Ergon HX2 Glove

The not-so-minor details


Ergon HX2 Glove


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Lightweight and close fitting, giving a great comfortable feel.


A small “towel” material section on the thumb would be a great addition.

German company Ergon are new to the glove market and just like they have increased the comfort of the humble grip, they have also elevated the comfort of the less than humble glove.

The HX2 gloves are aimed at cross country riding and full-blown racing however even after the longest day in the saddle, these gloves were still comfortable. [private]

Aimed at the racing market, we found the HX2 perfect for any riding.

Technology is everywhere, both inside and outside the HX2, with the most obvious being the large silicon print on the back used to prevent “twisting” when holding the handlebars securely.  We found this single feature outstanding, and combined with the thinly padded palm and ingenious stitching placement on the fingers the HX2 was one of the most comfortable gloves we’ve worn.

The palms have it. Padding and stitching in all the right places to make a very, very comfortable glove.

However we felt the best feature is the one you won’t notice, and that’s the placement of the seams to construct the glove. You can’t feel any of them when riding.

Without a doubt, the HX2 glove from Ergon brings a new level in comfort – a glove you won’t even notice wearing.

Stylish lightweight cross country gloves that are comfortable for all day riding – or any riding….. or beer drinking.



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