24 Months of Insanity- The Best of Trail Ninja

From Afghanistan to Argentina and two dozen places in between, the Trail Ninja has brought havoc, pain, laughter and insight into the lives of a lot of mountain bikers. There’s only so much he can cram into a 5 minute episode, so here in all its glory are the fails, falls, out-takes and nonsense that was just too close to the edge of sanity to include in the series. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of the globe, Trail Ninja style. 24 Months Of Insanity – The Best Of Trail Ninja | Trail Ninja, Ep. 22


Finding Flowy Trails in Morocco with The Trail Ninja

When it comes to adventure mountain biking, it doesn’t get much more accessible than Morocco.

Only three hours from mainland Europe, budget flights to Marrakech are affordable and Morocco’s Atlas Mountains sit only a 40-minute taxi ride south of the city. De we mention that they’re full of easy-to-spot, fun, flowy trails. In this episode pro photographer Dan Milner shows you how easy it is to get yourself out to a village and riding the trails you see from your front door. A different language and culture make Morocco feel like an adventure but helpful, friendly locals keep you out of trouble. With all this going on Morocco is the perfect do-it-yourself bike adventure destination.
The Ultimate Mountain Bike Guide To Morocco | Trail Ninja, Ep. 21



Video: How to ride Enduro, with Fabien Barel and Dan Milner


In this episode of Trail Ninja Dan Milner tracks down the three-time downhill world champ turned enduro racer Fabien Barel. He’s not just going to hang out though. No, the ever inquisitive Dan wants to know how ride enduro better and Fabien is going to teach him. From proper stance and arm positioning to keeping speed through turns, Fabien explains all the basics that will help even the most rank amateurs get a handle on enduro racing. How to Ride Enduro with Fabien Barel | Trail Ninja, Ep. 12

Video: Trail Ninja in Gran Canaria

The Trail Ninja, Dan Milner is on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria to ride the punishing route of the Trans Gran Canaria running race. As if riding up, across and over the steep slopes of the island is not adventure enough, the Trail Ninja, Dan Milner, uses this MTB epic as an experiment to see which wheel size – 26, 27.5 or 29 inches – is best for mountain biking. One ring to rule them all? Three days of ultimate enduro riding delivers the result, sort of. All filmed on his GoPro camera.

Video: Trail Ninja in Sierra Espuña, Spain

Riding any new area is full of surprises. Trail Ninja gives you the heads-up on the pain and rewards of new trail-riding spots.

In this episode pro photographer and adventure chimp Dan Milner escapes winter and heads to southern Spain to see what secrets can be discovered in the Sierra Espuña, a lesser-known mountain bike paradise only an hour inland from the Costa Blanca’s boozy nighclubs.

He finds tech trails and big climbs all bathed in warm sunshine. He also makes a few new friends along the way. Fast, loose riding and questionable sexual antics follow. Sierra Espuña: An MTB Promised Land Beside Sodom and Gomorrah | Trail Ninja, Ep. 10