24 Aug 2016

Thule are the Swedish super stars of the bike rack world, their premium carrying solutions are responsible for allowing us to taking mountain biking further from home, securely and safely, keeping the insides of our cars free of muddy tyres.

The not-so-minor details


Thule VeloCompact 927


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Thule Australia






Premium quality.
Lockable, tilt-able and compact.
Secure and confident carrying solution.


Close fit takes some trial and error to fit all three bikes.
Wide bars, forks and hubs contact each other.

We’ve just received the latest tow-ball mounted bike carrier from Thule for a long term review, the VeloCompact 927. We are more than qualified for this review as the previous EuroWay rack has been with us for four years with countless bikes and driving hours under its belt.

We’ll be back in a few months time for our full review, in the meantime take a look at the features of this very nice rack.

The three bikes do sit close together, our only gripe with the system, especially with wider set bikes with Boost spacing hubs.

For $899 the VeloCompact 927 is top of the line and loaded with features; it can carry up to three bikes (a fourth can be carried with an adaptor for $295), complies to road standards with lights and number plate display, and can tilt back to access car boot.

It’s not light but can compact down to a reasonable size, stash it in the boot or hang it in the garage.

The VeloCompact range is all about its compatible size, the wheel cradles and tail lights slide inwards to reduce overall size for storage.

Tilting the rack even with three bikes on there is a seriously good feature.
Tilting the rack even with three bikes on there is a seriously good feature.

All the bikes can also be locked on the rack, and the whole rack locked to the towball too, we leave it locked on to the car most of the time.

Lockable onto the towball.
Lockable onto the towball.
Long ratchet straps secure the wheels, long enough for long wheelbase bikes, no worries.
Long ratchet straps secure the wheels, long enough for long wheelbase bikes, no worries.

Three independent clamping arms can be arranged to grip the bike securely but never too tight it’ll damage fragile carbon frames, the rubber is soft and grippy.

Three bikes safe and sound.
Three different bikes, safe and sound and ready for exploring.

Stay tuned as we put it through its paces, but for now we can definitely recommend this three-bike carrier to carry bikes securely and safely.


Easy mounting and adjustment of the carrier before closing the tightening handle thanks to the tow bar coupling’s initial stability.

Possible to increase the load capacity to four bikes by adding a 4th bike adapter, with 9261 4th bike adapter, RRP $295.00.

Easy mounting of bikes through detachable bike arms.

Carries bikes with large wheelbases thanks to single action extendable wheel holders.

Easy boot access even with bikes mounted thanks to smart foot pedal tilt.

Simple to fold flat and store – fits most car boots.

Lock your bikes to the bike carrier and your carrier to the tow bar (locks included).

Fulfils the City Crash norm.

Pre-assembled, no tools required.

Avoid heavy lifting. Simply roll the bike in place into the carrier by using the loading ramp 9152, RRP $99.00.