Video: Affected

“It’s not very often I get new things, but when I do it motivates to push myself even further, as it signifies a new chapter.”
“Now I know I’m no shredder but I do know how much I love riding bikes.”
“I wanted to, in essence, create a light-hearted approach to encapsulate how MTB has affected my life since my good mate finally gave me the bug. The way it haunts your every thought, how sometimes you wake up and don’t know if you were dreaming or if it really happened.”
“Obviously, I’ve a landed myself a new rig and safe to say I’m frothing buckets at the prospect of getting back to the trails.”
How are you affected?

Video: Slow Down

Fast food, fast cars, fast tracked, fast bikes…. Everything and everybody nowadays has to be fast. I still wonder why in our society we always apologise for our lack of speed?


I don’t consider myself a lazy man but I like to take my time.  When I am in a rush I usually make a lot of mistakes, in life and on my bike…

To escape the pressures of modern life I like to take my bike to the mountains, alone or with friends, and enjoy time without keeping any record, without a watch, back to basic needs, and simple pleasures…

My playground for my adventures is the Himalaya, east Nepal: Solukhumbu to be more precise. An ancient land still untouched by mass tourism and definitely the best place that I’ve ridden.  When you ride the trails you can’t help thinking that the people who built them thought that mountain bikers would come here one day, they are so much fun to ride.

The ultimate place on this trip is Pikey peak, 4050 meters high. Here you can enjoy the view of 8 summits over 8000m high :  Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest), Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Annapurna, Lhotse…. they are all here and just for you.

B69A0559 B69A0426 mountain bike nepal holidays trip donwhill

Standing there in front of these giants, admiring the sunrise gives you a priceless feeling of immensity, a simple pleasure that cannot be measured by time.

To reach this summit takes 3 days, pedalling 3 days for a downhill!!  I’ve already heard many riders used to lifts protesting about the practice of this kind of torture.  Quantity and quality are two very different and separate things.

On this journey we pass through local villages where you can see that the use and value of time is very different than the one people experience in our modern societies.

B69A1367 B69A0517

The rhythm of the day is still dictated by the sun, by the season, and a watch is a very small insignificant object. Here time is flexible.

These trips to the mountains really make me realise we need to slow down.

B69A0803 B69A0534 B69A0442 B69A0735

Video: Trail Hunter – Sun Valley

Matt Hunter and his friends plan a trip every year to reconnect and ride.

This year, the group elected to meet in the Sawtooth Range outside of Sun Valley, Idaho. Few places embody the heart of the American West like the Sawtooth. Rugged, wild, and ever changing, it’s the perfect place to crack a beer, earn your rides, and laugh with great friends when it’s over.

Stacy Kohut: Whistler 4-Wheel Shredding

If you’ve ever watched any of the older New World Disorder films, there’s a good chance you would’ve seen footage of Stacy Kohut, ruling the trails of Whistler… in his four-wheeler.

You see, Stacy suffered a broken back in his teens, but that hasn’t slowed him down. He’s a Paralympic skier, he rules a half pipe, and he rips trails on his full-suspension wheelchair like most riders can only dream of. He’s been at it for a while now, but his riding just keeps getting better.

Underground Shredding: Riding The Mine

While large chunks of North America have been getting hammered by snow storms (which apparently is the cue for every bike brand to release a Fat Bike on snow video…), Rob J from Canyon takes a different approach, heading subterranean.

The Mine is a fully-fledged underground bike park in Louisville, Kentucky. Don’t forget to charge your lights!

Video: The Kiwis – MacDonald and Brannigan

Trek World Racing are heading into the 2015 World Cup downhill season with an all-out Kiwi assault, with two of the fastest and most balls-out riders on the planet on the books, both of whom call New Zealand home.

It’s always amazing, and kind of terrifying, watching Brooke MacDonald ride as he hangs off the bike, letting it plough through anything dumb enough to get in his way. George Brannigan’s style is little, shall we say, lighter, but just as quick. Take a look at a bit of a re-cap of some 2014 highlights, and as Brooke and George rip it up at home in preparation for the 2015 season.


Queenstown and Wanaka: Top of the Pile

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 58

This place is almost too easy to fall in love with; the setting is breathtaking, the town has a buzzing, outdoorsy vibe, it’s big enough to have all the facilities, small enough to get around without a car… And it has an absolute tonne of world class mountain biking right on its doorstep.

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 8

We spent four days getting just a sniff of what this place has to offer. It’d be overstating things to claim we even scratched the surface of all the riding, but we did get enough of taste to make us wonder why the hell we, and other Australian mountain bikers, aren’t making this trip an annual journey.

