Nzo Dobies MTB Shorts

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Nzo Dobies MTB short


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Supremely comfy with or without knicks. Very practical elasticised waist. Neat pockets. Durable as old boots.


'Tracky dacks' stigma of an elasticised waist.

What’s under your pants? Personal question, I know, but a very relevant one when talking about the Nzo Dobies shorts.

The Dobies have been a mainstay of the Nzo line-up for many years now, and if the number of these shorts we encounter on the trail is something to go by, they’re both durable and very popular. We now know why. These may just be the most comfortable baggy shorts we’ve ridden in.

Low key styling, sensational comfort.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Dobies are equally happy over a pair of knicks, over undies or worn ‘commando’. Rather than supplying the short with a full-blown chamois/liner (which, to be honest, we usually just remove in favour of our favourite bib knicks) Nzo has sewn a soft fleecy felt pad into the crotch area to add some forgiveness for your nether regions. Kinda like your parts are being cupped tightly by your favourite tracksuits pants. Nice.

If you’re the kind of rider disinclined to wear knicks for a short ride, the Dobies are golden. Bung them on and go for a casual ride, no stretching yourself into lycra. For longer rides, we’d personally opt to still run knicks, but it’s not 100% necessary with the Dobies.

The casual approach extends to the styling too; in the world of Velcro and venting that dominates mountain bike apparel, the Dobies are a little more mellow. The absence of venting makes them a bit warmer than some offerings, but it does improve durability considerably. Pedalling comfort is excellent too, there’s just enough stretch to make them unrestrictive yet not so much that they snag or your saddle when wet.

The Dobues have one zippered pocket, and two standard open pockets, which is plenty. It sounds funny to harp on about the shape of a pocket, but the Dobies have it just right. The pockets aren’t so deep that the contents flap about your knees when pedalling and they’re just the perfect tightness so you can trust you won’t inadvertently launch your phone or keys.

Perhaps the most revolutionary non-revolutionary feature is the use of an elasticised waist with a drawstring. Rarely seen in mountain bike shorts, the elastic waist makes so much sense. No more stuffing about with Velcro tabs trying to get the fit right, and again, super comfy.

All up, the Dobies are the perfect function over form short, long on comfort and ride-em-into-the-ground durability.

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