2024 Focus JAM² 6.8 Review | The best e-MTB we’ve tested for the price

The not-so-minor details


2024 Focus JAM²


Focus Bikes



From $6,999 AUD ($8,499 AUD as tested)




- Superb package for the money
- Plush & active suspension performance
- Great geometry & handling
- Powerful Bosch motor


- Cable routing through stem and headset is messy & complicated
- Lacks mullet compatibility
- Short dropper post due to limited insertion depth

Roz & Wil review the 2024 Focus JAM² 6.8

Some of you may recall that earlier this year we reviewed the Focus JAM² SL. We thoroughly enjoyed its well-balanced handling and plush suspension, and the Fazua Ride 60 system impressed us with a surprising amount of power and range for such a lightweight e-MTB.

As good as that bike is, there are plenty of riders who prefer having the maximum amount of power and battery capacity available so they can take on properly long rides in the mountains. Handily, Focus produces an e-MTB for that very purpose.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
Gus putting the Focus JAM² through its paces!

An overview of the Focus JAM²

Put simply, the Focus JAM² is the full-powered sibling to the JAM² SL.

These two e-MTBs share quite a lot in common including the same four-bar suspension design. Travel is identical with 160mm up front and 150mm out back, and the JAM² also rolls exclusively on 29in wheels.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The Focus JAM² 6.8 is built around a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a huge 750Wh battery.

Where things take a different path is with the motor and battery. The regular JAM² we have here is powered by the excellent Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit, which is clocked upwards in order to position the battery down as low as possible.

Most models come with a 750Wh Bosch Powertube battery inside the downtube, which is charged via a port on the seat tube that’s shielded by a rubber flap. The battery can be removed for charging separately thanks to a tool-free skid plate that hinges open to reveal the locking mechanism within. As is standard for most Bosch-equipped bikes, you’ll need a key to unlock and remove the battery.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The four-bar suspension platform delivers 150mm of rear travel. That’s matched to a 160mm travel fork up front.

Carbon & alloy frames

The Focus JAM² frame is produced in both carbon (8-Series) and alloy (6-Series). It’s worth noting that the 8-Series models only feature a carbon mainframe however, with the back end utilising the same alloy chainstays and seatstays as the cheaper 6-Series models.

Most importantly the suspension design, geometry and motor are shared throughout the range, regardless of the price point.

One thing that does change is the Bosch user interface. The 6-Series alloy models come fitted with a Kiox 300 display and the LED Controller, while the 8-Series carbon models get the newer Wireless Mini Remote and the System Controller that’s integrated into the frame’s top tube.

If you’re keen to know more about the latest Bosch Smart System and what options you have for customising the motor’s power output, see our Bosch Tuning Tips article for more.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The alloy 6-Series Focus JAM² models feature a Bosch Kiox 300 display and the LED Controller.

Focus JAM² sizing & geometry

As with the JAM² SL, the Focus JAM² incorporates adjustable headset cups. This gives you a full degree of adjustment, allowing you to set it up with a steep (65.5°) or slack (64.5°) head angle.

The nifty aspect of these rotatable headset cups is the fact that they don’t affect the rest of the bike’s geometry. That means you have the same 76.5° seat tube angle and 25mm BB drop regardless of what head angle you choose.

A notable point of difference between the JAM² and JAM² SL is the adjustable chainstay length. The JAM² doesn’t have any such adjustment, skipping the flip chips in favour of a simpler configuration that produces the same 450mm rear centre length on all frame sizes.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 geometry size chart sizing
Focus JAM² Geometry & Size Chart
2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The headset cups come from the factory in the steep position (65.5° head angle). Flipping these around will switch you to the slack position (64.5° head angle).

Focus JAM² price & specs

There are no fewer than seven models in the 2024 Focus JAM² lineup. Prices start at $6,999 AUD for the 6.7 and go up to $14,499 AUD for the top-end 8.0 model.