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 70

A gondola-lifted bike park, heli-biking galore, superb shuttled riding, endless backcountry epics, the best dirt jumps going, and it’s all just three hours flight from the east coast. So enjoy the vid, soak up the images, and begin making some plans to get your family, your mates, your crew across to Queenstown.


Skyline MTB Park is literally on top of town - the gondola runs from just 100m from the main street.
Skyline MTB Park is literally on top of town – the gondola runs from just 100m from the main street.
Another perfect corner. Get used to them!
Another perfect corner. Get used to them!

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 54

There's a real variety of trails in the Skyline MTB Park, from the buff and groomed, to the steep and loose.
There’s a real variety of trails in the Skyline MTB Park, from the buff and groomed, to the steep and loose.

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 53

Rude Rock is one of many killer shuttle-able trails that run from Coronet Peak, about 20-mins outside of Queenstown.
Rude Rock is one of many killer shuttle-able trails that run from Coronet Peak, about 20-mins outside of Queenstown.
Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 10
Oh god.
Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 20
Scenic much? Rude Rock is an incredible trail.

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 15


Wanaka, about an hour from Queenstown, might be the prettiest town in existence.
Wanaka, about an hour from Queenstown, might be the prettiest town in existence.
The Millennium Track is a 30km out-and-back along the shores of Lake Wanaka, with views like this the entire time.
The Millennium Track is a 30km out-and-back along the shores of Lake Wanaka, with views like this the entire time.
More Millennium magic.
More Millennium magic.
No trip to Queenstown would be complete without flashing (and riding) the Shotover Jet maniac canyon boats.
No trip to Queenstown would be complete without flashing (and riding) the Shotover Jet maniac canyon boats.
Dropping in! The Shotover Canyon Swing is classic fun. Terrifyingly classic fun.
Dropping in! The Shotover Canyon Swing is classic fun. Terrifyingly classic fun.

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 91

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 95

Queenstown is also home to one the most famed dirt jump parks on the planet, the Gorge Rd Jump Park.
Queenstown is also home to one the most famed dirt jump parks on the planet, the Gorge Rd Jump Park.

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 126

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 125

No trip to Queenstown would be complete without some heli-biking. Greg from Fat Tyre Adventures guided us for a run down Crown Peak. Mammoth stuff!
No trip to Queenstown would be complete without some heli-biking. Greg from Fat Tyre Adventures guided us for a run down Crown Peak. Mammoth stuff!
Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 98
Greg’s done approximately 500,445,499 heli-biking trips, he’s your man.
This is the kind of elevation you get with a chopper. Save your energy for the descent.
This is the kind of elevation you get with a chopper. Save your energy for the descent.
Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 30
The lower reaches of the Crown Peak heli-drop take in some 100+ year old mining trails that cling to the canyon walls.

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 106
Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 28

Flow Mountain Bike - Queenstown and Wanaka 57
Cheers, Queenstown! It’s been special, let’s do it again soon.

Keen to do this trip yourself? We recommend:

Air New Zealand for direct flights and staff who’ll look after your bike like they own it.

Skyline MTB Park for some kick-arse trails.

Vertigo Bikes for quality bike hire and excellent guiding.

Fat Tyre Adventures for a variety of incredible heli-biking trips.

Queenstown Bike Taxis for all your shuttle services.

Pinewood Lodge for the great bike-friendly rooms, right next to the Skyline gondola.

Edgewater Resort for the great rooms in Wanaka.

Shotover Jet, Shotover Canyon Swing and the Skyline Luge for a break from the bikes.





Danny Hart chats 2015


After speculation both online and in the uplift queue it was confirmed last week that Danny Hart would be riding for MS Mondraker in 2015. Danny is part of the World Champions club and he took the stripes back to Redcar at 19 years old, the same age Nico Vouilloz took his first Elite Worlds title in 1995. Everyone remembers his 2011 win, I do, I was there. In the pissing rain, neck straining up at that hillside in Champéry. Spagnolo thought he had it in the bag but a cracked whip at the end of that now infamous run sank his hopes, Hart had done it but there is more to Danny than 11.699 seconds.

Since 2011 he’s come very close, 2.076 seconds to be precise, to winning a World Cup and we headed north to find out if his new team for 2015 could be the missing ingredient needed to bring that elusive result.


Whistler’s Finest, with Claire Buchar

Claire Buchar has a pretty sweet life. She spends half her year in one of the world’s mountain biking meccas, Whistler BC, then rather than dealing with the Canadian winter, she heads for the Australian sun. In this episode Claire heads out on her trail bike to show off some of the area’s famous loamy trails. But let’s be honest, when you are near a bike park as choice as Whistler’s it’s hard to resists taking a few runs. Claire finishes the video on some fast, flowy park trails with huge features.

