Flow’s First Bite: Giant Reign 1

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Giant Reign 1


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Holy mango explosion! We’ve finally got our hands on the spectacular Giant Reign, and we’re itching to give it an absolute bollocking. Somehow, we think it’s looking forward to it, too.

Giant Reign 1 6

We got our first taste of Giant’s updated Reign last year, when we attended the launch over in Pemberton, Canada. Have a read all about it here: https://flowmountainbike.com/tests/flows-first-bite-2015-giant-reign-advanced-0/

At the launch, we were lucky enough to spend all of our riding time on board the $7700 Reign Advanced 0. But this time we’re on the slightly more attainable alloy-framed Reign 1, which is dressed with a pragmatic yet performance-focused parts kit and is priced at $5699.

Giant Reign 1 3
If you’ve got eagle eyes, you’ll notice the top shock mount rotates on cartridge bearings for supple performance.

There’s no mistaking the Reign’s intentions, this bike is as #enduro as it gets. One glance at this bike in side profile gives you the full picture: it’s slacker than a pair of the Kepper Jeans in 1998 – the static head angle is 65-degrees, which becomes more like 63 once it’s at 30% sag. In contrast the seat angle is a climbing-friendly 73-degrees, and the keen eyed will notice that the RockShox Pike fork has travel adjustment too, which will help keep it on the straight and narrow on the climbs as well.

Giant Reign 1 7
We approve of the addition of a top guide and bash guard for the SRAM X1 crankset. The small weight penalty is worth it for the extra security.

Travel is 160mm front and rear and we’re well versed in the mannerisms of the Maestro II suspension, which we know works superbly with a high-volume shock such as Monarch Plus. Four-piston Guide brakes with big rotors, excellent Maxis rubber, and 800mm-wide handlebar all remind you that this is not a trail bike. The weight, however, is more like you’d expect from a trail bike, coming in at 13.46kg (before tubeless conversion) – we’ve got to say, this figure was a pleasant surprise when we lobbed it onto the scales.

Giant Reign 1 2
Pike fork, Minion tyre. Win.

Prior to the release of the new Reign, the nearest equivalent bike in Giant lineup was the Trance SX, which was actually one of our long-term test bikes. We absolutely loved that bike (you can read the full review here: https://flowmountainbike.com/tests/long-term-test-giant-trance-advanced-sx/) which bodes well for the Reign.


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