The bike we’ve been testing sits one step down from the bottom of the range. It’s the Focus JAM² 6.8 and it retails for $8,499 AUD.

It’s worth noting that the 6.8 model normally comes with a Fox 36 Rhythm fork, though in Australia we’ve seen this bike receive a not-insignificant running change to a Factory Series Fox 36 GRIP2 fork. What’s particularly sweet about this upgrade is that Focus hasn’t increased the price at all. That makes the JAM² 6.8 a seriously tempting bike for the price.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The Focus JAM² 6.8 we have on test is the second cheapest model in the range.

2024 Focus JAM² 6.8

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
Roz has been impressed with how this bike eats up chunky rock gardens.

Testing the Focus JAM²

With its powerful Bosch system and 160/150mm travel platform, the Focus JAM² is designed for a similar style of riding to the Trek Rail, Specialized Levo and Merida eOne-Sixty.

To find out how the JAM² stacks up in this popular All Mountain category, we put it into the hands of our energetic bike tester Roz. Having had a heap of experience with Bosch-equipped e-MTBs including the Scott Patron and Cube Stereo Hybrid 160, she’s also spent some time aboard the JAM² SL and was eager to see how its bigger sibling would compare.

Following a month of testing, here we chat with Roz about her experience of riding the Focus JAM² 6.8.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
Geometry is very much up to date, though the 800mm bars will be too wide for the vast majority of riders.

How have you found the sizing of the bike Roz?

I’m 165cm tall and I’ve been riding a Medium sized frame. Looking at the geometry chart for the Focus JAM², a rider of my height is recommended to go for the Small, but given I have very long limbs for my height I’m glad I went for the Medium.

The top tube length is very similar to bikes I’ve previously ridden and is actually 10mm shorter than my own bike. I’ve felt very comfortable from the outset.

Focus specs a big 800mm wide riser bar as standard along with thick diameter Race Face grips. This will suit larger-sized riders, but the proportions were a bit off for me. We chopped the bars down to 770mm and fitted some thinner grips to dial in the fit.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
We’re not fans of the integrated cable routing through the stem, spacers and headset.

As Wil and I experienced with the JAM² SL, the way the cables are integrated through the stem, spacers and headset makes it trickier to adjust the cockpit. If you want to fit a shorter or longer stem, you’ll need to disconnect all of the cables, brake hose and electric wires during the rerouting procedure.

The 150mm dropper post has worked well for me, but the rotation of the Bosch motor means the insertion depth is somewhat limited. This will restrict your ability to fit a longer travel dropper post in there, which is something to bear in mind if you were considering an upgrade.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The 150mm dropper post is fine, but we’d like a little more travel.

We’re already big fans of the Bosch Performance Line CX. How did you find it on the Focus JAM²?

As far as full-powered motors go, the Bosch remains our favourite of the lot. It’s powerful, responsive and predictable in a wide range of conditions. The way it can launch you out of an uphill hairpin is brilliant!

It still makes a bit of a clacking noise when coasting down really rough descents, but overall it’s a lot more muted compared to earlier versions of this motor. On the flowy trails around Eden and Narooma, I didn’t notice much noise at all.

I’ve mostly ridden in the eMTB mode, which adapts the motor’s output depending on the input from your legs. It makes the bike very intuitive to ride, and it still allows you to access the full 600W of peak power, providing you’re pushing hard enough on the pedals.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The power and response you get out of the Bosch motor is unreal!

The next mode down is Tour+, which is also adaptive. It is much more progressive though, which makes the JAM² feel a bit like a low-powered e-MTB when you’re cruising along at lower cadences. This helps to conserve the battery by getting your legs to do more of the work. However, if you push the pedals harder, you can feel the motor wind up and deliver an increase in support. If you want more of a workout or you’re riding with pals on SL e-MTBs, this mode is ideal.

How much range have you been able to get out of that big 750Wh battery?

