to  Claudio Caluori’s Gstaad-Scott outfit alongside Brendan Fairclough.

We caught up with Neko at his home in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, to find out how he’s preparing for the 2015 UCI World Cup season and what it’s like riding for the Swiss-based Gstaad-Scott team.

The Ultimate Claudio Caluori Wild Ride

One of the must-see events of any UCI World Cup weekend is the inimitable GoPro Course previews from the Gstaad-Scott manager and veteran downhill speed demon Claudio Caluori.

Anyone who has watched one of Claudio’s course previews over the past three years will understand why the bubbly Swiss national is our go to man for such clips. Claudio is just pure box office when he gets motoring on that downhill bike. You just don’t know what comments or sounds are going to come out of his mouth next as he describes his ride down World Cup courses.

You always tell us you want more Claudio so we’ve put together some of Claudio’s funnier moments from last season’s GoPro runs for your enjoyment. Sit back and be prepared to laugh like you’ve never done before.


Search for the Steep, Episode 2: Lake Garda


Joe Barnes is joined by trials legend Chris Akrigg on his latest mission to ride the world’s steepest descents.

Travelling to Lake Garda, Italy, the two go in search of the illusive 122 trail, that some said would challenge even the formidable talent of Akrigg himself.

The long hike in changeable weather brings its rewards as the guys are presented with a steep, technical descent where Chris’ trials skills prove more than useful.


The Long and Cruel Road to Recovery

The road back to not only riding, but winning after a horrific leg break at Red Bull Joyride has been a long one for Martin Söderström.

His mettle has truly been tested in both his ability to handle pain and the psychological demons that go with a bad injury. The 360 tailwhip is the trick that landed him in hospital and into such a struggle. At FISE Montpelier, Martin’s first contest back on the bike, he has to battle it face-to-face. But fate isn’t finished with Martin just yet and events take a turn for the unexpected, just when he thinks he’s getting back to his best

Street Fighting at The DH Urbano

Urban DH races may be nothing new these days but it’s hard to argue with the kind of impact they have at bringing mountain biking straight to the streets of towns and cities across the globe.

Marcelo Gutierrez of Giant Factory Off-Road sealed the win at his home event, the Urbano DH in Manizales, Colombia, ahead of a stacked local entry list. The Manizales course was littered with brutal stairs, jumps and drops to put the Colombian and his Giant Glory through their paces. Watch the video above to see how the two got on against the seemingly endless sea of concrete.

Don’t forget that you can keep up to date with all things bike at the facebook page.

Holy Crash!

Take 396 steps, tight corners and slick stone and you’ve got the perfect combination for a crash-filled urban downhill race. When you add to that a four-cross style set-up there’s only one outcome. Crashes. Lots of crashes.

Red Bull Holy Ride takes place in Kyoto, Japan, and is held on the historic Iwashimizu Hachiman-gu Shrine, which was built to enshrine Hachiman, the God of War. A fitting location, especially when you see the carnage that ensues… Let battle commence!

Video: The Choicest Action From the 2014 World Cup Downhill Season

The UCI Downhill World Cup treated us to one of its classic seasons this year and following it every step along the way for us, bringing you all the best action from trackside were the Parkin Brothers of Orpheus Productions.

They were baked, drowned, scorched and soaked intermittently all year hauling cameras all over the world’s fastest DH tracks. When it came to an end of season package then we decided to ask for the ultimate; no filler, all thriller!

We decided to ask for the ultimate; no filler, all thriller!

There are always one or two shots that come out of a race weekend that get everyone excited to go out and ride. Shots that demonstrate the kind of sublime skill needed to make a big bike dance on the very edge of adhesion. Whips, scrubs, gaps… It had to be the very best.

The above video clip doesn’t tell the story of a timed session or feature blow-by-blow tracking of one of 2014’s epic battles, it’s simply about all those best shots being tied together in just one place. The best of the best, the best of the Wildmen. Enjoy!

