World Cup DH Final: Highlights & Aussie Results from Val di Sole

Finals Highlights

Women’s Final

Italian Eleonora Farina finished in 5th in Val di Sole
Injury hampered Rachel Atherton’s continued domination this year. 4th in Val di Sole also saw her take 4th in the overall
Myriam Nicole ‘only’ needed a 4th place finish to secure the overall title. Her 2nd at Val di Sole cemented her series win.
Tahnee Seagrave’s win in Val di Sole made her the winningest rider of the series, however, her three wins weren’t enough to beat Myriam’s consistency in the overall.
As the fastest qualifier, Tracey Hannah was the last woman down the hill. She couldn’t match Seagraves splits and finished 3rd, seeing her step back to 3rd in the overall.
Val di Sole Final Women’s podium: Rachel Atherton, Myriam Nicole, Tahnee Seagrave, Tracey Hannah (AUS), Eleonora Farina

Watch Tahnee Seagrave’s winning run

Men’s Final

Qualifying 6th, Amaury Pierron’s 2nd place was a career best finish for the Frenchman
France’s Loris Vergier was the fastest rider on the first half of the track, losing time at the third and fourth splits seeing him finish in 4th at Val di Sole and 5th in the overall
Even Loic Bruni couldn’t beat Pierron’s blinding time. Bruni finished 3rd securing him 4th overall.

Greg Minnaar’s series lead disintegrated with his rear wheel after blowing his tyre off the rim early in his run.
Troy Brosnan’s 4th place in qualifying slimmed his chances of taking the overall. His 5th at the final round appeared to see him finishing 3rd overall until top seeded Minnaar’s mechanical knocked himself back to 3rd, handing Gwin the overall with Brosnan in 2nd.
Aaron Gwin railing the final corner on his way to the win at Val di Sole, and securing the overall World Cup Champion title
Val di Sole men’s podium: Loris Vergier, Amaury Pierron, Aaron Gwin, Loic Bruni and Troy Brosnan (AUS)

Watch Aaron Gwin’s winning run

Val di Sole Results

1. Tahnee Seagrave GBR
2. Myriam Nicole FRA
3. Tracey Hannah AUS
4. Rachel Atherton GBR
5. Eleonora Farina ITA

1. Aaron Gwin USA
2. Amaury Pierron FRA
3. Loic Bruni FRA
4. Loris Vergier FRA
5. Troy Brosnan AUS

10. Jack Moir AUS
53. Dean Lucas AUS
65. Jackson Frew AUS
67. Graeme Mudd AUS

Junior Men
1. Finn Iles CAN
2. Matt Walker GBR
3. Sylvain Cougoureux FRA
4. Moritz Ribarich AUT
5. Antoine Pierron FRA
6. Patrick Butler AUS

11. Baxter Maiwald AUS

2017 World Cup Overall Results

1. Myriam Nicole FRA
2. Tahnee Seagrave GBR
3. Tracey Hannah AUS
4. Rachel Atherton GBR
5. Emilie Siegenthaler SUI

20. Tegan Molloy AUS

Rachel Atherton, Tahnee Seagrave, Myriam Nicole, Tracey Hannah (AUS), Emilie Siegenthaler stand on theUCI DH World Cup overall podium

1. Aaron Gwin USA
2. Troy Brosnan AUS
3. Greg Minnaar RSA
4. Loic Bruni FRA
5. Loris Vergier FRA

7. Jack Moir AUS
16. Dean Lucas AUS
22. Connor Fearon AUS
33. Michael Hannah AUS
59. Graeme Mudd AUS
65. Jackson Frew AUS
72. Joshua Button AUS
73. Jake Newell AUS
92. Jordan Prochyra AUS
97. Samuel Hill AUS
106. Remy Morton AUS
115. Oliver Zwar AUS
138. Brent Smith AUS

Loic Bruni, Troy Brosnan (AUS), Aaron Gwin, Greg Minnaar, Loris Vergier stand on the 2017 overall UCI DH World Cup podium

Junior Men
1. Finn Iles CAN
2. Sylvain Cougoureux FRA
3. Matt Walker GBR
4. Joe Breeden GBR
5. Kade Edwards GBR

9. Patrick Butler AUS
15. Benjamin Zwar AUS
16. Harry Parsons AUS
17. Darcy Coutts AUS
22. Baxter Maiwald AUS

All the best to all the Aussies racing at the World Championships in Cairns. The Australian team list can be found here, and the junior DH team here.

