First Ride | The 2022 Giant Trance X Advanced E+ is Giant’s first carbon e-MTB with Live Valve

The not-so-minor details


2022 Giant Trance X Advanced E+ 0


Giant Bicycles


$12,799 AUD




- New motor offers better clearance & more power
- Impressive climbing capabilities
- Clean display and controller
- Removable battery & range extender option
- Top notch spec for the money


- Lengthy chainstays limit agility
- Long grips interfere with dropper lever and controller

The Giant Trance X Advanced E+ has arrived as a new carbon fibre variant of the alloy Trance X E+ that we tested last year. It follows a hot year of bike launches for Giant that includes the overhauled Reign E+ and the new Anthem race bike. As the freshest cab off the ranks, the Trance X Advanced E+ is actually Giant’s first ever carbon e-MTB. Along with the integration of the Fox Live Valve suspension system, it aims to take the performance level up a few notches. We’ve had the chance to ride the new Trance X Advanced E+ over the past week, and here we’ll be taking you through our first impressions of riding this new premium e-MTB.

2022 giant trance X advanced e+ electric emtb
Fresh tracks! Mick ploughing through the snow at Falls Creek on the new Giant Trance X Advanced E+

Giant Trance X Advanced E+ overview

The Giant Trance X Advanced E+ carries over the same fundamentals as the alloy version. It’s built around the Maestro suspension design with 140mm of rear wheel travel, and that’s paired to a 150mm travel fork. It rolls on 29in wheels with high volume 2.6in tyres front and rear.

The obvious difference to the alloy version is the frame, which is made from carbon fibre to improve the stiffness-to-weight ratio. Giant says it uses a proprietary manufacturing process for the mainframe, which is moulded as one continuous piece in a process it calls a ‘Modified Monocoque Construction’.

2022 giant trance X advanced e+ electric emtb
Featuring a carbon fibre frame and Fox Live Valve, the Trance X Advanced E+ steps into the premium end of the e-MTB market.

More power & integrated display

Along with the new carbon frame, the Giant Trance X Advanced E+ also updates to the new SyncDrive Pro motor that first debuted on the 2022 Reign E+. The motor is still manufactured by Yamaha, but it is significantly lighter and more compact, offering greater ground clearance and allowing for a sleeker silhouette compared to previous Giant e-MTBs. The new motor also dishes out more power, with up to 85Nm of torque on tap.

Also neat to see is an integrated display in the top tube called RideControl GO. It’s not unlike the TCU display used on the Specialized Levo SL, providing the rider with a live reading of the battery life and assistance level. Along with the updated RideControl Ergo 3 controller next to the left hand grip, the cockpit on the Trance X Advanced E+ is significantly cleaner and more ergonomic, with no ugly screens present.

There’s a 625Wh battery inside the downtube, which can be easily removed for charging separately. The frame is also compatible with Giant’s EnergyPak Plus range extender battery, which is a 250Wh piggyback battery that brings total capacity up to a whopping 875Wh.

2022 giant trance X advanced e+ electric emtb
This is our first experience with the new SyncDrive Pro motor, which is significantly smaller, lighter and more powerful compared to the old unit.

Live Valve comes to e-MTB

Debuting on the Giant Trance X Advanced E+ is the first application of the Fox Live Valve system we’ve seen on a Giant e-MTB.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Live Valve is an automated electronic suspension system that sees the fork and shock adjusting between Firm and Open settings, with a suite of sensors reading inputs from the terrain. The idea is to improve efficiency and lift the bike’s ride height on the climbs, while offering comfort and traction on the descents, all with no need for the rider to flick any switches or remote levers.

The Live Valve system is wired directly into the bike’s main battery, though the main computer remains mounted to the underside of the top tube.

As we saw with the new Anthem, there are further options for the user to tune the Live Valve settings via an app. Also new, and exclusive to Giant, is the option of Live Valve at two price points; Factory Series and Performance Elite. This means Giant can now spec Live Valve on two models, and bring the technology down to a cheaper price point.

Geometry remains much the same

There are no radical changes to the geometry of the Giant Trance X Advanced E+ over the existing alloy model. The angles are identical, and the reach measurement on our Medium test bike is only 5mm longer.

You’ll find a flip chip in the pivot between the rocker and seatstay, with High and Low settings. The bike will come set in the Low position, and flipping it into High will lift the BB by 10mm and steepen the angles by 0.7°.

