Flow’s First Bite: Exposure Race Mk10 and Equinox Mk2

The not-so-minor details


Exposure Lights - Race Mk10 and Equinox Mk2


Bike Box

Race MK10


Equinox MK2


Equinox MK2 Pack w/3.1 Support Cell



Powerful luminance and great spread.
Easy and adaptable helmet mounting.
Wireless helmet controller.
Marathon run time.


Bar mounted light doesn’t swivel.

Throw 3700 lumens ahead of you down the trail and you’ll be flying!

Exposure Lights are a small all-British company making some very innovative products right there in the UK. We have been spending time out in the dark testing their premium off-road offerings; the RACE Mk10 bar mounted LED light, and the EQUINOX Mk2 LED headlamp. With a wide range of strong and effective mounting options, some serious luminescence, super long battery life and incredibly well thought out functionality, these lights seem like a sweet addition to our winter rides and endurance race kit.

Coming in two different kits, the Endurance Lights are two separate systems that complement each other superbly on the trail. Even after the first rides, we can tell they can both outlast almost any casual night expedition, and even had us pushing harder than we probably should have!

The RACE Mk10 bar unit

The 10th version of Exposure’s all-in-one bar mounted light.

Bar mounted light units come in many different shapes and sizes. The Exposure RACE is on the larger side, sticking up off the bar like a small bottle. However, functionality over form reigns; the RACE Mk10 is a strong and good looking light. The RACE bar-mounted unit utilises up to 1700 Lumens, with Low, Medium and High settings. On the lowest setting, you can get 36 hours of constant glow off a single charge!

No guessing with an accurate digital display on the rear of the light body.

If that isn’t enough, it comes with an inbuilt LCD display, showing its battery percentage and predicted runtime left, as well as ‘Reflex Technology’, which uses inbuilt sensors to automatically control the light’s strength depending on gradient and cornering forces, giving you more juice on the descents and less on the climbs.

These innovative features, as well as a rain-and-mud-proof unit free of cables and external batteries, simple hinged bar mount and easy-press single button make the RACE mk10 a seriously cool light to show off on a night ride.

The EQUINOX Mk2 helmet unit

The clever plug and clip system finds a good secure hold on a wide variety of helmet shapes.

The Equinox headlamp unit isn’t in any way inferior either, delivering a whopping 2000 lumens and 24 hours on its lowest glow. Don’t even be put off by the ‘low’ label – it is still really bright!

Helmet units are often one of the hardest to find useful mounting solutions that will suit the endless designs of helmets out there, but Exposure has done well with their EQUINOX kit. The light itself clicks into a ball joint at the top of the mount, which is just two plastic discs inside and outside of the helmet bolted through a vent. However, one of the best parts of the package is the bar-mounted remote control – a simple wireless remote with endless battery life and a convenient control over the head light. Once synced, it is incredibly easy to turn the light on, off, and change strength.

Riding boring trails at night can be fun again!
Don’t let the dark hours rob you of ride time, a good set of light can extend the play.

The Endurance Light kits are certainly not cheap however, the build quality and support from Exposure gives us a lot of confidence that these lights can outlast a lot of its competitors. Now to just hit the trails in the cold and just suck it up!

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