The Bike Brothers Movie

Szymon and Dawid Godziek are athletes who can already boast some impressive achievements on the international bike scene. However, for the first time ever fans can now explore another side to them. Thanks to a unique production, the skills of the boys are presented in a completely different light. “The Bike Brothers” is an engaging story with the bike siblings playing the leading roles and impersonating legendary movie characters. In spite of their experience, the Godziek brothers confessed that the new challenge evoked some stage fright.

“I was involved in such production for the first time in my life. Knowing that you’re the centre of attention was quite stressful. I was trying to do my tricks as good as I can and, of course, face the acting challenge,” said Dawid Godziek about his preparations for the film.
Older brother, Szymon, added:
“Working on a professional set is much different than making clips with your buddies. Just setting up the cameras and obstacles required a lot of effort. We were on the set 16 hours per day. It wasn’t easy – the days started at 4am and finished after dark.”

The film features a guest appearance by Alan Andersz, who played the role of a detective chasing the main characters. The Godziek brothers are already successful in their sport but thanks to this production they got the chance to show off their skills to a wider audience and it was the perfect excuse to present freestyle at its best. The footage captured is bound to be well received – the final scene alone sees Szymon lands the world’s first Backflip Stripper!
There are many exceptional moments in the history of extreme films, but the Polish production “The Bike Brothers” is breaking new ground. Jen Sheroky was the person behind writing the script as well as shooting director for “The Bike Brothers”. Production was carried out by Graffiti Films in collaboration with Jen Sheroky and Adam Tunikowski. Post-production was supervised by Juice with support from the Dashdot team. Music was composed by Filip Kuncewicz and costume design by Angelika Paszek. The whole production process lasted a year and involved over 100 people.

Video: Biggest Attempted Front Flip in Mountain Bike History

Tom van Steenbergen was one of the most exciting and hyped riders coming into Red Bull Rampage 2014. After a disappointing result in 2013 and a shoulder injury earlier this year, Trek’s 19-year-old Dutch native, who now resides in Canada, was hungry to show the world his true capabilities on a mountain bike.

After landing this world record frontflip while filming for Anthill Films early this summer, he showed up to Rampage 2014 with the intention of doing the same over the massive 72-foot canyon gap.

It wasn’t really calculated. I just kinda went for it not knowing the exact speed and rotation, which was pretty scary.

Unfortunately, Steenbergen’s frontflip attempt on the huge gap came up just one foot short, and he took a hard fall. Although he walked away with his head held high, it was visibly one of the roughest falls taken in Rampage finals.

“I knew it wasn’t going to work as soon as my back tire hit the ground. It was just a bit earlier than I expected,” said Steenbergen. “It wasn’t really calculated. I just kinda went for it not knowing the exact speed and rotation, which was pretty scary.”

TVS sprained his sacoriliac joint in the crash, causing him huge pain. “I usually try to get up and start walking after I crash,” he admitted. “But I was in quite a bit of pain – I almost passed out when I got up.”

I mostly spend my time building new stuff to ride when I’m fully healed . . . I can’t wait to get back at it

“The recovery is going pretty good,” he says. “I’ve been seeing my chiropractor two times a week, and I’ve mostly spent my time building new stuff to ride when I’m fully healed.”

“I can’t wait to get back at it and hopefully stay healthy for a little while now,” added Steenbergen. “Injuries suck, but it’s part of what we do, we’re gonna have to live with it!”

Watch the VOD replay of Red Bull Rampage finals, including on-demand replays of specific runs, on the Red Bull Rampage site.


On Track With Curtis Keene – Ride it Like You Stole it – Ep 9

They called it “Crankzilla”: the longest, toughest, hottest and some would say most technically demanding race of the Enduro World Series this season. 60 KM of riding, 2500 Meters of elevation gain and more than 7 hours of riding through five stages that would test amateurs and Pros both physically and technically.
After a sea on of close calls and almosts, Curtis is finally able to put it all together and have the right race on the right day.

Watch Curtis as he take one step further his overall season goal of making the top 10 during this 6th stop of the Enduro World Series.

Video: Danny MacAskill’s latest video, just casually riding along a massive cliff

Danny MacAskill’s new video project took the trial rider well and truly out of his comfort zone. Swapping his familiar trials bike for a full suspension mountain bike, Danny travelled to the Isle of Skye, the place where he was born and grew up, to ride the epic trail on the Cuillin Ridge.

The rocky terrain, huge cliff drops and unforgiving lines really put Danny’s famous bike handling skills to the limit, but it was well worth the effort to showcase the Isle of Skye’s beautiful landscape.

Riding the Cuillin Ridge also fulfilled a life-long dream of Danny’s and with the help of filmmaker Stu Thompson and his colleague’s at Cut Media we’re all able to share that joy.

Video: Insane Red Bull Rampage Finals Highlights and Photos


The 2014 edition of Red Bull Rampage will be remembered as the most competitive in the event’s history. Watch the video above to see the action highlights from finals day, as riders attempted to successfully navigate burly natural terrain, down sheer cliffs and natural mesas that included a 76-foot vertical drop and 72-foot canyon gap.

Andreu Lacondeguy - Podium

“Everybody killed it as diggers and riders,” said two-time Rampage champ Kyle Strait at the end of Monday’s finals, where he placed fourth. “That’s Rampage number nine for me; let’s keep going.”


Andreau’s winning run.

Lacondeguy flipping out.
Lacondeguy flipping out.


Cam Zink’s second place run.  

Cam Zink's huge 360 drop.
Cam Zink’s huge 360 drop.


Brandon Semenuk’s third place run.

Semenuk making it look so easy.
Semenuk making it look so easy.
Last year's winner, Kyle Strait riding vertical.
Last year’s winner, Kyle Strait riding vertical.

Andreau’s POV chest cam winning run.


Cam Zink’s monster 360 drop scores him the best trick award, no waaaaay why? 

Video: Graham Agassiz Stomps Red Bull Rampage Qualifier by Going HUGE!

Some competitors can’t handle pressure. When they’re down to their last chance, focus disintegrates and mistakes happen. Today, in the final moments of the Red Bull Rampage qualifier,Graham Agassiz turned pressure into performance, nailing a unique and difficult line (watch it in the video above) to land at the top of the results.

Agassiz used his first competition run on Friday to go for a huge drop early in his line for the first time, and the results were disastrous. He learned what he needed to know about his approach to it, however, so he waited for run two for another chance.

Unfortunately, rain forced event organizers to put the qualifier on hold, and several athletes, including Agassiz, had to wait until Sunday to complete their second run. That’s a lot of time to think about the risks he’d be taking, but when it came time for Aggy to drop in, he aced his line and the venue erupted with cheers.

This marks the second year in a row Agassiz has qualified in the top position. Find out how he fares in the final by watching the webcast on the official Red Bull Rampage site on Monday, September 29, starting at 1:00 p.m. MT.

The enhanced webcast will feature live voting during each run, so you can vote for your favorites to help determine which rider will receive the Army National Guard People’s Choice award. Get involved in the action via live chat with fans around the world, and watch your favorite moments over and over with nearly instant online replays for each run.

Watch the finals live here tomorrow morning.

Video: Lacondeguy and Agassiz launch a 76-foot cliff drop!


When Graham Agassiz and Andreu Lacondeguy began building a lip-heavy line at Red Bull Rampage with heavy drops on each end, the rest of the field wondered how they would pull it off. Yesterday, they answered part of the question by sending a gigantic step-down, and they did it by pushing each other out of their comfort zones – watch it happen in the video above.

“Aggy is crazy!” says Lacondeguy about the Kamloops freerider after he sailed his bike 76 foot off the drop. High praise from a man who is world-renowned for going absolutely massive.

Sporadic wind and pre-game nerves played a big part in holding back the two marquee riders from hitting the drop, which leads into another step-down, and then to the Polaris RZR Moto Booter. While Lacondeguy is pre-qualified for finals on Sunday, Agassiz – who qualified in first place in 2013 but finished outside of the top 10 in the final – is required to ride in 2014 qualifiers today.

