Flow's First Bite: Pivot Mach 429 Trail

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Pivot Mach 429 Trail


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Frame price.


Build kit on test.



A light and efficient bike for comfortably cruising trails.
Supreme quality.


Light and thin wheels.
Pivot price tag.

But 2017 is a new season, and look what has turned up – a new one, even better than the old one! Well, not entirely new, it’s the same frame as before, but there are a couple of upgrades to the spec that we thought were lacking in the outgoing version. So now it’s time for us to move on and forget the love that is now lost and look forward to spending proper time on this absolute beauty.

We’re stoked to have the 429 Trail for review, and looking forward to some nice and long all-day singletrack sessions.

116mm of DW-Link driven suspension, sublime stuff.

For a more in-depth first impressions piece on the 429 Trail where we go into more detail of the frame construction click through to our article from earlier this year.
Mach 429 Trail feature highlights.

What’s the Mach 429 Trail?
Pivot have a few 29ers in their stable, their all-mountain ready Switchblade and the carbon hardtail LES which both accept 27.5” wheels too. Then there are the two 429 series options, with the SL and Trail.  The SL is their super-light 100mm travel lean machine, for marathon racers and those looking for absolute efficiency, that frame alone is over $4600. And then the Trail model which we have here which takes a step to the back of the race grid with a more relaxed outlook on the trail. Click here for their full range.

Our first ride was so sweet; the bike feels so light and smooth.

See our review of the Switchblade, Mach 4 Carbon and LES here:
Pivot Switchblade; choose it as a 27.5+ bike or a 29er using the one frame. 
Pivot LES; the highly versatile hardtail, choose between a single speed, 27.5″ wheel or 29er wheels.
Pivot Mach 4 Carbon; similar to the 429SL but smaller wheels for a zippy and lively ride.

429 SL vs. 429 Trail.
When compared to the SL model, the 429 Trail longer in travel, shorter in reach, shorter in the chainstay length, slacker in the head angle and higher in the bottom bracket. Why? Pivot have designed the 429 Trail to cruise the trails in a comfortable and confident manner and have a bit of fun doing it. pivot-mach-429-trail-5634

Changes from the last model you say?
Dropper post and wider gear range, excellent! No bike with ‘trail’ in its model description should be without these two things, so were happy to see them on this 2017 spec model. With a KS dropper and Shimano 11-46T mega wide range cassette, this thing is set!

What’s next?

Light, relaxed, efficient and keen.

Riding, lots of it. The 429 Trail is motivating us to seek out some super-long trail rides, all-day missions and backcountry days out.

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