Also carried over from the alloy bike are the long chainstays. In fact, they’re slightly longer on the carbon frame, which has an enormous 473mm rear centre length. This simply boils down to packaging between the lower Maestro link, the motor and a 29×2.6in rear tyre.

2022 giant trance x advanced e+ geometry

Giant Trance X Advanced E+ price & specs

The Giant Trance X Advanced E+ will be offered in two models, both of which will be available at the time of launch.

The two bikes will share the same carbon frame, SyncDrive Pro motor and 625Wh battery. Fox Live Valve also features on each bike, though the top-end model gets the fancy Kashima coating for its Factory fork and shock. It also upgrades to a carbon wheelset, cranks and handlebars to reduce weight further.

2022 giant trance x advanced e+ 0 emtb electric
The top-end Trance X Advanced E+ 0 features Fox Factory suspension, carbon wheels and carbon Praxis cranks.

2022 Giant Trance X Advanced E+ 0

2022 giant trance x advanced e+1
The Trance X Advanced e+ 1 brings Fox Live Valve down to a lower price point by skipping the Kashima coating.

2022 Giant Trance X Advanced E+ 1

2022 giant trance X advanced e+ electric emtb
We’ve been ripping around Falls Creek on the new Giant Trance X Advanced E+, and have loved exploring the high alpine ski trails and backcountry singletrack.

Testing the Giant Trance X Advanced E+ 0

We’ve only had our Giant Trance X Advanced E+ test bike for a week, but we’ve already had it high up in the mountains around Falls Creek for the Ignition MTB Festival for three days of backcountry exploration, and self-shuttling black grade singletrack.

Immediately noticeable is the lower weight. Coming in at 23.06kg, the Trance X Advanced E+ is nearly 1.5kg lighter than the alloy model we tested last year. It’s easier to lift on and off the bike rack, and it’s also less resistant to directional changes on twisty alpine singletrack.

The sure-footed stability of the alloy bike is still present however, with the Trance X Advanced E+ offering a very comfortable riding position with a soft pillow of suspension beneath you and the trail. We’re still dialling in the suspension and Live Valve settings, the latter of which offers a special climb mode that leaves the fork unlocked while stiffening up the rear shock damping. That’s a potentially useful setup for cleaning stupidly steep and technical e-MTB climbing challenges.

And climbing is no doubt a strength of the Trance X Advanced E+ thanks to its supple Maestro suspension and huge chainstays. It keeps the rear tyre driving into the terrain and reduces front wheel wander. The downside is that it restricts agility, especially on our Medium sized test bike where the rear centre is actually longer than the reach measurement. However, tall riders on the Large and X-Large frame size may actually feel better balanced on the Trance X Advanced E+ compared to other e-MTBs out there with shorter rear ends.

Otherwise the new SyncDrive Pro motor offers intuitive power delivery via its 6-sensor system, and it’s also quieter than its predecessor. The extra clearance is much appreciated, and it offers a drastic improvement in aesthetics too.

2022 giant trance X advanced e+ electric emtb
The Trance X Advanced E+ is a comfortable e-MTB that is ready for some long-distance alpine touring.

Flow’s early verdict

With its new carbon fibre frame, the Giant Trance X Advanced E+ offers a premium option that signals Giant’s growing presence in the e-MTB market. Early impressions are positive, with it being both lighter and no doubt better looking than the alloy model.

There’s a lot to unpack with the Live Valve system, both with tuning the fork and shock, and the settings within the Live Valve app itself. We’re not sure how many riders were asking for Live Valve to be added to an e-MTB, since pedal efficiency is less critical when you have a motor supporting you. Giant clearly believes in the system though, as we’re seeing Live Valve adopted across a broader range of models and price points for 2022.

Mick will be taking the Trance X Advanced E+ back home to Newcastle for further testing on his home trails to dive deeper into the performance benefits of the Live Valve system, as well as that new SyncDrive Pro motor. Stay tuned for our long-term review of this new premium carbon e-MTB from Giant.

2022 giant trance X advanced e+ electric emtb
After carving turns at Falls Creek, we’ll be taking the Trance X Advanced E+ onto our local trails to see how it stacks up against its competitors. Stay tuned for our long-term review!

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