With uncharacteristic reserve, Lacondeguy took at least a dozen dry runs at the drop before committing, landing more or less where Agassiz did. For today’s qualifier, he’ll cheer Aggy on from the sidelines.

Watch Red Bull Rampage live on here:

Early Monday morning, it’s all happening.


Video: Red Bull District Ride – The Doco

The world’s best 24 riders performed an incredible array of mind-blowing tricks to amp up the 62,000 live spectators. For 2 days, Nuremberg’s historic city centre turned into a boiling pot for extreme mountain biking. The crowds witnessed the first ever Tsunami Flip in a MTB contest as well as a head-to-head battle until the last minute.

But what’s behind bringing a massive freeride course to the streets of a European metropolis? Who are the people that work so hard to ensure the athletes can throw down those breathtaking tricks? And what do the pros get up to when they are not practicing or competing?

Over several weeks, Lukas Tielke (a.k.a Peoplegrapher) took his RED EPIC DRAGON behind the scenes to portray the Red Bull District Ride. In this 10 minute documentary you’ll witness amazing cinematography surrounding the course that sprung from 100km of wood enough screws to circle the city. Epic shots with great tunes, sit back and enjoy the show:

Trackbuilding_(c)Daniel Grund_Red Bull Content Pool_P-20140902-00271

AaronChase_NikoBoessl_Trackbulding_(c)Daniel Grund _Red Bull Content Coo...

World Champs Course Preview, With Claudio and Brendan Fairclough

Our tamed test pilot, Claudio Caluori, has pretty much had it all his own way this season. His companion riders on the GoPro course previews have either bitten the dust or eaten his… So, with the World Champs looming, we decided to up the stakes a little.

We invited his own Gstaad Scott rider, Brendan Fairclough, along to join him. Would Claudio be able to beat him down the Hafjell course or would flat pedals and whips prevail?!

Also, keep your eyes pealed for a spot of celebrity nudity on the side of the track…

VIDEO: The story of Red Bull Joyride 2014

The Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler is the pinnacle of freeride mountain biking. Unlike the world’s other big slopestyle contests, Joyride embodies so much more and transcends into the focal point of global mountain biking.

Heading into the 2014 event, the rider who has really made the event his own, Brandon Semenuk, was staring down the barrel of perhaps the biggest ever threat to his monopoly of the spoils. Brett Rheeder had already defeated him at the X Games and was having the season of his life.

Rheeder’s run at Red Bull Joyride was nothing short of incredible and in any other contest would surely have secured victory. But there was no accounting for his Trek teammate, Semenuk…

1. Brandon Semenuk
2. Brett Rheeder
3. Anthony Messere
4. Logan Peat
5. Louis Reboul


Video: Super Slow Motion – Crankworx Les Deux Alpes Slopestyle


We wheeled out our Phantom camera to capture the agony and ecstasy of the riders at the recent Crankworx Les Deux Alpes Slopestyle contest.

The Phantom cam slows the action right down to 1,000 frames per second and so offers a unique perspective on the movements the riders have to go through when they lay down a trick.

Anthony Messere took a career defining first major win at Les Deux Alpes. Watch part of his winning run in super slo-mo above and enjoy the rest of the thrills and spills from what was a memorable contest weekend in France.

Head to head: Manon Carpenter v Rachel Atherton

The battle for the Women’s UCI World Cup overall title really heated up in Leogang when Madison Saracen’s Manon Carpenter became the first and only rider this year to win her second race.

Defeating compatriot, Rachel Atherton, in Leogang made up for her flat tyre disappointment in Fort William and cemented control of the leaders jersey.

It’s interesting to see despite being comfortably ahead at the half way point how she slips back behind Carpenter on the lower half of the track

But Atherton, the reigning World Cup overall and World champ, remains beset by illness. Her usually incredible energy levels and physical fitness seem low; it’s interesting to see despite being comfortably ahead at the half way point how she slips back behind Carpenter on the lower half of the track.