Must-Ride: Falls Creek, Victoria

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 120

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 12

This is just the second season that Falls Creek has been up and running with its new trail network, and already they’ve got more than enough quality trail in place to put themselves on the map in a region where mountain bikers are truly spoilt for choice. World Trail, the same team responsible for the magic of Mt Buller, have been handed the shovels at Falls Creek, so the calibre of the trails certainly aren’t in question. Think of the best bits of Buller, but closer to the village, and more easily accessed – because the Falls Creek resort has a ‘bowl’ layout, with the village at the bottom, a burger is never too far away.

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 195
The trails are right above the village. A beer is always close at hand.
Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 142
World Trail have made the most of the natural features, like these big rock rollers.

They’ve already got four trails in place – two cross country trails which begin right in the village, and two descending trails that can either be ridden to, or shuttled with the help of the guys at Blue Dirt Mountain Biking. Between all four, there’s more than enough riding to keep you going for a full day, and once the whole lot is completed, taking on all the trails at Falls will be a multi-day affair.

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 151
Cracking berms? Tick.

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 158 Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 125

But the bike park is only one feather in Falls’ cap, and the alpine trails across the Bogong High Plains are something pretty special too. The whole region is criss-crossed with aqueducts that feed water into the hydro-electricty plant, following the gradual contours terrain. Alongside each watercourse runs a fire trail, and there’s near endless exploring to be done, with huts along the way if you’re keen on an overnighter.

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 186
Backcountry huts dot the plains.

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 175 Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 77 Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 29

The Fainters Track is another must-do backcountry ride, descending from Falls all the way to the valley floor at Mt Beauty. This 40km ride is one of the best out going; it’s a tough half-day affair, real, raw mountain biking at its finest. Leg burning climbs, eye-popping views and brake cooking descents. You’d be mad to ride Falls Creek and not give this one a try while you’re there.

Already a must-ride destination, we’re looking forward to re-visiting Falls over the coming years as even more of the vision for this beautiful spot is rolled out.

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 102
High on Fainters Track. Way in the distance is the Kiewa Valley, where the ride finishes up at Mt Beauty.
Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 24
Blue Dirt Mountain Biking are the crew to handle all your shuttling needs at Falls Creek.
Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 25
There’s a lot of hand-ravaging descending on the Fainters Track!

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 83 Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 35


Snow lands Apartments – Big, roomy apartments, right in the heart of the village. Just metres to the trails!


Last Hoot Pizzeria – Generous and well-priced pizza, pasta and other suitably rider-fuelling food.

Stingray, QT Hotel – The sunniest deck in the village, perfect for lunch or mid-morning coffee.

Shuttles and guiding:

Blue Dirt Mountain Biking – these the only guys you need speak to for all your shuttling and guiding services in Falls Creek. Not only will the whisk you to the top, but they know all the backcountry trails like the back of their hands. Give them a bell to get the most out of this place.

Flow Nation Mount Beauty-Falls Creek 41

Flow's Holiday Must-Ride Video Playlist

Time for a mountain bike holiday? Looking for some inspiration? We’ve got over an hour and forty minutes of great destinations from across Australia and New Zealand right here for you! Travelling with your bike and exploring new places is, for us, one of the real joys of mountain biking. So settle in, grab a beer, and starting planning a trip for you and your mates to some of the amazing trails our region has to offer.



Video: Cannonball MTB Festival Wrap Up

The 2014 Cannonball MTB Festival at Thredbo again attracted its fair share of weather. Last year, it was snow, this time around rain and lightning came into the mix and shut down Saturday’s racing. Despite the compressed timeframe this gave racing, the event was again a huge success. Thredbo just makes for great racing! Make sure you check out Damian Breach’s photo galleries each day of the event too:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Read the official word from Thredbo below.


The Toyota Cannonball Festival in Thredbo this weekend saw some of the world’s best mountain bike riders mix it up with Mother Nature’s most extreme weather on Australia’s famous downhill all racing for their share of the $45,000 prize pool on offer.

(c) Tim Bardsley-Smith

Blending mud, a mountain and adrenalin certainly created exciting racing across the weekend with over 300 riders ascending to Thredbo for a weekend of gravity fuelled battles across five big events.

Rain postponed Saturday’s racing, making Sunday one massive downhill day. The headliner event the Australian Open Downhill had the crowd on the edge of seat right up to the last rider of the day. Young Thredbo MTB rider Andrew Crimmins pulled out the ride of his life and smashed the 3.5km course in an unbeatable time of 5 mins 17 secs just ahead of his brother Thomas, with 5 x world champion Sam Hill in third place. But it was the Bredbo brothers and Thredbo MTB riders Thomas and Andrew who had the crowd on their feet elated with the local win.

