Finish Line Stanchion Flouro Oil

The not-so-minor details


Finish Line Stanchion Flouro Oil


Velo Vita + TMO Sports




Works like a treat with instant results to give your fork and shock stiction free performance.


The high only lasts so long.

Who doesn’t love a quick fix? It could be in the form of a black coffee, sticky tape, or in this case DuPont liquid flouropolymer oil. This magic juice is designed to give your suspension fork or shock a quick coating of a liquid so slippery is improves the slipperiest of slippery surfaces. For best results, apply to outside of the fork legs in between proper servicing for instant results.

Application is simple, if a little fiddly, with a felt pad and a thin removable straw. And the small parts can easily be lost in any unorganized toolbox if not careful. After application the suspension action is smoother and more responsive straight away, but will eventually return to how it was after a short while. We found great results by using the stuff in between laps during a dusty cross country race, or just before the important race run of a downhill or enduro. Just don’t let your mates see what you are doing, or they will all want some of your secret super slippery serum and there isn’t too much to share around.

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