There’s a mid-season break now as we prepare to head to the two North American rounds. Can Atherton fully recover or will Carpenter keep things neat and tidy for the remainder?


Danny MacAskill strikes again, in a Forgotten City

Watch as Danny MacAskill brings a forgotten city back to life with his latest street trials film. Following on from 2013’s mind-blowing ‘MacAskill’s Imaginate’, Epecuén is the latest film from Danny MacAskill.

Directed by long time collaborator Dave Sowerby, we’ll see Danny take his riding back to the roots of trials riding, exploring the forgotten town of Epecuén in Argentina, a location that has been submerged for the majority of the past 25 years.

Danny sunset drop copy

Pablo Novac, Epecuén’s only resident throughout the troubled times, gives a brief history of the location culminating with his thoughts that he ‘…can no longer see what use this place has for us now,’ MacAskill however has other ideas.

Danny MacAskill is renowned for pushing the levels of both his riding and filming with previous releases ‘Way Back Home’ and ‘Imaginate’ accumulating over 50 million views between them; Epecuén is set to raise the bar once again.

Video: Life Behind Bars – Episode 7 – Big Scars and Exotic Cars

Virgin, Utah is the golden land for MTB zones with huge canyon gaps and step downs.

Brandon Semenuk and Cam Zink get their hands dirty to create epic lines to shred for their film, but find some obstacles along the way. They finish off their motorhome trip by visiting Exotics Racing in Las Vegas to take a spin in a McLaren and Lamborghini for the ultimate rush.

Video: Gee Atherton Hunts Down 400 Foxes

The weatherbeaten slopes of Slieve Martin, County Down teem with hundreds of scarlet clad figures. 400 mountain bikers think they can outfox Gee Atherton in the 2013 Redbull Foxhunt which turns the fear and ecstasy of a hunt in on itself, making prey of the hunters.

From decorated pros to weekend warriors, the pack will tear down the three and a half miles of unforgiving downhill course encompassing wind bleached moorland, mud-spattered forests and hair-raising sprints, each adrenaline pumped biker tirelessly battling to cross the finish line before the advancing fox.

Video: Red Bull Rampage – Top Three Moments

Here are the top three moments of the 2013 Red Bull Rampage (in no particular order).

McGarry’s Canyon Gap Backflip

It’s a big deal to even clear the canyon gap, but apparently not big enough — Kelly had to flip it. New Zealand’s finest freerider delivers a big surprise in his first run of the Red Bull Rampage final, stepping up to trick the massive canyon gap with a floaty backflip.

Kyle Strait’s Sender No-hander

Watch Rampage winner Kyle Strait stretch a suicide no-hander off the Oakley Icon Sender. Strait was the first to ride out of the drop from the top of the Oakley Icon Sender, and he took it up a notch in the final by letting go of the bars.

Cam Zink’s Sender Backflip

Get straight to the 2013 highlights — watch Cam Zink’s massive backflip off the Oakley Icon Sender.
Free up some time in your busy day — if you’re only going to watch one thing from Red Bull Rampage 2013, it’s gotta be this: Third-place finisher Cam Zink’s absolutely mental backflip off the penthouse level of the Oakley Icon Sender.

Video: Life Behind Bars – Seeking a Zone in Utah

Brandon Semenuk and Cam Zink set out on a motorhome trip to Utah for some ultimate freeride mountain biking sessions.

The boys search the land for new zones and seek out the gnarliest lines before dropping in. But before they get on their bikes, the snow sets in and creates some downtime for the boys which calls for explosions in the desert.

Video: Gee Atherton Downhill MTB Chase POV – Red Bull Foxhunt 2013

Red Bull Foxhunt went off with a bang in Rostrevor with 400 hounds (mountain bikers) being chased hard by World Cup Downhill legend, Gee Atherton.

