26 Sep 2016

Dynaplug is a nifty little pocket sized life saver that might well be your ticket to avoiding a disappointing long walk instead of a really great ride.

The not-so-minor details


Dynaplug Micro Pro








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Coming from the automotive industry, this technology isn’t exactly new, but Dynaplug have adapted it for the purpose of tubeless mountain bike tyres, and we have a kit to review.

Before we wait for a puncture to happen or sacrifice a tyre to create one ourselves, let’s take a look at what it is, and what it does.

Small insurance.
Small and light, handy!
Extra Dynaplug tyre repair plugs are available.
Everything you need, housed in a little aluminium container.
Push it in, plug it up.

The Dynaplug Micro Pro is engineered to repair leaks in the tread and side wall of a tubeless mountain bike tyre. Using a sticky rubber plug on the end of a pointy insertion tube, you push it into a puncture hole and leave the rubber in place to block the hole and seal the tyre. Multiple plugs can be used, and in conjunction with tubeless sealant it’s sure to help loss of air and is said to be a permanent repair._LOW7143

The repair plug, spare plugs and associated accessories are stowed inside a machined aluminium container.

Stay tuned as we try this thing out!

Dynaplug Micro Pro Kit includes: 2 insertion tubes, 5 tubeless tire repair plugs, 1 Knife, 1 clearing attachment, 1 pipe cleaner.

Watch how it works here: