Flow's First Bite – RockShox Lyrik RCT3

The not-so-minor details


RockShox Lyrik RCT3


Monza Bicycle Imports





Dual Air Position



Fills the gap between the BoXXer and Pike.
Lightweight for its size.


Torque Caps are only on SRAM wheels only at this stage. And makes for slower wheel fitting without them.

If you need between 160 and 180mm of travel the Lyrik will take care of you.

The Lyrik is more than just a longer travel Pike, let us take a brief look at the details before we fit it to our bike and get out there.

What is it?

At first glimpse the Lyrik looks a whole lot like a Pike, but a keen eye will note the differences in its shape, the arch is thicker and taller and the lower legs are tapered and asymmetrical with longer leg on the spring side.
TRAVEL – 160/170/180mm – 27.5″ , 150/160mm – 29″
WHEELS – 27.5″, 29″l
WEIGHT – 2005g – 27.5″ , 2032g – 29″/27.5″+
DAMPING – Charger Damper (RCT3)
AVAILABLE SPRINGS – Dual Position Air, Solo Air
ADJUSTMENTS – External rebound, low speed compression, 3-position compression (Open/Pedal/Lock)
UPPER TUBES – 35mm tapered wall aluminium, Fast Black
OPTIONS – BOOST 110 compatible option in 27.5″ and 29″/27.5″+

Internals: The excellent Charger damper is shared with other forks but receives updated SKF seals to decrease friction. The negative air chamber is also larger than the Pike to give the fork a more supple and sensitive portion of travel at the beginning of the stroke, all in the aid of giving it a downhill fork feel.
Rebound tune ability: Riders on the heavier or lighter end of the spectrum can benefit from the ability to fine tune the rebound circuit via the shim stack inside the fork, just like you can with the BoXXer.

Note the larger hub interface around the axle – that’s the Torque Cap contact area. More contact with the hub has lifted the fork’s stiffness.

Torque Caps: First introduced to us on the inverted RS-1 fork is the Torque Cap system, aiming to bolster the bond between fork dropout and hub. SRAM front wheels will be available with oversized Torque Caps to benefit from the increased stiffness, which isn’t ideal for those with existing wheels. Though compatibility isn’t an issue, any 15mmQR wheel sill still fit in the fork it’ll just take a little more concentration to line the axle up with the dropouts when fitting the wheel. 

Pricing: Australian pricing is the same as the 2016 Pike, RRP on the fork is the same as the 2016 Solo Air Pike in all wheel sizes – $1549.95.

And the Dual Position Air versions in all wheel sizes – $1649.95.

Alongside the RockShox Lyrik is the lower specced Yari, by using a their more basic Motion Control damper you save $500. Yari RC – $1099.95

We’ll be fitting the Lyrik RCT3 to our Canyon Strive to be more like Fabien Barel, check out his sweet setup below.

Stay tuned for our full review soon.

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