World Cup DH: Aussie Results & Highlights Video – Mont Sainte Anne

Finals Highlights

Queensland’s Tracey Hannah was the second fastest qualifier and her four World Cup podiums this season, including a win in Fort William, saw her ranked 2nd in the overall standings. Unfortunately, Tracey got a rear flat mid-way down the track but continued to charge through the rock gardens, jumps and drops to cross the line in 2nd, finishing in 3rd and holding onto her 2nd place ranking.

Tracey Hannah
Tracey Hannah

Elite Women:

1. Tahnee Seagrave
2. Myriam Nicole
3. Tracey Hannah (AUS)
4. Emilie Siegenthaler
5. Rachel Atherton

10. Tegan Molloy (AUS)

Tahnée Seagrave

Watch Tahnée Seagrave’s winning run

The drizzle continued through the Men’s Final, and Dean Lucas had a near perfect run in tacky conditions, sitting him in the hot seat, for a long time! In the break before the top 25 qualifiers started, the heavens opened and didn’t let up.

Dean Lucas had a long stint in the hot seat.

Mick Hannah was the 3rd rider to start in the storm. He was off to a strong start when a high-speed slide to near crash had him hauling on the brakes, losing time that he couldn’t make back. Newcastle’s Graeme Mudd had one of the loosest runs, drifting all over the track, even across the takeoff of a high-speed hipped step-down. The tough conditions saw him finish 11.4s off the pace.

Jack Moir

It wasn’t until Dean’s Australian team mate and 9th placed qualifier, Jack Moir, got within 3 seconds of Dean’s time that it seemed possible he might be unseated.

“Pretty wild, eh! It was a bit more hard-packed than in practice, though, so that helped a bit. It was just hard to see, real hard to see.” – Jack Moir

Troy Brosnan managed to better Jack’s time by 0.4s and ended up just off the podium in 6th. It was only the last man down the hill, Aaron Gwin, who was fast enough on the saturated track to better Dean’s time and take the win.

Aaron Gwin on the way to his third win at Mont-Sainte-Anne

Elite Men:

1. Aaron Gwin
2. Dean Lucas (AUS)
3. Danny Hart
4. Loic Bruni
5. Mike Jones
6. Troy Brosnan (AUS)

8. Jack Moir (AUS)
19. Josh Button (AUS) – just inside the top 20!
25. Jake Newell (AUS)
38. Jordan Prochyra (AUS)
40. Graeme Mudd (AUS)
43. Jackson Frew (AUS)
68. Mick Hannah (AUS)
70. Brent Smith (AUS)
75. Matthew McCorkell (AUS)

Heading into the final World Cup at Val Di Sole, Italy, Gwin is now only 33 points behind series leader, Greg Minnaar. Troy Brosnan is also within reach of the overall, just 77 points behind Minnaar.  Jack Moir’s consistent season and 2nd at Fort Bill see him currently ranked 5th in the overall standings.

Watch Aaron Gwin’s winning run

Junior Women:

1. Melanie Chapppaz
2. Mazie Hayden
3. Kaytlin Melvin

Junior Men:

1. Finn Iles
2. Sylvain Cougoureux
3. Joe Breeden
4. Nikolas Nesteroff
5. Kade Edwards
6. Patrick Butler (AUS)

12. Darcy Coutts (AUS)

Dean Lucas celebrating 2nd place at Mont Sainte Anne

World Cup DH: Gwin’s Monumental Win at Mont Sainte Anne – How It Happened

Gwin’s Winning Run:

Tales of The Mob – Episode 7, Mont Sainte-Anne:

Australian Dean Lucas found himself in the hot seat prior to the 20 minute break for TV, and around that time, the rain increased from a drizzle to a downpour. Many of the on-site fans thought the racing was over with most riders battling to get within 10 seconds of Lucas’ time. That was until his teammate Jack Moir (AUS) put in an incredible run, finding time in the 3rd sector, and crossing the line in 4th place. At that point, the team radioed up the mountain to inform Aaron what had taken place and that a top time was possible.

Dean Lucas during dry and dusty practice.
NSW Central Coast’s Jack Moir had a wet run, and finished less than four seconds behind Gwin in 8th. He’s currently ranked 5th in the overall World Cup standings.

