Kenda 24 Seven Tyres

The not-so-minor details


Kenda 24 Seven Race


Velo Vita + TMO Sports




Fast rolling and grippy on tree roots and rocks. Controlled and predicable sliding when pushed


Only available in 2.00. Seeks hard packed trails only.

Fit for purpose. Is it better to be master of one or be ho hum at all? The Kenda 24Seven Race deliberately aims squarely at the master of one and firmly displays its race intentions from the start. As part of the Tinker Juarez Signature Series it’s race time and hard pack trails they seek. [private]

Available in both 26 and 29 inch sizes the 2.00 tyres certainly were narrower in comparison to our usual big bags however it didn’t take long to trust the controlled and predictable sliding.

With a super low profile we were surprised at just how grippy the fast rolling 24Sevens were over tree roots and rocks. Picture running your hands through Tinker’s dreadlocks and you’ll get the idea…Grippy.

It was only when the pace lifted and the trails got sandier did the tyres start to slip and their fit for purpose started to show.

Would we fit these babies for a dry, hard packed race?

Damn straight, they are sleek and if they are good enough for Ye Old Dreadlocked one then they are good enough for us. [/private]

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