Video: Ronning’s Euro Adventure, part 3 – Riva Del Garda

Michael Ronning continues to make us green with envy as he trots around Europe riding and racing in some of the most spectacular locations imaginable. He’s just sent us this edit with an email that simply read, “YOU GUYS GOTTA GET TO THIS PLACE.” One day, Ronning, one day!

Ronning’s European Adventure – Episode 3 – Riva Del Garda from All Mountain Cartel on Vimeo.

Michael Ronning’s EWS photo diary, Final Day.

Enduro World Series Round Four La Thuile is complete. What a weekend, the whole thing was such an eye opener – a really amazing experience.  We had such a ball competing and riding in this part of the world, I met so many great people all out for the same thing.

I ended up 85th in Elite men which I was pretty happy with, before the race I thought maybe top 75 would be possible with a good weekend.  I really underestimated the amount of people I would have to pass on each stage.  Such a huge event and so professionally run with an Italian flavour and flair!


All in all an amazing trip, cant wait to do it again next year.  Thanks to Giant Bicycles and everyone else for their support and to Flow for helping me share this experience.
Ronning EWS 1
Toowoombas favourite son, Jared Graves. Didn’t quite have the weekend he was looking for. Still leaves La Thuile leading the EWS series.
Ronning EWS 3
What MTB story is complete without a pic of this guy, Allez Cedric…great to catch up after all these years!
Ronning EWS 5
Cant believe I pulled this out of a box two days before I left Australia, threw in a 160mm fork and boom just did four gruelling days and didn’t even put a tool to it!
Ronning EWS 6
Sunday afternoon legs
Ronning EWS 7
Podium and organisers.
Ronning EWS 8
Ian Harwood from QLD with Enduro superstar Jerome Clemenz, Chris Ball of EWS in the background. Not sure what Ian said, but looks like BS.
Ronning EWS 9
Josh Carlson, my old team mate and Giant mechanic Colin Bailey and myself enjoying post race festivities.
Ronning EWS 10
The sun setting over an amazing weekend, if anyone gets the chance to do one of these you wont be disappointed!
Ronning EWS 11
My team manager, camera crew, photographer, cheer squad and wife!


After party euro style!  It was LOUD!
After party euro style! It was LOUD!

Michael Ronning’s World Series Enduro Journey Begins

Day one of racing done and dusted…well not that there was any dust it was pretty damn muddy!  

What a humbling experience, with three huge stages with the first being over 10kms, taking me nearly 20 minutes! I managed to catch over 15 riders, making no new Italian friends, haha!


The track was pretty brutal after the whole womans field and 300+ riders in front of me had ripped their way down it. Getting to the start was hard enough with two chairlifts and a 40 minute climb in the rain! Stage two had us do a 45 minute climb plus a 20 minute hike-a-bike to the top of an amazing trail, with a mixture of taped open grass areas and steep singletrack.


Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 6.04.05 pm



Stage three ran pretty much from the top of the chairlifts which was nice and the track itself was pretty much a 15 minute full on downhill, so I was glad to see the finish line and a cold beer! Sitting in 90th, I just washed the bike and getting ready to do it all again tomorrow! 

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 6.05.42 pm
Rolling off to Stage 1 with a really pumping atmosphere and tunes from the Red Bull DJ blasting
Frother! Josh Carlson.
Feed zone Italian style!! Hot tea and cakes!
Well deserved beer with Ian Harwood from Australia.



Michael Ronning’s EWS photo diary

Michael Ronning of the Giant All Mountain Cartel is over in Europe right now, experiencing what racing the Enduro World Series is all about. After a quick stop in Finale Ligure (check out his edit great vid here) he’s now up in the Alps at La Thuile for round four of the EWS.

He just shot Flow a bunch of images from his first day on the mountain:

Ronning: “Holy [email protected]…talk about big mountains. I rode three of the six stages twice today – each stage has at least one thousand metres of vertical! Luckily all of these stages had chairlift access.  There are three more stages tomorrow, though we’re not so lucky with the chairlift, two of them have an hour and a half climb to the top!”

Ready to roll at my first EWS. 8 degrees in the village and it’s snowing at the top – pretty chilly for a Queenslander.
If you’re wondering what La Thuile, a little tiny town in northwest Italy, looks like, then this is it! Epic.
Today’s stages were all chair lifted – I was loving not having to pedal up 1000 metres of climbing each run. Tomorrow won’t be so lucky.
Up into the clouds and the snow we go.
Enjoying the La Thuile loam. I just hope my hands make it through the weekend.
8-inch rotors or go home! I turned up with smaller rotors and had smoke coming of my rear calliper after half a run! Haha.
8-inch rotors or go home! I turned up with smaller rotors and had smoke coming of my rear calliper after half a run! Haha.
Tim and Helen Flooks. I met these living legends in ’95 when they ran the Euro Rockshox race tech support. So great to see them again, now running SRAM’s euro enduro tech support.