After Jack Moir came in, Troy Brosnan (AUS) also put down a great run going into 3rd place. It was clear the top guys had a shot. Next up it was Danny Hart (GBR) who was ahead of Dean Lucas until the finish line and he slotted into 2nd before World Cup leader Greg Minnaar (RSA) took to the track. Only 1 second down at the first split, the major surprise came at the 2nd split which showed the South African down by 20secs. An off track excursion had cost him a lot of time, and ultimately a disqualification for an incorrect entry back onto the course. Next up Loic Bruni (FRA) crossed the line for 3rd and so the attention turned to the last man down, fastest qualifier Aaron Gwin who some doubted had the wet weather experience to deal with the conditions. What happened next was simply incredible. Picking up green lights all the way down, at one point 2 seconds up on everyone, Aaron took a historic win in the most extreme conditions.

Loic Bruni, 4th at Mont Sainte Anne
Danny Hart, always confident in the wet, placed 3rd behind Australian, Dean Lucas.

“The fact that I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes now trying to figure out how to start off this quote for our press release should explain my feelings after today’s race. It’s hard to find the words; I’m just happy. It’s been a crazy season but we’ve kept fighting through the ups and downs, and this weekend wasn’t any different. It feels good to get that win. Conditions like we had today make the win feel even better. I’m happy for myself, my team, the sponsors that support us and the thousands of fans who’ve been encouraging me all season. Thanks to all of you for the love. I wanted to take this title fight to the last race, and now we get to do that, so let the fun continue!” – Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin

The title chase is now just 33 points away from Greg Minnaar in 1st, with Troy Brosnan only 44 points behind Aaron. Mathematically, only Greg, Aaron or Troy can win the title, and it will all go down to the wire in Vale Di Sole in 3 weeks from now.

Aaron Gwin celebrates the win at Mont Sainte Anne


World Cup DH: Lenzerheide 2017 Results, Highlights & Winning Runs

Elite Men:

1. Greg Minnaar
2. Troy Brosnan (AUS)
3. Danny Hart
4. Laurie Greenland
5. Philip Atwill

11. Jack Moir (AUS)

Elite Women:

1. Myriam Nicole
2. Rachel Atherton
3. Emilie Siegenthaler
4. Tracey Hannah (AUS)
5. Tahnee Seagrave

Junior Men:

1. Finn Iles
2. Joe Breeden
3. Sylvain Cougoureux
4. Moritz Ribarich
5. Nikolas Nestoroff
6. Patrick Butler (AUS)

8. Darcy Coutts (AUS)

Junior Women:

1. Paula Zibasa
2. Melanie Chappaz
3. Shania Rawson

Watch Greg Minnaar’s winning run below

Watch Myriam Nicole’s winning run below

Overall men’s standings:

1. Greg Minnaar
2. Troy Brosnan (AUS)
3. Aaron Gwin

5. Jack Moir (AUS)
12. Connor Fearon (AUS)

Overall women’s standings:

1. Myriam Nicole
2. Tracey Hannah (AUS)
3. Tahnee Seagrave

World Cup DH: Team Videos from Lenzerheide 2017

Team: Santa Cruz Syndicate

Riders: Greg Minnaar, Luca Shaw, Loris Vergier

Lenzerheide Track Preview with Greg Minnaar

Team: Canyon Factory Racing

Riders: Troy Brosnan (AUS), Mark Wallace

Fifth World Cup for the Canyon Factory Team, in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. Troy Brosnan did an amazing run and finish 2nd. Mark Wallace takes the 17th place. Next stop for the team, Mt St Anne – CANADA

Team: The YT Mob

Riders: Aaron Gwin, Neko Mulally

Last year in Lenzerheide Aaron Gwin came within 96/100ths of a second of winning his first World Cup on Swiss soil, and was highly motivated to take the victory this weekend at Round 5 of the World Cup series. A last minute crash on Thursday saw Aaron in the doctor’s surgery requiring 4 stitches to his right knee yet despite this injury, he went on to win the qualifying race and set the tone for the weekend. Mr Gwin meant business. On finals day, as the last man down, Aaron turned the interval clocks green from the outset, up at sector 1 and 2, and then impressively up by 1.5secs at sector four before a puncture brought his run to an end

Oh man, well, we battled through a tough weekend and got into the finals with a solid shot at the win. Unfortunately I cut a hole in the sidewall of my tire about ¾ of the way down the track. The tire was going flat quick but I pushed it as long as I could. I broke the rim soon after and then everything came apart a few turns later. That’s racin’, sometimes things don’t turn out as you’d hoped, but at the end of the day if you’re content with the effort that you put in, it’s still a positive. The crowds today were massive and it was so cool meeting so many people who appreciate what we do. Good times were had, and I wish we didn’t have to wait nearly a month until the next World Cup, can’t wait!! – Aaron Gwin – The YT Mob

Team: Norco Factory Racing

Riders: Sam Blenkinsop, Joe Smith, Henry Fitzgerald

As most World Cup riders would agree, it would not be fair to label Lenzerheide’s purpose built World Cup track as very ‘bike park’. It may have multiple berms and man-made features, but it’s a very technical and demanding track as well. Due to the high speeds, loose terrain, and top rock garden alone, it test both rider and bike at peak levels. You do not hear many comments about the track being simple or easy. The word wild and sketchy are more often shared amongst the top downhiller’s on the planet.

