Ritchey WCS Contrail Saddle

The not-so-minor details


Ritchey WCS Contrail Saddle


Dirt Works






Available in black or white. Wide range of use from XC to marathons.


244 grams might be considered too much for some.

The measure of a good saddle is in proportion to how little you think of it. If it works you’ll forget all about it, if it doesn’t you’ll be sore and it’ll be on your mind the whole ride.

It’s hard to pin-point exactly what makes the WCS Contrail work. It features light foam padding, a carbon fibre injected shell and Vector Wing Technology, which separates the saddle base from the rails to create extra give. The combination of all three lead to just enough flex to take the edge of the hits yet still remain firm. [private]

The WCS wasn’t noticeable – and that’s the most important feature of a saddle.

Comfort always comes at a price though and at 244 grams it’s not the lightest saddle out there. If you’re willing to sacrifice a few grams though (choose a shorter sock length instead!) the WCS Contrail is fit for everything from cross country loops to hours in the saddle.

We fitted the WCS Contrail to both a full suspension and a 29’er hard tail, rode for hours and not once were we were wondering how much faster we would have been if we saved 90 grams or so.

We’re all different so what works for one mightn’t work for another. So when you find something that works, sign me up and I’ll take another.

Choosing a saddle is such a personal thing and this is one saddle you should try.  Weight is less important than comfort when it comes to something that will be rubbing your butt (and other regions) for hours, and hours, and hours.



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