Honestly I haven’t touched the sides! On my after work rides I’m coming home with at least 60% battery left. There’s been no range anxiety at all, in fact, I’ve often been able to get three or four rides during the week before I’ve needed to recharge the battery.

I’m a light rider at around 60kg, and I tend to ride in the eMTB mode rather than Turbo, so I’m not exactly putting a lot of demand on the motor. Your mileage may vary!

The biggest ride I went on was an 80km epic around Tathra with over 1,800m of elevation gain. I averaged 18km/h for the ride and arrived home with 5% left in the tank. I was impressed!

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
Focus clocks the Bosch drive unit up in order to position the 750Wh battery as low as possible.

What do you think about the user interface?

I’ve ridden several Bosch e-MTBs that have used the same LED Controller and Kiox 300 display, and functionally they all work absolutely fine.

The components are quite bulky, with the LED Controller sticking up well above the brake lever. We’ve said this before, but just to reiterate, you should avoid flipping the bike upside-down because you may damage that controller.

This also goes for the Kiox screen if you have it positioned above the stem. I’d recommend orienting the mount so it sits in front of the handlebars.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The LED Controller is bulky, but it works well and we like how it displays battery status in 10% increments.

Otherwise I really like all the metrics it displays, especially the new power curve on the speedo. This separates the curve into two shades; one to represent your leg’s power, and one to represent the motor’s power, so you can see the split between the two. I think this is useful when you are doing a longer ride and you wish to conserve battery power, as you would aim to keep the motor’s power output lower than what your legs are putting in.

One thing I noticed after a fun and long descent — as the road started to go up again, if I was in too big a gear and was grinding on the pedals, a little warning flashed up on the screen that recommended me to “gear down.” How clever! This was a nifty reminder for me, though I think it will be even more beneficial for newer riders who aren’t so across the gears on the bike.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750 kiox 300
You can remove the Kiox 300 display if you want to tidy up the cockpit, but we quite like all the nifty metrics it provides.

What’s the suspension setup and performance been like?

With the Flow MTB articles on setting up your fork and shock absorbed, I happily and easily set up the Focus JAM² suspension on my own. It takes a little while with all the dials, pressure and sag settings, but doing it thoroughly initially is so worth it.

The Fox 36 fork was straightforward thanks to the recommendations on the setup chart. For the Float DPS shock I went with 173psi to provide me with 27% sag. I’ve used the the full range of travel on both the fork and shock, and there’s been no need to mess around with volume spacers.

With those settings I’ve been impressed by how incredibly plush the suspension is. The rear end is very active with little influence from pedalling or braking. It’s a nice improvement over the old JAM² that used a linkage-driven single-pivot design. In comparison the new four-bar platform is much more fluid, and it allows the bike to float beautifully through rock gardens.

While it is very smooth, I like that the Float DPS keeps the bike feeling quite poppy given how heavy it is. You don’t feel totally stuck to the ground, which is a nice attribute on flowier and jumpier trails.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
For such a heavy bike, the Focus JAM² 6.8 is surprisingly poppy.

How does the bike handle on the trail?

For 25kg I was expecting it to feel much more tractor-like. I’m actually blown away by how well it corners. It’s a bit like being on a velodrome — enter a bermed corner, put a little bit of power down, and it spits you out with a giant grin on your face!

I think Focus has gotten the suspension tune and geometry dialled on this bike. We initially tested the JAM² with the headset cups in the steep position, which is how it comes set up from the factory. This keeps the steering responsive, especially on flatter trails and when you’re cruising along. For newer riders getting into the sport, this will work well.

I then rotated the cups around to switch to the slacker 64.5° head angle, which is exactly what Wil did with the JAM² SL. This slowed the steering down and added some noticeable stability at speed. Given how planted this bike is and how fast you can power along with the Bosch motor, it ended up being my preferred setting.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The long chainstays, traction-seeking suspension and powerful motor make the Focus JAM² 6.8 an absolute beast on the climbs.

