Shower In A Can – Muck-Off Dry Shower

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Muc–Off Dry Shower


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This is the ultimate shower in a can, it cleans and smells clean.


A product like this might not earn you respect if your riding crew prides themselves on dust and BO.

When we heard there was a product by Muc-Off that was basically a ‘shower in a can’ memories of high school locker rooms reeking of perfumed aerosol deodorants came flooding back. Thank goodness Muc-Off is unisex and therefore does not share the same chocking perfume.

Muc-Off Dry Shower is more than just a perfume in a bottle. This is a dry shower, and by shower we mean it actually removes dirt, grime, crystallised sweat…and makes you smell clean. [private]

The magic is in the foaming pink liquid within the bottle which has been developed without the use of formaldehyde, paraben and alcohol – all of which can leave skin dry and irritated.

With the dry weather we have been experiencing we thought we would grab the opportunity to put Muc-Off’s Dry Shower through its paces. The local dirt, or should we say dust, becomes almost cement like when applied to the skin with a lathering of water (sweat) and a brief bake in the sun.

The simple process of applying, rubbing into the dirtied area, and then wiping off where fool proof and the results where surprising. Even without a towel to wipe down the first cemented leg the Dry Shower foam worked its magic and the skin was left clean. When a towel was used to wipe down the second leg after applying the Dry Shower, a sparkling clean skin emerged from the baked dust that had covered it only moments earlier.

Muc-Off’s Dry Shower is simple, effective and ruler of post ride cleanliness, though you might find it hard convincing your friends that you have been for a ride in the mud, when arms, legs and face are sparkling.

Get dirty, apply Muc-Off Dry Shower, rub, get clean. Easy.


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