Flow's First Bite: FOX 32 Step Cast Fork

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SOLA Sport



27.5" weight


29" weight



Lightest in the category.
Decent value.
Both wheel sizes and hub spacing option.


None at this stage.

The keen-eyed out there are right in thinking they’ve spotted this before – it’s already won races on the front of Dan McConnell and Bec Henderson’s bikes at the National Champs in Bright. Hard to miss the bright orange colour!
The FOX 32 SC is an all-new 100mm travel fork (you can’t get it in any other travel variants). Using a narrower crown width and the Step Cast lower leg design, in the name of weight loss, the 29er fork drops a whopping 255g (225g for 27.5) over the comparable 2016 Float 32! That’s a tremendous weight saving. FOX claim it hasn’t come at the cost of any stiffness, but we’ll let the riding do the talking on that front when we put one to the test very soon.

-15QR x 110 Boost and 15QR x 100 Kabolt axle options
-27.5” and 29” wheel options
-100mm travel
-FIT4 and FIT GRIP three position damper for improved control
-Lockout for increased efficiency
-Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat
-Gloss Orange, Matte Black, Gloss White
AUD RRP – $1449

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 4.36.59 PM
Three colour options.

The narrow and heavily sculpted fork screams lightweight.

The Chassis: Put the SC for alongside a regular FOX 32 and you’ll see where the weight has been shaved.  The two most immediately notable differences are the narrower width of the fork, and the Step Cast design of the lower legs course. But just about all areas have come under the knife – the fork arch is much finer than the previous Float 32, and you can clearly see the tapering of the lowers from the bushing area towards the axle.

Narrow crowns, quite dramatic to the eye.

Kabolt axle or 15 QR compatible.
Kabolt axle or 15 QR compatible.

Step Cast: With a narrower crown there still needed to be room for the spokes, hub and disc rotor, hence the step on the lower leg. The underside of the leg is also hollow.
The lower legs of the SC fork.

Creating space for the hub, spokes and rotor with the narrower stance.

Like an ultra marathon runner’s cheekbones, there’s no unnecessary mass here.

The guts: The internals for the Factory model retain the FIT 4 damper with a 32 SC specific cartridge design. Adjustments remain with three position on-the-fly setting and the little black fine tune 22-click open mode adjuster too. A remote lockout lever is also available.
2017 will see the introduction of a new FIT GRIP three position damper is found on lower models (see diagram below).
With the SC fork still using the 32mm legs you’re still able to use the FOX air volume spacers to tune the progressiveness of the fork, a quick and simple operation we’ve done many times before with the 34 and 36 forks.
The damper is said to have a slightly lighter tune than the existing Float 100 forks too.
Familiar dials up top, proven and popular FIT 4 damper and the air spring on the left side.

32 Step Cast cross section.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 4.27.22 PM
New three-position GRIP damper on lower priced Performance Series forks.

The 100mm 29er fork weight comparisons:

The 32 SC isn’t just a smidge lighter than the opposition, it’s a a LOT lighter, and all without the use of carbon too.

– FOX – 32 SC, 1360g

– DT Swiss – OPM O.D.L 100 RACE, 1485g

– RockShox – SID XX World Cup, 1485g

– SR Suntour – Axon Werx F-29, 1570g

– FOX – Float 32 100, 1615g

– Cannondale – Lefty 2.0 Carbon, 1600g

– RockShox – RS1, 1666g

– MRP – Loop SL, 1769g

– X Fusion – Slide RL2, 1814g

Boost or non-Boost compatible.

On the front of the stealth black Trek Procaliber, we’re ready to get our race on!

Did we mention they are seriously good looking, too?

For more info – ridefox.com/32sc


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