Flow's First Bite: PRO Koryak ASP Dropper Post

The not-so-minor details


PRO Koryak Dropper Post


Shimano Australia






Great pricing.
Feels very solid.
I-Spec lever integration.


Pain in the butt to fit.
Lever lacks refinement.
Only 120mm drop.

At $329 (or $339 for the I-Spec lever version) the price is going to be a big drawcard. That’s about $200 less than a lot of the competition, making it a palatable upgrade for folk who haven’t yet joined the present era.

Pro Koryak seatpost-9087
There are I-Spec and regular versions of the lever. If you use Shimano brakes (and a 1x drivetrain) then the I-Spec option is very neat.

The lower price doesn’t mean it weighs a tonne either – 560g (plus cable) puts it right in line with the bulk of the droppers on the market.
For now, it’s only available with a maximum of 120mm drop, which might turn off some people who like to get particularly radical, but that will be fine for most trail bikes and riders.
Pro Koryak seatpost-9080
Although it doesn’t look like it in this pic, the cable is clamped at the post end here, not at the lever. Muchos fiddlyos.

It’s cable actuated, which puts maintenance within the realms of the average home hack, but we found it a pain to install. Because the cable is clamped at post end of the system, not the lever end, getting the correct housing/cable length is fiddly and can involved a bit of trial and error. A quick plea to PRO: Please change this, because simply swapping the end at which the cable is clamped will make installation much, much easier and mechanics will love you.
Pro Koryak seatpost-9090
The lever has very little adjustability, meaning you’d better like where it sits!

If you’re a user of Shimano brakes, the I-Spec integrated lever allows you de-clutter your bar too. The lever is far from the most refined offering on the market, it doesn’t offer any adjustability, but at least it’s big and easy to hit with your thumb.
We’ve fitted the Koryak to our YT Jeffsy long-term test bike, so hold tight for a proper review down the track.

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