Flow’s First Bite: Trek Remedy 9 27.5

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Trek Remedy 9 27.5


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First inspections are promising - this looks like an all-purpose trail slayer.


Handlebar belongs on a cross-country bike.

It was a few months ago now that we first swung a leg over the new Trek Remedy 9 27.5, down at Mt Stromlo during Trek World 2014. But it has taken till now for us to secure a full review on this highly sought after beast. It arrived at Flow HQ just after Halloween, and it looks like a pumpkin Jack-O’-Lantern, but with shockies.

Trek Remedy-8
The DRCV (Dual Rate Control Valve) shock is unique to Trek and helps improve the big hit performance of the Remedy, while preserving stable pedalling characteristics.

The Remedy 27.5 is one of two ‘streams’ of the Remedy series available for 2014. Along with the 27.5″ wheeled bikes, you can also purchase Trek’s renowned all-mountain machine in a 29er format with the same travel (140mm front and rear) should you like your wheels with extra girth. We won’t go into the range specifics, but you can read all about it in our 2014 Trek range wrap up right here.

Trek Remedy-1
It’ll run both 650B and 27.5″ wheels. We’re joking, but the industry must be very eager to see the cycling world decide on a single name for this wheel size!

In Trek’s typical style, the Remedy has more frame features than a Dalmatian has spots, with a list of associated acronyms that’d put the Australia Defence Force to shame, including ABP, E2, Full Floater, EVO and Mino (one of Santa’s reindeers, we think). The last term referring to Trek’s super simple adjustable geometry system, which gives you 8mm of bottom bracket height and 0.8-degrees of head angle adjustment.

Trek Remedy-7
The Remedy scores the gorgeous FOX 34 Float CTD with Trail Adjust. Trek did utilise DRCV technology on their forks for a couple years too, but that has since been abandoned.

The Bontrager, Shimano and FOX build kit with a Rockshox Reverb post is one of the most sound we’ve seen. However, the 690mm-wide handlebar is about as sensible as Teflon chopsticks – it’d make a great stick for swatting flies but it’s not gonna be steering this bike when we review it. We’ll be getting the Remedy dirty on home turf this week, and we cannot wait!

Trek Remedy
If orange is the new black, what does that make an orange and black bike? 140mm of travel, just over 13kg with every box ticked. Let’s roll!

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