(c) Tim Bardsley-Smith

“I had an amazing run, conditions were pretty wild all weekend but the track turned it on this afternoon, so it was pretty well perfect for my race run.

“I’ve been racing here for 6 or 7 years so it’s pretty handy to know where I can make up time” said Andrew.

In the pro women’s division, hot favourite junior World Champion Tegan Molloy took a heavy fall in practice and could not defend her crown. Tracey Hannah picked up top prize with Sarah Booth and Kellie Weinert placed second and third respectively.

(c) Tim Bardsley-Smith

The Flow Motion Cup started above the clouds with both local and international riders racing the five kilometre Kosciuszko Flow Trail course in cracking times, considering the early wet track.

Mud was a menace for some, while others revelled in the conditions. Thredbo MTB rider Thomas Crimmins used his local knowledge to pick the best lines and pick up first place in the pro men’s division. Sarah Booth stood high on the winner’s podium in the women’s pro category winning by the narrowest of margins, 1.5 seconds over Claire Whiteman.

(c) Tim Bardsley-Smith

Friday’s warm sunny conditions were ideal for the ODI Dual Compressor that saw dirt raising head to head action, the quickest out of the drop gate held the advantage.

In the pro division Graeme Mudd won the battle of the bikes and Harriet Burbridge-Smith racing over in front in the pro women’s event, just ahead of Thredbo MTB rider Tegan Molloy.

The Rock Shox Pump Track Challenge, had a mix of young guns and old dogs hitting the rain soaked, free-rolling technical track. Pro men’s set a blistering pace with Blake Neilson narrowly edging out Thredbo MTB rider David McMillan and Ryan Hunt in third.

It was a parade of women’s world champs with BMX and MTB star Caroline Buchanan styling it up on the muddy circuit and taking the win, Danni Beecroft rolled into second and Tegan Molloy showing she is a quality all-rounder taking third place.

“It was first Cannonball event in Thredbo, and it was a huge success. Minus the weather, mountain bike lovers of all ages trooped it out. Winning the Rock Shox Pump Track Challenge was my highlight of the weekend. The changes made to the mountain biking in Thredbo was really refreshing and a great vibe all round” said Caroline Buchanan

A fun new twist for 2014 event is points from each event will be tallied to crown the King and Queen of the mountain in the Pro Division, the higher you place, the more you score. This year Thomas Crimmins and Kellie Weinert were officially placed into Cannonball royalty.

Beyond the Bike, with Cam Zink

All my learning experiences, I learned the hard way. And that has definitely shaped how I ride….  I don’t love to crash, but I see that crashing is just part of getting what I want

Cam Zink is one of those riders who have spearheaded the progression of mountain biking over the past decade. He’s created some of the most memorable moments in mountain biking; who will ever forget when his 360 off the Oakley Sender at Red Bull Rampage? That move alone pushed mountain biking into a place it’d never been before. In this episode of Beyond the Bike, we get a look at the man and what his life’s like when he’s not 40-foot off the ground, upside down.





Local Video: Spring Equinox

This video still holds the title as the most feel-good mountain bike clip we’ve watched. It’s a few years old now, but there’s just something about it. It was filmed, edited and ridden by Pete Walsh (AKA Digital Hippie – check out his great site here) on the trails around Castlemaine.

Pete Walsh: “Heya, here’s a little video I’ve made — it’s been a wee labor of love the last month or so. I guess it’s about the Spring wildflowers, magpies and mountain biking… or it could be about a mid 40’s guy having yet another immensely enjoyable mid life crisis. Humor a hippie and watch it. If you think the video sucks, close your eyes and just enjoy the music — Old Pine by Ben Howard — it’s groovy music!”

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.24.40 pm

Video: Gravity Enduro at Narbethong

The ENVE Victorian Gravity Enduro series has proven to be the biggest hit since The Beatles, attracting hordes of gravity enduro racers across Victoria. The latest round was at Narbethong, and we reckon the trails look like a heap of fun, both in the dry and in the wet.

ENVE Victorian Gravity Enduro presented by My Mountain & Schwalbe – Narbethong Round 3 from Liam Renaut on Vimeo.


Jaw-some Stuff: Jaws Freerides the Black Mountains of France

There’s nothing quite like some high-quality on-the-bike footage to help you appreciate how gnarly big mountain riding can be. This video, with plenty of chest-mounted camera work, nails it.

We followed Bartek “Jaws” Krzyszton to the Black Hills in France, one of the best freeride spots in Europe. Miles away from any form of civilization, the men spent days sleeping in tents so they could fully explore this mountain bike haven. Their days were spent filming and watching Jaws dig and ride his bike in a completely pure freeride environment unlike any other. He was not afraid to go big, fast, nor steep and they have the footage to prove it. Jaws Freeriding The Remote Black Hills Of France | Jawsome, Ep. 2

Video: Tracing Dirt

The lush, loamy green of the Squamish Valley is in its prime right now – come for a rip with two of Intense’s Cycles North American shredders, Bryden Rigets and Dexter Robson.

20141019201 20141019202


From the video’s creator: “Dense understory environments blanket the mountainsides of the Squamish valley. These environments harbor a multitude of life and a vestige of trails nestled neatly around Alice Lake. Rolling fog, sporadic rain, and reoccurring cloud cover create opportune moments in time to capture on film.

Fall has crept into view, allowing Dexter Robson and Bryden Rigets a chance to experience arguably the best seasonal conditions for mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest.”


Must-Ride: Meehan Range, Hobart

While we mainlanders have been making cruel (and basically untrue, of course) jokes about Tasmanians for years, it’s now their turn to laugh at us. Because when it comes to mountain biking, Tasmania is storming ahead of the rest of Australia in the trails-to-population ratio. Tasmania Flow Nation 114

The first part of our whirlwind trip to Tassie was spent unwrapping the brand new parcel of singletrack love that is the Hollybank Mountain Bike Park. Watch the video and read all about this fantastic new development here. Stop number two was in Hobart, or more specifically, the rabbit warren of great trails on the Meehan Range on the eastern shore of the River Derwent. On these steep slopes, a combination of professional trail builders and passionate volunteers have stitched together a network of over 30km of trails, which have now become the backbone of the Hobart riding scene. Tasmania Flow Nation 94 Slotted neatly in alongside the Tasman Highway, these trails bring mountain biking right up to the edge of suburban development; they’re the perfect example of what can be achieved when you have a council which ‘gets it’. Rather than driving the sport into the depths of some far flung state forest, Clarence City Council has encouraged the development of the network within a stone’s throw of backyard Hills Hoists. While we were there, we ran into every possible variant of mountain biker, from racers on a training ride through to groups of kids out for school sport, so the ethos of accessibility is obviously working, and it’s attracting droves of new riders. “Even a year ago, the carparks at the trailheads where typically empty,” says Simon French of Dirt Art, “whereas now you’re lucky to find a park even on a weekday.”

Tasmania Flow Nation 101
Local pinner Ben Bradley of the Target Trek racing team. A lot of fast riders come out of Tassie.

Tasmania Flow Nation 89 Tasmania Flow Nation 159 It’s already an incredible playground, with an interesting mix of hand built singletrack, intermingled with machine-built flow trail. The network is also home to arguably the nicest view of Hobart you can reach on your bike, with cliff top trails offering you a beautiful outlook over the city, Mt Wellington providing an imposing backdrop. But as good as the current web of trails may be, it’s the proposed master plan being championed by local trail builders Dirt Art which has the potential to cement Hobart as the premiere mountain bike-friendlly capital city in Australia.

Tasmania Flow Nation 126
Looking back east from town over the river towards the Meehan Range.
Tasmania Flow Nation 97
The view from the cliff top trails back over Hobart is truly awesome.

In a nutshell, the Meehan Range Strategic Trail Plan seeks to consolidate and formalise the best bits of the existing network, and add up to 70km of new trail, bringing the proposed total up to a staggering 100km of dedicated mountain bike trails, all within a five-minute drive of the CBD. “The plan provides a range of iconic longer distance rides, while also offering a number of flow and technical all-mountain descents,” says Simon French. With mountain biking already booming in Hobart, if the entire strategic plan is realised in full, we could be looking at Australia’s own version of Rotorua, without a word of exaggeration – lucky then that the master plan contains expanded carpark and event centre facilities, because we get the feeling they’ll be needed! Tasmania Flow Nation 151 Tasmania Flow Nation 170 Tasmania Flow Nation 107 Tasmania Flow Nation 90

Video: Nomadic Dreams

After years of making films in Nepal we decided to have a holiday and switch it up! So after the kind invitation of our friend Christopher Giercke who owns the Genghis Khan Polo Club we went off to the wilds of Mongolia.

We went searching for singletrack as all mountain bikers do, but we found something else. We found a nomadic culture where the horse rules, a beautiful peaceful land with no visible boundaries, and a past of great warriors and vast empires that echo’s all around you. We found our Nomadic Dreams.