The JAM² has quite a long wheelbase, but it feels really well balanced. The longer 450mm chainstays keep it planted on steep climbs, meaning I could power up some pretty technical sections without any fear of the front wheel lifting off the ground.

The overall weight distribution is also a big part of the handling package. It is a heavy bike, but the battery is positioned low compared to other e-MTBs. This means there’s not quite as much mass up at the head tube, and I was surprised that it wasn’t a total barge when changing direction.

The weight of the bike is noticeable when descending, in a good way. It builds momentum and feels feels really stable, but it still launches off jumps and lips beautifully. The more I’ve ridden, the more I’m extending myself on this bike. I’m beginning to approach tabletop jumps with more speed and allowing the bike to take off. I’m stoked to say that I’ve cleared a few!

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
Focus has hit a great tune with the Fox Float DPS shock, which is incredibly plush and active.

What downsides are there to the heavier weight over the JAM² SL?

There’s about a 6kg difference in weight between this JAM² and the JAM² SL we tested earlier this year (25.14kg vs 19.02kg). That’s considerable, and it does have an affect on handling.

The regular JAM² is incredibly planted and stable on rough terrain, and it inspires a lot of confidence on the descents. However, it can require more wrangling when the trail gets tight and twisty. This was something I noticed more as a smaller-sized rider, as you need some strength to manhandle the bike, especially at speed.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
Get the Focus JAM² 6.8 up to speed, and it does need a bit more input to push it through the corners.

In comparison the JAM² SL feels closer to a normal mountain bike. It’s more agile overall, making it easier to negotiate switchbacks and perform last-minute corrections to your line choice.

The other benefit to its lighter weight is that it’s just a lot easier to lift up, whether that’s to get over fence or a fallen tree in the bush, or simply to put on the car rack. I like to be as independent as possible, but I’ve had to get help with lifting the JAM² 6.8 up onto the rack on the back of my car. It’s quite the workout! This is something that smaller riders may want to consider when weighing up a full-powered or a lightweight e-MTB.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The big 29in rear wheel does increase the chance of bum-taps for shorter riders.

Is the mullet setup something you’ve missed on the JAM²?

It is a bit of a shame that there’s no option to set up the JAM² as a mullet, especially as that seems to be what a lot of e-MTB riders are looking for. We like that the Levo SL and eOne-Sixty both come from the factory with a 27.5in rear wheel, but have the ability to fit a 29in wheel thanks to their integrated flip chips.

There’s no such adjustability with the JAM², and I think it’d be a great feature to see on future versions to make it as versatile as possible.

That being said, I got along really well with the 29in wheels and geometry on this bike. You get a smoother and more stable ride with the bigger rear wheel, and it provides more climbing grip.

Aside from needing a bit more input to get it through tight corners, the main downside I encountered was a few bum-taps on the rear tyre when going over bigger features and down steeper trails. As a shorter rider, this is where the extra clearance of a 27.5in rear wheel would be handy.

 2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
For under $10K, the Focus JAM² 6.8 provides a killer package that few other brands can match.

Component highs & lows

With its powerful Bosch motor and big 750Wh battery, the package that the Focus JAM² 6.8 offers is mighty impressive given its $8,499 AUD asking price.

We’ve loved the plush Fox suspension and the crisp-shifting Shimano drivetrain. The four-piston brakes have also been thoroughly reliable, simply working as they should from the very first ride.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
The Fox 36 GRIP2 fork is a notable highlight on this bike. It is incredibly plush and offers tonnes of high-speed control.

The 2.6in Maxxis Minion DHF tyres have proven to be great performers on dry and rocky singletrack, offering predictable traction and a nicely damped quality that has complemented the suspension well. They only use an EXO casing, so if your trails are particularly demanding then you may want to look at fitting CushCore inserts to add some stability and puncture protection.

The wheels have been solid, and the own-brand dropper post works ok, though it is a little sluggish in its action. As mentioned earlier, you’re a bit limited with fitting a longer travel post due to the way the the seat tube is interrupted by the motor.

