e*thirteen LG1+ Pedals

The not-so-minor details


e*thirteen LG+ Pedal


Dirt Works (www.dirtworks.com.au)






110 mm x 100mm x 14mm (10-15% bigger platform that other pedals we've used)


Large contact area.
Low profile.
Replaceable pins (3 lengths available) and platforms. Adjustable axle
“spin control”.


Wide platform (lateral clearance on trail).
Pins are aluminium.
6mm Allen key pedal tightening.

The LG1+ is e*thirteen’s first foray into the flat pedal world, which they purport to being perfect across all disciplines. Flow got to test these recently and immediately we could see why they make that claim.

First off, the pedals are a little different by design.  The outside of the pedals (or the deck) is made of a plastic material that is then tightened to the actual pedal body, which is made of alloy.  e*thirteen call this the Impact Flexible Design (IFD) interchangeable platforms.  This is a neat feature if you tent to smash pedals, as you only have to replace the platform not the whole pedal. [private]

The e*thirteen plastic platform is tightened to the pedal body.

The LG1+ has a huge surface area but maintains a low profile 14mm, which means you get a whole lot of real estate on which to plant your feet, while maximising clearance for obstacles on the trail. The other outstanding feature of this pedal is the axle ‘spin control adjustability’, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Out on the dirt we found the large platform easy to re-locate after removing a limb (or two) when cornering hard or coming into land on the dirt jumps. The grippy pins also kept our feet very secure, even when only partial foot placement was achievable.

The pins are replaceable and adjustable.

Now to the spin control adjustability.  For trail riding and downhill, we turned the spin control adjust down to zero to minimise friction while pedalling, but we tightened it up a bit for some airtime at the local jump spot. This prevented the pedals from spinning during no-footed antics and made pedal re-location a more surefooted affair.

The “spin control” knob can be seen tucked inside the pedal.  This was a pretty cool feature that let us set the pedals for fast spinning when trail riding and slow spinning for dirt jumping.

Thanks to the wide but low profile platform, robust construction and “spin control” we feel that the LG1+ is a deserving choice that addresses all the needs of flat pedal riders across all disciplines.[/private]

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