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Products that are Australian owned and manufactured are rare; Podium Lube get a big tick on that front, and with a range of consistently solid products available, that are priced competitive, Podium Lube should slowly make its way into home workshops around Oz.


Entering the bike lubricant and cleaning market is a massive ask for a small manufacturer, with a range of products that in some areas are equal to its rivals, but in others, just fall short. Trying to convince people away from their tried and true lubes, sealants and cleaners will be tough.

Podium Lube performs solidly in a market saturated with bicycle lubricant and cleaning products, and offers locally developed and manufactured goodies that have been put through a gruelling testing process: Australian riding conditions. Based in Queensland, this Australian company has a wide range of products available for sale, and sells directly to the public through its website.

From bike wash to tyre sealant, and of course lube, the guys at Podium Lube have something to offer the majority of modern mountain bikers to keep their trusty steed running smooth, clean and quiet. [private]

Podium Bio Wash is a biodegradable cleaner that won’t harm Dad’s veggie patch. It works in a similar way to many bike wash products on the market. Hose down your bike, spray on the Bio Wash, check out the latest news on, hose your bike off, and you’re done! Harder to clean areas may need a little scrubbing but for a 10-minute clean, the Bio Wash does a great job. It is also safe to use on all bike-related materials, so your carbon frame is safe with Bio Wash.

Podium Fork Aid+ is a spray-on lube, and is a handy addition to your toolkit for keeping your fork stanchions lubricated. The spray is aimed at riders with longer-travel forks and can increase fork performance on older, shorter-travel forks, especially if you haven’t had yours serviced in a while. The Teflon-based spray-on lube may also increase the performance of forks that have taken a real hammering. A quick squirt after each lap of an enduro race will keep your seals nice and moist and keep your fork running closer to peak performance for a longer.

Podium Dry Lube is a Teflon based chain lubricant designed to handle Australia’s hot, dry summer conditions. As you would except from a ‘dry’ lube, it is quite light, but holds up well in the conditions it is designed for, although our chain did seem to pick up a little more grime than one may expect, and needed regular applications and cleaning to maintain that drivetrain running smoothly.

Podium also makes Wet Lube, another a Teflon-based product, and it works really well in wetter conditions, obviously. Many riders in the southern states know about wet winter riding. This product is a solid performer on those less than enjoyable riding days, and is also a really great product for your road bike, especially on longer rides, thanks to this lube’s heavier consistency. It is important to clean your chain before applying the Wet Lube, but once it’s on your chain, you’re ready to hit the trails or the road.

Podium Lube also manufactures a tyre sealant: UST Pro Micro Bead Sealant. The 500ml bottle has enough sealant to convert four 26-inch wheels to tubeless, and there’s a handy gauge on the side of the bottle to help you measure the sealant out evenly.

The formula is visually very similar to many other sealants on the market, though it does have an irritating smell to it! Once in the tyre and inflated, however, the sealant works like it should, quickly finding its way into any areas of the tyre that need a little convincing to help the tyre start its new life as tubeless.

Out on the trail the sealant performed well, sealing a small sidewall cut with no issue, and it continues to run hassle-free.

This sealant definitely holds its own against several of the more fancy sealants on the market. As an Australian company, Podium Lube obviously has its eye on the gold , and it’s certainly making its way towards that top step, though it will have to defeat some very impressive challengers along the way.

Podium Bio Wash High Strength Cleaner (750ml) $13

Podium Fork Aid+ (250ml) $18

Podium Wet Lube (125ml) $14

Podium Dry Lube (125ml) $14

Podium UST Microbead Sealant (500ml) $24


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