Last year only one rider managed it but this year 30 out foxed the Fox. First place went to Colin Ross who thundered into the finish line arena with a good lead ahead of last years winner Greg Callaghan of Dirt Norco with Joe Barnes of the Dudes of Hazzard in third.

Video: Richie Schley Earns his Mountain Bike Descent

Watch as Mountain Bike legend Rickie Schley goes through what it means to be a mountain biker and to him there is one rule…you need to earn your descent!

In its second year, the GoPro Dirt Diaries is a video contest between six mountain bike athletes. Each rider partners with a videographer to create a 4 to 6-minute video. Teams had seven weeks to prepare their moving image story before each entry was screened in front of a live audience and an expert panel of judges at Whistler’s Olympic Plaza during Crankworx.

Video: The Full Red Bull Joyride 2013 Story

Take a look at the full story of Red Bull Joyride 2013.

Pushing the boundaries of slopestyle mountain biking once again, Red Bull Joyride descended the Whistler Mountain Bike Park at the exhilarating, gravity-defying anchor event of the Crankworx Whistler Festival.

Big tricks and plenty of clean runs blew the judges away, but it was 23 year-old Brandon Semenuk of Whistler, BC who reclaimed the podium’s top step after his first win in 2011 with the highest score ever recorded at this event and a cool $25,000. Martin Söderström of Sweden took second place, followed in third by Sam Pilgrim of the UK.


Brandon Semenuk Reclaims Top Spot at The Redbull Joyride, Crankworx

Pushing the boundaries of slopestyle mountain biking once again, Red Bull Joyride descended the Whistler Mountain Bike Park today as the exhilarating, gravity-defying anchor event of the Crankworx Whistler Festival.

Red Bull Joyride from Crankworx on Vimeo.


Big tricks and plenty of clean runs blew the judges away, but it was 22 year-old Brandon Semenuk of Whistler, BC who reclaimed the podium’s top step after his first win in 2011 with the highest score ever recorded at this event and a cool $25,000. Martin Söderström of Sweden took second place, followed in third by Sam Pilgrim of the UK.

“After the fall on my first run, it was a bit of a flashback to 2011 and 2010 having bailed on the same trick. I was able to regroup and shake the nerves going into my second run and that really paid off. Being back in my hometown in front of my friends and family, I wanted to put together the best run I could possibly think of and get the win at home.” – Brandon Semenuk



This year’s brand new course design fused together elements of dirt jumping, slopestyle and classic North Shore mountain biking. Eighteen of the world’s best athletes held nothing back in front of a high energy crowd of more than 25,000 spectators, one of the largest turnouts for a single event in Whistler’s history. As the sun broke through the clouds, it was a rider’s slopestyle paradise as competitors threw down massive tricks and some unique lines on one of the longest slopestyle courses ever built, with twelve trickable features. “This year was definitely the best Joyride course yet, flowing really well and was lots of fun to ride” said Semenuk. “The features were a good size but not so big that you couldn’t do your biggest tricks”. The course catered more to technical riders than speed demons, allowing more time to set up for tricks and complete plenty of runs from top to bottom.



Video: A day in the Life of Cedric Gracia

With his home round of the UCI World Cup just finished, Cedric was keen to take us under his wing for a day and show us round.

His house is amazing, he works like a trooper in the gym and he’s got a Ferrari. Need we say more?! Oh yeah, watch out for the cameo appearance from Santa Cruz Bikes owner, Rob Roskopp, too.

Video: Into the Dirt of Mount Etna

Would you ride a bike down one of the world’s most active volcanoes? These guys would.

Towards the end of this year’s harsh winter a small band of brothers went in search of warmer slopes upon which to let loose on their big bikes.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 10.01.20 AM

And warmer slopes they found in the form of one of the world’s most active volcanoes, the infamous Mount Etna. Now listed as a world heritage site, Mount Etna has shaped the lives of those who live in its shadow, not to mention the terrain that team InFocus took as their home for a week.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 10.01.04 AM

Check out the epic accompanying photo story courtesy of Toby Cowley.