Our biggest complaint with the Focus JAM² 6.8 is with the C.I.S stem and its cable-swallowing faceplate. It makes cockpit adjustments and customisation a real pain, and we think it looks worse than other options on the market.

Otherwise the frame is well-furnished in terms of its finishing details. There’s plenty of room for a bottle inside the mainframe, and a secondary set of bolts higher up on the downtube allow you to fit a Focus-designed accessory bag. You’ll even find a USB-C charge port on the top tube, which would be handy for touring with a smartphone fitted to the bars.

Frame armouring is generous, with a textured chainstay protector helping to minimise drivetrain noise. And although the motor skid plate sits quite low to the ground, there’s a good amount of protection in this area to help you slide over rocks and tree stumps. The rubber dust cap for the charge port is a bit agricultural compared to some others, but it works well.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
Having the cables, brake hose and electric wires enter into the stem makes for a messy cockpit.

Focus JAM² vs SAM²

If you’ve been considering the Focus JAM², there’s a good chance you’ll have also been looking at its bigger brother, the SAM².

The two bikes share a similar frame design, and they’re also built around the same Bosch motor and battery. The SAM² is a much bigger bike though, equipped with a slacker head angle, a 180mm travel fork and 170mm of rear travel. Focus also gives it more robust tyre casings to stand up to harder riding.

All of this turns the SAM² into a heavier and bigger travel enduro e-MTB that puts a greater focus on descending performance. If you spend a lot of time at the bikepark and you’re after a self-shutting DH bike rather than an all-rounder, you’ll definitely want to have a closer look at the SAM² range.

Focus JAM² vs The Competition

It’s when you compare the Focus JAM² 6.8 to some of its main competitors that you really start to appreciate just how good this package is for the money.

The Specialized Levo Comp is a ripping bike thanks to its mullet setup and adjustable geometry, and the MasterMind TCU is easily the best user interface we’ve experienced. At $10,900 AUD it costs considerably more however, despite having a similar level of components. See our Specialized Levo review for the lowdown.

You’ll find the same Bosch motor in the Trek Rail 7, but it comes with a smaller 625Wh battery. It features RockShox suspension with a Domain fork, along with a comparable Shimano drivetrain and brakeset. Again it’s quite a bit more expensive than the Focus though, retailing for $9,999 AUD. Check out our Trek Rail review for more.

The new Merida eOne-Sixty 675 is much closer in price at $8,699 AUD. It too gets a big 750Wh battery, though it’s powered by a Shimano EP801 motor instead. Suspension is handled by a Marzocchi Z1 fork and Bomber Air shock, and it comes standard with thicker and more aggressive tyres. Take a look at our Merida eOne-Sixty first ride review for everything you need to know.

2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
Whether you’re a new or advanced rider, there’s a lot to like about the Focus JAM² 6.8.

Flow’s Verdict

As you’ll have no doubt gathered by now, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time aboard the Focus JAM² 6.8.

Of course the price and spec will appeal to a lot of riders looking for a Bosch-powered e-MTB with a big 750Wh battery, but that’s not the only reason we’d give this bike the nod. It’s also a great handling e-MTB with well-balanced weight distribution and traction-rich suspension. It floats like a cloud over rough and rocky terrain, and it provides loads of grip when heading up steep and technical singletrack climbs.

Though the spec is solid and the frame is well-finished, we’re not overly enthused by the internal cable routing through the stem and headset. We’d also like to see the option to set this bike up as a mullet, which would help to maximise its versatility for a wider range of riders.

Even still, there’s no denying this is a compelling bike for the money. Indeed we’re yet to review a bike at this price point that’s this much fun to ride.

Focus JAM² 6.8
If you’re after a powerful e-MTB for all-round riding that offers plenty of range, the Focus JAM² 6.8 is a terrific bike for the money.
2024 focus JAM² 6.8 bosch 750
Roz climbing to new heights aboard the Focus JAM² 6.8.

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