2019 FOX 36 Factory – First Look

We love the ‘heritage’ orange colour option – there’s plenty of black in mountain biking already!

Didn’t you guys just review this fork?

Not this one, but its predecessor. We recently put the 2018 FOX 36 Factory FIT 4 head to head against the Rock Shox Lyrik RCT3 and it came up victorious. You can read that full comparison review here. The 2019 FOX 36 is as fresh as it gets, we literally only received this fork about 12 hours before the embargo lifted!

The stacked dual rebound adjusters of the Variable Control Valve offer low-speed and high-speed rebound control.

So, what’s fresh for 2019?

The big change is the addition of the new Grip 2 damper, which takes the adjustability to a new level. It has independent high/low speed rebound adjustment, as well as high/low speed compression adjustment, which was already a feature on the 36 RC2. This four-way adjustability mirrors the adjustments found on the X2 rear shock.

The Factory level forks get Kashima coat stanchions, but you can save a few bucks with the Performance Elite version that has the same damper with black anodised legs.

There’s still a FIT4 version of this fork too, for people who don’t want to twiddle more knobs than Stormy Daniels.

More travel too!

In our comparison review, we noted that the Rock Shox Lyrik had the edge when it came to travel options, but this in no longer the case. The 36 is now available up to 180mm-travel in a 27.5″ version, or up to 170mm in a 29er.


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