Fresh Product: Camelbak Kudu 12 with Impact Protection

The not-so-minor details


Camelbak Kudu


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Protection and hydration combines securely and comfortably.
Camelbak quality.
Millions of features.


Long in length due to back protection.
Water bladder additional.

Protection is serious business, and when it comes to combining protection and hydration you can bet on Camelbak for the right fit of both elements.

The Kudu 12 is a 3 litre capacity bag with built in back protection. Using a foam insert inside the bag, it’s able to absorb 94% of the impact from a crash. Wearing back protection makes it hard to then add in a hydration bag to the mix, this solves that problem nicely. Camelbak Kudu 12 16

In conjunction with Austrian snow protection company – Komperdell – Camelbak have integrated a layered foam plank that is made from three layers glued together to give a flexible yet supportive back protector that slides inside the bag.

The protector plate is removable for rides where you won’t be needing it, or for use as a regular backpack.

The Hydration side of things is handled in true Camelbak style and integrated perfectly, although in Australia the Kudu is sold without a bladder to keep cost down and allow the consumer to choose the desired size. Taking up to a 3 litre bladder, a Camelbak Antidote Bladder will set you back $69.95 and smaller and a touch less for the smallest 1.5 litre version. These are arguably the best bladders in the business too, and fit in the bags they are designed for perfectly even when filled to their max capacity.

Camelbak Kudu 12 6
The Impact Protector is supportive yet flexible. Also removable.

With the Kudu strapped up tight with it’s double chest and waist straps, it’s a super-secure bag. Upon close inspection of the bag, you’ll see a myriad of mesh and breathable sections to keep things cool and less sweaty.

Camelbak Kudu 12 1
Carries your helmet, too!

A larger version with 18 litre capacity is also available – Kudu 18 $349.95

It’s the type of protection that exceeds motorcycle standards, and for those riders who descend hard or crash a lot, this pack has your back.

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