Avanti Torrent CS 7.2 First Impressions

The not-so-minor details


Avanti Torrent CS 7.2


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A very positive evolution of a platform we really like.


Quite weighty for a carbon-framed bike.

The Avanti Torrent CS 7.2 is a bike for riders who believe that awesome descents have to be earned. For 2015, the Torrent is available with a carbon front end for the first time and with componentry that make it an outstanding bike in its category.

Avanti Torrent CS 7.2 5

The clean-looking Torrent has aggressive geometry, and 150mm of FOX-perfected suspension with a 34mm stanchion-fork (a welcome upgrade from last year’s 32mm fork). The bike is kept nice and slack – a 66.5-degree head angle – without pushing into the realms of slackness that’ll make it handle like a ride-on lawn mower on the climbs.

Avanti Torrent CS 7.2 7

Straight out of the box, the bike weighs in at 13.5kg (before converting it to tubeless – valves are included), which does put it on the slightly heavy side for an all-mountain bike with a carbon front end. The Torrent comes equipped with an aggressive-style cockpit, running super wide Easton 750mm bars and a 35mm stem. The drivetrain is a 2×10 setup, using an XT derailleur on the rear, but with a chain guide to keep things secure. The e*thirteen TRS 2 crankset isn’t one we see often, but these are a tough set of cranks. The DT wheelset is a very tidy affair, with a crisp sounding Star Ratchet equipped rear hub, even if the rims aren’t as wide as we’re getting accustomed to on this style of bike. We’re interested to see how the Kenda tyres go too, as we’ve only ridden the Honey Badger tyre once before, and then on the rear only.

Avanti Torrent CS 7.2 8

Avanti have focused on eliminating frame flex to give maximum handling precision and confidence. The rear end is stiff as frozen arthritis, with a welded rocker link combined with the Syntax X12 thru-axle system. This frame ain’t twisting.

Avanti Torrent CS 7.2 3

At $5,499.95, this bike is appropriately priced, especially given the carbon front end and quality running gear, while preserving the scope for weight-saving upgrades down the track. The Avanti Torrent CS 7.2 definitely looks like a great evolution from previous versions we’ve ridden over the years.

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