Flow's First Bite: Yeti SB75

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Yeti SB75


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A 27.5" offering from Yeti
Switch Technology suspension
Killer geometry


Baby got back


You’ve got to hand it to Yeti. For a relatively small, and certainly boutique, brand they never rest on their laurels. They’re constantly refining and innovating, looking for ways to be more relevant and desirable.
Yeti SB75 -5
The SB75 is no surprise, rather it’s a perfect evolution. The Switch Technology debuted a couple of years ago with the SB66 finds a new home, nesting happily with a set of 27.5″ wheels, all wrapped up in that progressive geometry that Yeti is renowned for.
Yeti SB75 -22
With 125mm travel, the SB75 is a direct replacement for the ASR 5, a bike of fierce repute and a favourite of ours. The ‘5’ as it was affectionately known, brought all-mountain geometry and cross-country weight together, making it the trail bike of choice for many aggressive riders.
Yeti SB75 -28
The 75 picks up this vibe and runs with it, maintaining the slack angles, long top tube and low bottom bracket height that made the 5 so much fun. The addition of 27.5″ wheels and the extremely good Switch suspension system should mean more efficiency and better roll-over too.
Yeti SB75 -19
As we’ve noted before, the Switch system responds best to hard riding, so it’s fitting that the SB75 comes well equipped up front. Stock SRAM builds will come with a 140mm Rockshox Revelation, while this bike pack with a Shimano kit runs a 140mm-travel Fox 34 fork. Even with 140mm up front, Yeti importer Paul Rowney points out that there’s still a good leap between the SB75 and the SB66 – the 66’s length and geometry is decidedly more downhill focused.
Yeti SB75 -6
In this XT guise the 75 is a smidge over 13kg, so by the time you’ve got tubeless and then added a dropper post (a must) it’ll balance out around 13.3kg. We expect there’ll be a carbon version of the 75 in the wings too.
The SB75 will be winging its way back to us next month for a proper review.


When we launched our SB platform with Switch Technology over two years ago, we knew we had a great product. It has since won countless awards and has been lauded worldwide for its efficiency and unique trail manners. We’re pleased to announce, it’s now been built around a 27.5″ wheel size.
The SB-75 features five inches of travel and holds true to our progressive geometry (slacker head angles, lower bb, longish top tubes). The climbing prowess of this bike is rooted in the Switch Technology: super-efficient with great small bump compliance. Turn downhill and the suspension opens up… it works better the harder you push it.
The frame features custom butted aluminum tubes that have been optimized for stiffness. This gives the bike amazing trail manners, especially when the trail gets rough.

*All measurements are in inchesyeti SB75 geometry

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