Flow’s First Bite: Fabric Scoop Saddle

The not-so-minor details


Fabric Scoop Saddle


Monza Bicycle Imports





Shape tested:



Sleek design won't trap mud.
Easy to clean.
Good range of materials/price points.
Great styling.


No scuff/tear protection.

Fabric Scoop Saddle-6

The Scoop is their most popular saddle. You can get it in three different shape profiles (flat, shallow and the more upright riding ‘radius’ shape) and in four different construction configurations. At the cheaper and heavier end, there’s a nylon body with chromo rails, while at the other end of the price spectrum you’ll find a carbon railed / carbon bodied version.

For our test saddle, we’ve gone with the shallow profile (which is the best option for mountain bikes) in a carbon/nylon construction – carbon rails with a nylon body. On the scales, it clocks in at 196g, which is pretty light.

Fabric Scoop Saddle-2


What stands out most about the Scoop is the seamless underside. The upper isn’t just glued, stitched or stapled to the base, but is vacuum bonded in some funky fashion that means there are no loose edges, stitching, grooves or pockets where mud can collect. Unlike other saddles that become scungy on their underside after a few wet rides, the Scoop simply wipes or hoses clean. One less place for mud to gum up the bike is a big plus in our mind.

There’s plenty of flex in the nylon shell, and coupled with a decent layer of padding, the Scoop is one of the easier saddles to get along with straight away. There’s no period of mutually ‘breaking in’ your arse or the saddle. The Scoop doesn’t feature a groove down the centre, which will rule it out for some riders who swear by saddles with a channel. Fabric do offer the Line saddle which has a channel, so that’s an option too.

Fabric Scoop Saddle-1


The upper is covered with waterproof microfirbe which doesn’t feature any reinforcing or scuff protection, so try not to crash it down the rocks. Like most carbon railed saddles, the rails are oval shaped and therefore won’t fit every seat post, so make sure you keep that in mind. If your post only takes round rails, go for the titanium railed version.

Fabric Scoop Saddle-7

We rate this saddle highly. It looks sharp, there are plenty of colour options, it’s comfortable and the construction makes it easier to keep your bike clean too. What’s not to like?

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