From day 1 of practice, it was all about getting a handle on the limits of the track. To be fair, this track seems to catch a few riders off-guard. More specifically, sometimes it hard to know whether one is going quick or not on this track. Maybe this is what makes this track so difficult mentally. It’s just hard to know whether you’ve got a hold of the beast or not.

Enter Friday’s qualifying, and all 3 riders were looking ready to rumble. Starting with Sam, just being outside of top 20 protection, there’s a pressure to have a run that satisfies both speed and preservation (of both rider and equipment). Despite a small leak in the rear tire, Sam was able to qualify 39th, he was moving on to the finals. Next up was Joe. With a steady charge, and run he considered less than ideal, he surprised himself with a season best 12th place qualifier. Very impressive, especially with a partial injury. Last up was Henry. Confident in his plan, using ‘modern technology’ (his LITPro GPS timing system) to improve continually improve his performances, the momentum was there. As we agree, numbers don’t lie. For Henry, we believe it’s been a key tool. With a time in mind, Henry came down with a solid run, and qualified for his first World Men’s Elite final. Well done.

For Saturday’s finals, there’s not much to say. All guys had a good practice, and with it being just being past the ½ mark in the World Cup season, strong finishes and points are on the line. With Henry up first, it was great to see him racing in the finals. Unfortunately, the top rock garden (maybe the toughest of the year) decided to pull him off his bike. Getting back up, he finished his run with a decent time considering a big fall. Hank finished up 75th on the day. Next was Sam, simply put, this track’s been tough over the years (never finishing inside the top 20). As some of you can appreciate, sometimes you just can’t get a handle of certain tracks or trails. With a steady run, Sam came down an impressive 6 seconds quicker than qualifying, finishing 33rd on the day. Last was Joe, steady and slightly conservative (his words) might summarise his run best. So this made his season best 19th place finish even more impressive. A good day.

The team is now off for a few weeks, besides Henry racing Canadian National Championships in 2 weeks, the remainder of the team gets a bit of a chance to rest and recover after a 6 week straight race tour. Next big events, Mont Sainte Anne World Cup, and Crankworx Whistler, including EWS Whistler.

Team: Team Dorval AM Nicolai

Riders: Mélanie Chappaz, Mariana Salazar, Benoit Coulanges, Maxime Ciriego

(Translated from French)
A rather mixed race; the day of qualifications went very well, all the pilots were motivated to do better Saturday at the final.
Unfortunately, the team had some bad luck on Saturday; Mariana Salazar fell on top and lost a lot of time to get his bike and go back. It ends in 13th grade.
Boys Benoit Coulanges & Maxime Ciriego know every 2 a puncture on the middle of the track and end up their run.
Despite everything, the good point of the week: Mélanie Chappaz finishes at a beautiful 2nd place very close to the first and she accentuates her advance on her opponents to the overall of the World Cup.
Now a bit of rest for the pilots before going to the French Championships at Carroz in a few weeks!

Aaron Gwin’s hopes of a win were slashed. Photo: Bartek Wolinski/Red Bull

The Final Showdown: Val di Sole DH Highlights

Racing at Val di Sole never fails to disappoint in terms of full-on action and incident, and this year’s event will live long in the memory.

The Parkin Bros were trackside to catch the best bits from finals day.

Steve Smith
Steve Smith
Patrick Thome
Patrick Thome
Tahnee Seagrave
Tahnee Seagrave
Josh Bryceland
Josh Bryceland
Rachel Atherton
Rachel Atherton
Loic Bruni
Loic Bruni
Aaron Gwin - Action
Aaron Gwin
Brook Macdonald - Action
Brook Macdonald
Bruni Loic - Lifestyle
Loic Bruni
Lucas Dean - Action
Dean Lucas
Rachel Atherton - Action
Rachel Atherton
Myriam Nicole - Action
Myriam Nicole
Gee Atherton - Action
Gee Atherton
Gee Atherton - Action
Gee Atherton

Brook Macdonald, Bruni Loic, Aaron Gwin, Troy Brosnan, Josh Bryceland - Podium