Flow’s First Bite: CamelBak Skyline 10LR

The not-so-minor details


CamelBak Skyline 10LR


JetBlack Products




A high-volume pack with improved stability.


Magnetic hose clip takes a bit of getting used to.

Despite being so dominant that their brand name is often used to describe the whole category of hydration packs, CamelBak never rest on their laurels. Their new Skyline 10LR pack is a perfect example of how these guys keep on innovating their way ahead of the game.

The whole pack sits quite low on your back.

The Skyline is part of CamelBak’s new Low Rider series of packs, which are designed to offer better stability for both rider and pack when you’re riding aggressively. It’s all about keeping the weight low and central on your body, so you get less of that top-heavy, floppy feeling when you’re hammering with a full load on your back.

The new lumbar bladder is key here; it is shorter and wider than a traditional CamelBak bladder, distributing the weight across your hips, rather than up and down your spine. There are further neat tricks too, like an internal baffle to reduce the effects of the water sloshing about, and bladder compressions straps than cinch the bladder closer to your body as you consume the water. The pack leaves a greater area of your upper back uncovered too, so not only is the Low Rider design more stable, it’s cooler on hot days.

The lumbar bladder sits low and wide. It also features a quick-release hose and CamelBak’s easy-to-open reservoir cap.

From a size and features standpoint, the Skyline is well equipped for all day rides. The bladder holds three litres, and there’s a lot of external storage options in addition to a large central compartment. We really like the two hip pockets (one elasticised, one zippered) which are perfect for stashing food that you’ll want to get at without stopping. There’s also compression straps for holding jackets or protective gear, and strap hooks for your helmet.

We also really like the tool roll which is included with the Skyline. It’s a really simple way of keeping your tools, CO2 canisters, patches and the like in one spot that you can just roll out when it’s time for trailside repairs. There are more additional features than you can squirt a hose at, but we’ll touch on those in our full review in the coming months.

We’ve only had the one ride with this pack so far, but it was a good initial test, with a four-hour slog including some of the most technical trails Sydney has to offer. We were definitely impressed. We’ll be back with a full review once we’ve logged a full summer of trails with this bad boy.


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