Riding by Tangi and as always support from Commencal. We don’t organise trips to Mongolia but if you’d like to mountain bike in Nepal check out


Shuttle Rewind: A Kuranda Retrospective

“Shuttle Rewind” is a retrospective look at downhill mountain bike culture in Tropical North Queensland, in particular the Kuranda Downhill Track.

Generations of riders have cut their teeth on the track, including Michael Hannah who set the long standing record for the most runs in one day (70) and went on to becoming a world class downhill competitor. The story follows Ryhlee Herd, an indigenous teen who has grown up in Kuranda and from the age of 12 started riding the Kuranda Downhill track. Rhylee makes a special pilgrimage along the paths of his ancestors through traditional Djuabugandji land where he meets Ben Bramham, who was an instrumental figure in shaping downhill mountain biking in Cairns and the world when they re-opened the Kuranda Track in the late 80’s and started racing on the track in 1991.

Kuranda Shuttle Rewind-3 Kuranda Shuttle Rewind-8

Shuttle Rewind pays homage to the traditional owners of the land as well the pioneers of mountain biking and the many waves of riders who have ridden the track for the last 2 Decades. The boom box painting and reference through the film pays respects to the crew who created the legendary Mudcows series, planting the Cairns downhill mountain culture into the psyche of riders around the world.

Kuranda Shuttle Rewind-7

Kuranda Shuttle Rewind-6

A word from the director, Landon Stroud

“As a born and bred cairns local who grew up riding the Kuranda Downhill track, I relished the opportunity to make this film as it is very close to my heart.

The Kuranda Downhill track has spawned hundreds, even thousands of stories from riders all around the world. This film represents just a few of these stories.

The history and culture of downhill mountain biking in Cairns needs to be documented and preserved and looking forward we need to make sure generations to come have the chance to make their own stories on the Kuranda Downhill track.

Kuranda Shuttle Rewind-4

After curating the Cairns Adventure Film Festival, and judging the entries, the films which stood out the most and which tended to get people talking were the films with emotive story lines.

I truly believe that if we want to sell Cairns and the Tropical North Queensland as a downhill mountain bike destination we need to focus on the rich culture (scene) we have. I think that telling great stories will pique the interest in riders from around the world ad be more likely an influential factor in their decision as to where their next MTB destination trio will take them.

The locations, cane fields, old can barracks, barron river, Kuranda Rail, Barron Gorge have all been carefully chosen to truly give the film a heritage value and genuine Queenslander aesthetic. By choosing such iconic locations, we have tried to subtly promote the regions natural assets. Shuttle Rewind represents everyone who has been a part of this culture in Cairns for the last 25 years.”

To check out more about the journey and for all the behind-the-scenes action, head to

Kuranda Shuttle Rewind-2 Kuranda Shuttle Rewind-9 Kuranda Shuttle Rewind-10


Video: Lapierre’s e:i Suspension System Explained

Lapierre’s unique electronic ‘intelligent’ suspension system is not an easy concept to explain – it all makes a lot more sense when you actually ride a bike equipped with this system. Fortunately here at Flow we’ve had plenty of trail time on a wide range of e:i equipped bikes – including reviews of the Zesty 314 e:i, the Zesty AM 927 and more.

For 2015, Lapierre have greatly simplified the operation of the e:i system, ridding it of the unnecessary display unit and bar-mounted mode adjuster. You can read more about the changes to the system here.

Even still, Lapierre have clearly realised that explaining the e:i system in mere words is a bit of a task, and so they’ve just released this great vid that does a really good job of explaining what it’s all about and how it works.


Lapierre // e:i Shock Auto from Lapierre Bikes on Vimeo.

This Is Peaty – WC Track Design, 27.5″ Testing and 16″ Racing!

Lenzerheide is a new World Cup Round for 2015 and for years to come apparently… Being a part of the track development is a new and exciting venture for Peaty, but does he feel the pressure to come through and provide the riders fans alike with a memorable course?

Steve has been down about his last couple of results, so it was amazing that all his sponsors pulled together in time to create a new bike for him to ‘find his flow’ again… Smaller wheels and a rigid rear end means you’re at one with the bike and have a lower centre of gravity which = more grip. Honest.

On a serious note though, who doesn’t want a V16 to mess around on?!

There’s been talk for a while now of a new bike for the Syndicate… Most of the top teams and riders have been on 27.5 wheels for a while now, so as a natural progression it was only time until the team was going to be rolling on bigger wheels…

Check out some exclusive first ride footage from out in Livigno during a test session with the full Santa Cruz team and Fox Suspension.

All this and more in this months episode of This Is Peaty!

