Flow’s First Bite: fi’zi:k M6B Uomo Shoes

The not-so-minor details


fi'zi:k M3B Uomo


Monza Bicycle Imports






Understated and classic style.
Cush materials.


None yet.


The M6B UOMO is the entry level shoe from a three-strong lineup of mens (Uomo) shoes. The classic styled shoe uses a double-velcro and a single Boa dial enclosure, the sole is ‘carbon reinforced’ so they are stiff but not too stiff. A quick flex test shoes they have a nice amount of flex around the heel and toe which will make them easier to stand around in and the odd hike-a-bike moment on the trail._LOW7170

Weight is 385 grams, very reasonable for a shoe that doesn’t look like a neon plastic football boot, and price is fair at $239.

We’ll be back shortly for our review.


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