First Impressions: New Specialized 2FO Flat Shoes

The not-so-minor details


Specialized 2FO Flat 2.0 shoes


Specialized Australia






Body Geometry attention to detail.


We'll have to wait and see.

Subtle, light, $200.

Last weekend, Sam Hill won a round of the EWS on flat pedals, defying conventional wisdom that there’s too much pedalling in an EWS to come out on top running flats. Ok, Hill’s riding is far from conventional, but we think it’s safe to say all the doubters about using flat pedals on trail bikes have now been hushed. Flats are fun and they can be fast too.

We’ve got a pair of the new 2FO shoes on test. First impressions are that they’re a very lightweight shoe, we weighed them at 359g in a size 43, which is about 70g lighter per shoe than our usual set of Five Tens.

Not as soft as some, but much gummier than previous Specialized shoes.

They’re a straight up lace-up job, no buckles or ratchets to be seen. The sole compound is noticeably softer and gummier than earlier 2FOs as well, and the chunky, open lugged design of the tread looks like it’ll do a good job of hanging onto pins and directing mud out from between pedal and shoe.

Press your thumb into the side of mid sole of the shoe and it’s got a cushiness to it that’s more reminiscent of a pair of running shoes than other flat pedal shoes we’ve used. According to Specialized’s 1500-word press release (yes, it’s big on tech!) getting the density of the EVA foam rubber midsole correct is vital – too firm and the pins won’t penetrate enough, too soft and you’ll feel everything and your feet get fatigued.

The inner cuff offers a little extra protection.

Specialized’s Body Geometry program is immensely impressive (read our interview with some of the chief Body Geometry scientists here) and even though it’s a flat pedal, the 2FO gets the same technologies that make other Specialized shoes anatomically sound, adding stability to your knees under pedalling.

Durability and protection looks good, there’s solid reinforcing around the lace holes and a raised inner cuff to stop you whacking your ankles on the cranks or frame too. We’re giving these shoes to our resident flat pedal rider to test. So stay tuned for a full review soon.





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