Video: Ronning’s Euro Adventure, part 3 – Riva Del Garda

Michael Ronning continues to make us green with envy as he trots around Europe riding and racing in some of the most spectacular locations imaginable. He’s just sent us this edit with an email that simply read, “YOU GUYS GOTTA GET TO THIS PLACE.” One day, Ronning, one day!

Ronning’s European Adventure – Episode 3 – Riva Del Garda from All Mountain Cartel on Vimeo.

Must-Ride: Cairns and the Tropical North

Flow Nation Gorrell Track 29

But for Australian mountain bikers, that pilgrimage is to Cairns. This tropical paradise in Queensland’s northern reaches is the sweaty, un-tamed birthplace of mountain biking in Australia. It’s where our sport bloomed, where the limits were pushed and incredible talents grew quickly like sugar cane in the rich volcanic soils.

Flow headed not just to Cairns, but we mapped out a rough plan to explore some of the riding in broader region too. It turns out that while the nation’s mountain bikers have been focused elsewhere, the local contingent have been working harder than the bed springs in a Cairns backpackers – this place is officially going off!

Join us for a three-day razz around the region as we get a taste of the trails on offer at Smithfield, Mareeba, Atherton and the Cassowary Coast – three incredible areas all within a short distance of Cairns. Watch the vid, get your froth on, then head to for more info.


Read more about our time in Smithfield here.





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Read more about the riding in Mareeba right here.



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See more shots from Atherton and learn more here, or watch a video all about the trails here.



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Learn more about riding the Gorrell Track right here.

Mission Beach at sunrise

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Wait-a-while vine. It'll stop you better than any four-piston brake.
Wait-a-while vine. It’ll stop you better than any four-piston brake.

Video: One of the most inspiring trails in existence

If you only spend five minutes on the ‘net today, make sure it’s spent watching this. This has to be one of the most incredible trails we’ve ever seen, and the riding is amazing too.

What does your dream trail look like? Does it include loam-filled forests, steep terrain, huge rock slabs, and mountains all set against a beautiful ocean backdrop? In this episode of In the Dirt watch Pat Foster navigate one of the world’s most inspiring trails, hidden in the great Howe Sound of British Columbia. The filmmakers are calling it the Natural Line and it’s a screamer. Pat Foster Rides One Of The World’s Most Inspiring Trails | In the Dirt, Ep.

Local Video: Riding the Milkmaid, Queensland

This trail looks incredible! What’s more, we didn’t even know it existed! How many more gems like this must be hidden across the country, just waiting for your tyres…

Milkmaid. The final edit. from Riley Taylor on Vimeo.

The Milkmaid is located in Wooroi National Park, just outside Noosa in Queensland. Cheers to the local crew for sending this edit over. Have you got a cool local video to share with us? Get in touch via Facebook and let us know.

Video: Lars Sternberg gets his braaaap on!

This is a vid for any of you out there who’ve made motorbike noises while you’re on the trails! Lars Sternberg rips apart some slippery, rooty, loamy wündertrails with his new FOX 36 leading the way.

We’re not sure where these trails are (maybe Washington state?) but, man, get us there. They remind us a lot of the trails in this vid with Luke Strobel too.

Bombing through Bratislava with Marcelo Gutierrez

Get on board with urban downhill dominator Marcel Gutierrez for a short blast through Bratislava. The speed at which he launches into a tight set of stairs at around 1:09 is completely mental.

And how easy does it look to put on one of these events?! Close a few streets, a couple of crash pads, some timber and scaffolding and away you go! We’re looking forward to hearing how things go over at Albany, WA when they hold what might be Australia’s first ‘legit’ urban downhill race.

Video: Team Polygon UR at EWS Round 3, Valloire

EWS Valloire – Polygon UR – Race Video from UR Team on Vimeo.

The Polygon UR team are absolutely all over it, getting these great team edits out faster than cheeseburgers at a drive-thru.

It’s really cool to see behind the scenes of the EWS – we’re all obviously very familiar with the downhill circuit, so it’s interesting to get inside the minds and lives of riders on the Enduro circuit too.

The new Polygons that the team are all on look good too! Hopefully we can wrangle a review on one shortly.


Must-Ride: Orange, NSW

With a passionate club, super active trail builders, all-year riding weather, regular race meets, properly equipped bike shops and a healthy cycling vibe throughout town, it’s got all the foundations to grow into one of the leading regional mountain bike destinations in Australia.

Flow Nation Orange 42
Rodney Farrell. Local mountain bike agitator.

