Flow's First Bite: Whyte G-160 Works

The not-so-minor details


Whyte G-160 Works








The definition of gravity enduro.
Unique and modern design.


Race bike only?

From two models sharing the same frame comes the G-160 Works for $8550. The G-160 RS is also available for $6175.
Let’s have a look at this big rig then.

Designed in the UK, a long way from here.

Long and low, the Whyte is a real race bike.

The frame:

This bike it loooooooong, even longer than the Canyon Strive we recently tested. A horizontal top tube measurement of 636.6mm (size medium) is immense. With Easton making a 32mm stem (shortest possible with the 35mm clamp diameter) Whyte were able to go longer in the top tube with this new frame without changing the riding position too much.
The rear end is quite short though, the chainstays are only 425mm and throw a tiny 32mm stem in the mix and you have some very serious numbers that will no doubt make for a very stable bike at speed. 

636.6mm top tube and a 32mm stem! We can’t wait to get this thing up to speed.

Made from 6061 aluminium the Whyte is like no other bike when you take a closer look, it’s a real individual. Unique tubing shapes and frame junctions give the Whyte a very distinct flavour.
From their SCR (Single Chain Ring) range there are no provisions for a front derailleur (yay!), this has freed the engineers to really maximise the use of the space around the centre of the frame, with wider suspension axles and bigger pivots all in the name of stiffness and lightweight.
Wide hubs, 148mm rear and 110mm front. Wider is better.

The G-160 uses the new Boost hub spacing – a wider 148mm rear hub and 110mm front hub. More commonly seen in 29ers to date, we’re impressed Whyte have gone down that path for a 27.5″ bike. It’s another area that opens up possibilities for frame design.
Sealed rubber cable guides for the internal routing. And a pair of bolts under the downtube for mounting a Crud Catcher. So British.

The stout and stiff little linkage drives the rear shock for 160mm of travel.

The parts highlights:

The Works model is the team issue, so all the parts are chosen to withstand the highest grade of enduro racing, and by the looks of things they know what they need!
It’s a full SRAM show with suspension, wheels, brakes, drivetrain and seatpost from the red corner. The 2016 Pike RCT3 with Boost 110mm spacing also has Torque Cap compatibility too, but the SRAM Rail 40 wheels use standard end caps.
Keeping it British the G-160 works uses a Hope headset and bottom bracket.
There’s 800mm carbon bars too, it’s going to be a big rig to ride!

Pike up front, with 110mm-wide Boost hub spacing.

Those legs look a little wider than normal to you?

32T chainring on X0 cranks.

RockShox Maxle rear axle. Nice touch.

We’ll be putting some time on the G-160 over the next few weeks, with the Canyon Strive and Focus SAM also on test too we’ll have plenty of bikes to be comparing this one to.
Stay tuned!

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