Frameskin Wrap

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Frameskin Wrap





Super easy application and fits like a glove. The options for wrapping are limitless.


One-time use so don't make too many mistakes during installation.

The Frameskin products have become synonymous with frame protection over the last few years, gone are the days of covering your bike with stickers or stealing the contact that was meant for your text books.

Frameskin’s latest product the “Wrap” only furthers the brands reputation for quality bike protection.

The Wrap is predominantly an alternative to the classic neoprene esk’ chainstay protection product or the D.I.Y inner tube and a couple of zip ties. The neoprene and spare tube alternatives have a couple of draw backs that the Wrap has solved.

The neoprene products allow for dirt to get in behind them and damage the frame, in addition they do not fit every frame design. While the spare tube option would wear after a while and the cable ties, if tightened to far, could impact the gear shifting by placing too much pressure on the rear derailleur cable.

Frameskin’s Wrap has solved these issues and provides a dirt tight seal, which we found stopped creeping dirt and grit dead in its tracks.  Plus, it has uses a cool self adhesive technology for easy cable tie and velcro fee installation.

The self adhesive technology of the Wrap is remarkable; the adhesive properties are activated when the product is stretched, thus avoiding the tricky three handed balance between tension, placement and cable tie tightening. This does however mean that the Wrap is a single application product, so if you wanted to check that dirt tight seal, you will need to get yourself a fresh roll/strip of Wrap.

Unless you have gone wrap happy there should be enough Wrap per roll to do your chainstay twice (or even a second bike) as we used only half a roll for a 29er.

The ability of Frameskin’s Wrap to stick and mould itself around anything found on your bike is unbeatable. While we only used the Wrap on the chainstay we could definitely see it finding a home on seatstays, cranks and linkage bars.

The Wrap more than meets the brief for chain-slap protection.

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