19 May 2016

One of the most popular saddles in mountain biking scores a new VS version with a central relief channel. The Gobi M5 VS has made its way onto our long term test bike, and we'll be bringing you our thoughts on this tough and comfy number after a few long hours in the saddle.

The not-so-minor details


fi'zi:k Gobi M5 VS Saddle


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Flow fave scores an channel for extra comfort.


None yet.


The Gobi is a classic rounded shaped saddle that has become super-popular in the mountain bike crowd due to its tough materials and slim shape. The roundness and slim-ness is a blessing when you’re moving around off the back of the bike on a steep descent, resisting getting snagged on your shorts or pointy bits jabbing you where you’d rather not be jabbed.


The VS version of the Gobi takes the comfort even further, with a deep central relief channel to alleviate pressure where there’s important blood flow. Instead of using a hole, the 7mm-deep channel is said to remain stronger and retain the saddle’s shape over longer time.

Groovy channel.

The Gobi uses a flexible shell around the tail for and mid-section to provide a bit of give, and the aluminium rails help keep the price and weight down.

Let’s ride!