Over the years we’ve made many a trip west to spend some time on the singletrack that laces its way through the pines of Kinross State Forest, though we’d never found the time to explore beyond the confines of the 25km Kinross network. But in recent months, local mountain bike stalwart Rodney Farrell has been in our ear, with near-weekly phone calls: “Guys, you have got to come ride Mount Canobolas. We’ll do some proper mountain biking, on a proper mountain.”

Flow Nation Orange 33
Hold me back!

Lately, the excitement in Rodney’s voicemails had begun to reach a fever pitch, and with good reason.

The determined voices of a few visionaries with the Central West Off Road Bike Club had captured the ear of Orange City Council and a seed was planted. Pointing to the hugely positive impact that mountain biking has had on towns like Forrest and Atherton – and the huge numbers of riders travelling to destinations such as Mt Buller – the CWORBC crew began to spell out their vision for Orange: a dedicated and large-scale mountain bike park on the slopes of the Mt Canobolas.

Flow Nation Orange 38

Canobolas lies just outside of Orange, overlooking the town from a towering 1430 metres above sea level. It’s a deceptively massive mountain – the rolling surrounds leave you unaware of its bulk – but when you find yourself on its peak, as we did one chilly morning, the scale is awe-inspiring. The terrain is incredible too, with ridge lines sprawling in all directions, huge granite outcrops, gorgeous native bush and endless swathes of pine. In short, its the kind of canvas that trail builders can only dream of.

“You’ve got to come out here and see the potential,” Rodney urged us. And so we loaded up the Flow Mobile, packed the knee warmers, and headed west once again.

Flow Nation Orange 7
Canobolas. It’s big. very big.

Rodney was right. Mount Canobolas is potential defined. In just a few hours, we rode all kinds of awesome trails – from flat-out fireroads, to steep chutes, to jump-riddled descents through the pines. But what got us most excited wasn’t the stuff we rode, but the stuff we could imagine riding in the future. The sheer scope of Canobolas gets your mind spinning with possibilities.

All the boxes are ticked: Incredible terrain; an established riding community; a pre-existing reputation as a mountain bike destination; great weather; proximity to a capital city; plenty of accommodation; stuff for a family to do; bike shops… The only thing needed now is a council to push the go button and trail builders to put shovel to soil.

If the Canobolas Trail Project goes ahead, it’s no exaggeration to say we believe that Orange could become Australia’s own version of Rotorua. Here’s to putting the Can in Canobolas!

Flow Nation Orange 26

Flow Nation Orange 19
Lake Conobolas.

Flow Nation Orange 40 Flow Nation Orange 24 Flow Nation Orange 20

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Flow Nation Orange 2 (1)

Flow Nation Orange 1
See you again soon, Canobolas!

Video: Louis Hamilton shreds Rotorua

Louis Hamilton 2014 from In The Frame on Vimeo.


Rotorua’s Louis Hamilton is an awesome rider to watch in action – he skims and bounces where other riders smash, barely seeming to touch the ground. As he rolls on into his second year in Elite, he’s looking to make his presence known on the World Cup circuit. But in this vid, he’s back on home turf, riding the pines, roots and ruts of Rotorua’s legendary Taniwha downhill.

Flow was lucky enough to spend some time on the trails with Louis in Rotorua last year too, when we filmed the Rotorua Top Ten Trails series.

[embedvideo id=”” website=”youtube”]



Video: Port to Port MTB, course preview

Now it’s the east coast’s time, the same crew will bring us four days of racing, from Port Stephens, to the Port of Newcastle, NSW in May 2014. From the rolling sandy trails around Nelson Bay, out to the rugged mountain ranges above the Hunter Valley and the fast run into Newcastle, it’s sure to be a great ride. And a real adventure, exactly what we love about stage racing.

In its inaugural year, Flow journeys up to the region to find out exactly what the race planned on taking in, the trails, the region the scenes and off the bike activities.

What are our thoughts? It’s a challenge, in a beautiful setting.

So, play the video and soak in the images as we paint the picture of how this event will take you through some very fine country, this May. See you there.

More details here.









Feature_PortToPortMTB0005 Feature_PortToPortMTB0003 Feature_PortToPortMTB0002 Feature_PortToPortMTB0001 Feature_PortToPortMTB0004


























Video: How to ride Enduro, with Fabien Barel and Dan Milner


In this episode of Trail Ninja Dan Milner tracks down the three-time downhill world champ turned enduro racer Fabien Barel. He’s not just going to hang out though. No, the ever inquisitive Dan wants to know how ride enduro better and Fabien is going to teach him. From proper stance and arm positioning to keeping speed through turns, Fabien explains all the basics that will help even the most rank amateurs get a handle on enduro racing. How to Ride Enduro with Fabien Barel | Trail Ninja, Ep. 12